50+ Best Infographic Templates (Word, PowerPoint & Illustrator) 2021

An infographic can give you a way to represent information in a graphic format, designed to make it more understandable, relatable, and engaging. But they can be tricky to make! We’ve gathered together a collection of stunning infographic templates, to get you started quickly (whether you’re using Word, PowerPoint, or Illustrator!)

Infographics usually require icons, schemes, progress elements, charts, timelines, maps, different arrows, graphs and much more. They’re a great way to convey a complex message in a simple way. Each of these infographic templates contains dozens of infographic elements that you can combine and use in different ways to display data, and it’s much quicker than making everything yourself from scratch!

What Is an Infographic Template?

An infographic template is a pre-designed infographic that you can easily customize

An infographic is a type of visual content that features lots of diagrams, charts, icons, and illustrations. It usually costs a lot to hire a designer to make a unique infographic. And that’s where infographic templates come to help.

An infographic template is a pre-designed infographic that you can easily customize to your preference to design your own infographics without any graphic design experience.

These infographic templates feature objects and elements you can move around to rearrange content. They also include editable charts, diagrams, and text. You can edit the templates using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and export them as JPG files.

Top Pick

8 Business Infographic Templates

Featuring minimal and clean designs, this bundle of infographics comes with 8 stylish templates you can use to make many different types of business and professional infographics.

The bundle includes 8 templates in EPS file format, which you can easily edit and customize using Illustrator. It also includes a pack of business icons as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The multipurpose design of these templates makes them quite useful in creating many types of business infographics, not just for marketing purposes but also for websites and social media as well.

iWantemp - Infographic Templates Bundle

This is a collection of 4 different infographic templates that you can easily customize with Adobe Illustrator. The templates feature modern and colorful designs with easily changeable colors, movable objects, and editable text. They are perfect for various business infographic designs.

Clean Business Infographics for Illustrator

If you prefer a minimalist approach to infographics, this collection of templates is perfect for you. It includes a set of beautiful infographics featuring clean and simple designs. The templates are available in Illustrator Ai, EPS, and Figma formats.

Rocket Ship Infographic Template for Illustrator

The rocketship approach is commonly used by businesses and startups to visualize growth. With this template, you can design a similar infographic to show growth analysis or projections of your business. It comes in both dark and light color themes.

Modern Infographic Powerpoint Template

Use this PowerPoint template to design presentations full of visuals and infographics. It includes 30 unique slides that you can edit and customize however you like to create a professional presentation.

Free Timeline Infographics for PowerPoint

This is a free PowerPoint template featuring 30 infographic slide designs with timeline layouts. These are ideal for showcasing your project plans, annual reports, projections, and much more.

Creative Infographic Powerpoint Templates

Another PowerPoint template with a set of creative infographic slides. This template has many different types of infographics with colorful designs. It includes a total of 320 slides featuring 40 unique slides in 8 different color schemes.

Process - PowerPoint Infographic Template

Showcase your marketing or branding process in presentations using this PowerPoint template. It includes 30 unique slides in 5 different color schemes. And features editable shapes, graphics, vector icons, and much more.

Business infographics Illustrator Templates

A collection of 6 unique infographic templates for describing and visualizing different business concepts. This bundle includes templates in EPS format that you can customize using Illustrator.

Covid-19 Infographic Illustrator Template

You can use this infographic template to design a branded poster to raise awareness for Covid-19 prevention. You can use it to print out infographics to use in your office and workplaces as well. It includes AI and EPS file formats.

Free Project Management PowerPoint Infographics

A free PowerPoint template full of infographic slides. This template is most suitable for creating presentations for project and team management. It includes 30 slides that are compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Vivid v2 - Presentation Infographic Templates

Vivid is a bundle of infographic templates you can use to create more effective presentations by visualizing your data. The templates include many useful designs including workflow, flow chart, development, banners, and many other infographics. If you’re working on a PowerPoint presentation, you can easily edit these templates in Illustrator and export them to your slideshows.

Palatinate v5 - Business Infographic Templates

This collection of presentation infographics feature minimal and professional designs that make them most suitable for business and corporate slideshow designs. It includes many useful infographics including graphs, profiles, flow charts, and more. The templates in this pack are available in AI, EPS, and PNG formats.

