Double Image Hover Effects with Clip-Path Animations

Some ideas for hover effects using clip-path animations where the same image gets revealed in a creative way.

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Today I’d like to share a demo with you that explores how to utilize CSS clip-path to create interesting-looking hover effects that reveal the same image in a unique way. By applying a specific clip-path animation to the image and doing funky things like animating the CSS filter property, or transforming the underlying image, we can create so many different kind of effects.

With some of the effects, I tried to make it look like some cyber-punk like, futuristic interaction. So if you see some sort of staggering, it’s totally intended 😂 The ingredient for this secret sauce is using step() for the easing function.

Some of the effects use more than just two images for the effect.

Have a look at some of the examples:

Hope you enjoy these hover effects and thanks for checking by!

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