What is Mailster?

Email is one of the most dominant communication tools in our lives.

According to Statista there are 4 billion email users worldwide, and 306 billion emails are sent and received daily. The same report also estimates that revenues from email marketing are expected to reach 11 billion $USD by the end of 2023. This goes to show the immense power of email marketing. 

Subscription-based email marketing platforms make it easy for businesses to reach out to their customers. They do so by hosting email campaigns and providing tools like visually rich, beautifully-designed email and newsletter templates. 

The drawback with these services, however, is you have little control over your subscriber list, data or digital assets. The fees also add up in the long run. 

Take Control of Your Email Campaigns 

Do you want to control of your own email campaigns, host and run them from your WordPress dashboard? This is where Mailster comes in! 

Image of Mailster TemplateImage of Mailster TemplateImage of Mailster Template

What is  Mailster?

Mailster is a WordPress email newsletter plugin that allows you to host, create, manage and send email newsletter campaigns from your WordPress dashboard.

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Why Use Mailster

Highly cost effective

The cost of this plugin is a fraction of the premium costs of subscription-based email marketing platforms. You only pay one small amount for unlimited and premium email newsletter features. What’s more, you have six months of support whenever you need it.

Control of Your Data

No third parties control your data. You control it all—data, subscribers, images, content—it’s all stored locally on your own database. This means you get to keep your own subscribers and more. You can also sync your data with WordPress users if you want.

Unlimited Subscribers

When using subscription-based newsletter platforms, you are charged according to the number of subscribers on your list. The more you have, the more you pay per month. With Mailster, you can have as many subscribers as you want. 

Unlimited Features

Once you buy and download Mailster, a whole world of advanced features is at your fingertips, including a lifetime of free updates. Compare this to the higher fees you have to pay to subscription-based platforms if you want more advanced features. You can send unlimited emails too. 

Grows With Your Business 

The one great advantage you have with Mailster is scalability. It grows together with your business. So no matter how many subscribers keep signing up, and your subscriber lists keep growing, Mailster will handle them.


Customize Templates with drag-and-drop Editor

Image of Mailster drag-drop-editorImage of Mailster drag-drop-editorImage of Mailster drag-drop-editor

Mailster is extremely easy to use. It has plenty of customization options that allow you to create stunning email campaigns in minutes. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to drag the layouts you want, replace the placeholder title and text, add your own images, logos, brand colors. Try the Mailster Demo and find out for yourself!

Choose From Plenty of Email Templates

With over 400 free and premium templates, the options are unlimited. ThemeForest is one marketplace where you will find email templates made specifically for Mailster. Envato Elements also has email templates that are compatible with Mailster.

You can also choose to code your own templates thanks to Mailster’s simple and straightforward template markup language. 

Superior Automation Tools

Automation in MailsterAutomation in MailsterAutomation in Mailster

With email marketing automation tools you can connect effortlessly with subscribers. Mailster offers the following automation tools: drip campaigns, auto-responders, trigger campaigns, welcome emails, follow-ups, birthday emails and more. Once you choose the right conditions, you just have to sit back!

Send Email According Time Zones

You can automate emails to be delivered according to the time zones your where subscribers are located. This will increase the chances that your email campaigns are seen and opened. 

Test Email Quality Before Sending 

Test Email Quality Before Sending Test Email Quality Before Sending Test Email Quality Before Sending

Make sure your campaign is perfect before you hit send. You can have Mailster do a precheck and give you feedback on areas that can be improved so your campaign can be effective and help you achieve the goals you want. 

Track Campaign Results 

Campaign Insights image from MailsterCampaign Insights image from MailsterCampaign Insights image from Mailster

Mailster comes with built-in tools to help you see the performance of your email newsletter campaigns and gain real-time insights by tracking the following metrics:

  • number of emails received 
  • number of emails opened 
  • number of clicks 
  • number of unsubscribes
  • number of emails that bounced
  • devices – how many subscribers received and opened on desktop or mobile
  • location – geographical location of subscribers 
  • you even get to see what email providers subscribers use

Works With Any Email Provider 

Mailster works with any email provider you or your subscribers use, whether that be Gmail, AWS, SendGrid, Mailersend, and so on. 

Integration with other Plugins

Mailster plays well with other software. It integrates with third party plugins and services that include payment gateways, email marketing services, affiliate software, podcasting applications, and so much more.

Where to Find Mailster Email Templates

There over 400 templates – free and premium – available to use with Mailster. On Envato market you will find high quality email templates for Mailster with solid features, beautifully designed layouts, and support from developers. 

Email Templates for Mailster on Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a service that provides an unlimited download subscription, meaning that you are free to download as many items as you like from millions of digital assets. This includes premium email templates, themes and plugins, icons, stock photography, royalty-free audio, and stock video.

The subscription is covered by simple commercial licensing that gives you the rights to use the item in a broad variety of projects, including those of a commercial nature.

The licensing is future-proof, meaning even if you unsubscribe and can’t download items from Envato Elements anymore, any existing registered uses are still covered.

Subscribe Today 

 Mailster Email Template on Envato Elements  Mailster Email Template on Envato Elements  Mailster Email Template on Envato Elements
Email Template for Mailster on Envato Elements.

Email Templates for Mailster on ThemeForest

If you simply want to purchase a single email template, then ThemeForest is the best way to go. 

email templates for mailster on ThemeForestemail templates for mailster on ThemeForestemail templates for mailster on ThemeForest
Email Templates for Mailster on ThemeForest.


Having control of your subscriber list, data, and campaign assets is important. Mailster allows you to do all this. It also saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to pay monthly subscription fees. With only the purchase price, that you pay once, you will have access to unlimited features that make it a joy to create your own email campaigns. Finally, your are the host of your own campaigns.  

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