Hivee 4 - Creative Marketing Infographic Templates

If you’re working on a marketing or sales related presentation, the infographic templates in this bundle will come in handy. The templates feature an attractive design inspired by beehives that will certainly make your presentations stand out from the crowd.

Free Infographic Elements Bundle

This free bundle comes with various infographic elements that can be used to design all kinds of business and marketing infographics.

It features multiple elements with colorful designs and shapes in EPS file format. You can use the template for free with your personal projects.

You can easily design a complete infographic using this set of infographic elements. This makes it one of the most useful free infographic templates on our list.

Amethyst V3 - Infographic Templates For Presentations

The infographic templates in this bundle come with a gem-themed design featuring many useful infographic designs including flow charts, graphs, feature showcases, and more. They are available in AI and EPS file formats.

3D Corporate Infographic Elements

This is a bundle of modern infographic elements that features a 3D design. It includes 24 different 3D elements, including graphs and charts with editable text. The items are available in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats.

50 Infographic Diagrams

Charts and diagrams take a major role in infographic designs. This pack comes with 50 different types of diagrams you can use in your infographic designs to showcase data in many different ways. All of the templates are editable in Photoshop.

Free Business Infographic Template

This simple infographic template is ideal for promoting services and businesses on social media and for making short infographics for blog posts. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Free Lightbulb Infographic Template

This infographic features a lightbulb-based design, which makes it perfect for designing infographics to showcase your business ideas, startups, and much more. It’s available in AI and EPS file formats.

Shopie v1 - eCommerce Infographic Templates

Shopie is a collection of infographic templates designed for modern businesses. The templates feature a shopping-themed design you can use to promote and showcase your retail stores, clothing shops, and other eCommerce businesses. The templates can be customized using Illustrator.

Clean Infographic Elements

This is a bundle of multipurpose infographic elements you can use to craft your own unique infographics for all kinds of purposes. The templates can be easily customized using Illustrator. Text and colors are editable as well.

Minimal Timeline Infographic Templates

A bundle of minimalist infographic templates featuring timeline designs. These templates will be quite useful in describing and showcasing your project roadmaps, business projections, and history.

Creative Circle Process Infographics

The infographics in this pack are most suitable for showcasing workflows and visualize different processes in a more attractive way. It includes 5 different templates that can be customized with Illustrator and Photoshop.

World Map Infographic Template

This is a modern and minimalist map infographic you can use to present bold ideas as well as to showcase stats and studies. The template is easily customizable with Illustrator and you can move and edit all the elements however you like.

Futurum Infographic - White

Furutum is a modern infographic template for Illustrator that comes with a futuristic design and lots of creative elements. It includes 28 templates that you can use either individually or combine to create in-depth infographics. The templates are also available in fully-layered PSD format as well.

Free Human Head Infographic Template

Another minimalist and free infographic template featuring a human head design. The template is easily customizable and it can be used to design all kinds of marketing, social media, and business infographics.

Free Minimal Light Bulb Infographic

A minimal infographic template you can use free of charge to illustrate your business ideas and projects. You’ll have to include attribution when using the template for free.

Minimal Flat Infographics v03

This bundle comes with 4 unique infographic templates featuring minimalist designs. The designs are ideal for crafting timelines, workflow, and web design related infographics. The templates are available in EPS, Illustrator, and layered PSD file formats.

Character - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

This Powerpoint slideshow template comes with 25 unique infographic-style slides featuring cute illustrations, vector graphics, icons, charts, and more to craft an effective infographic presentation. It’s available in 11 different color variations as well.

Modern Editable Infographics v02

This elegant infographic template is perfect for visualizing data and statistics. It comes with plenty of charts, graphs, and bars for showcasing data and you can easily import Excel data as well. The template also features 2 different color themes.

8 Infographic Choice Templates

A modern and a minimalist infographic template featuring 8 different variations. It’s most suitable for crafting infographics related to business development, growth, and creative work. The templates are available in both light and dark color versions.

Infographic Solutions Powerpoint Infographic

This is a complete collection of various infographic slides for Powerpoint presentations. It includes 50 unique slides featuring vector elements, icons, charts, graphs, and more. The slide colors can also be customized to your preference.

Free Education Infographic Elements

This is a collection of education-related infographic elements that includes illustrations of people reading books and editable text blocks for designing your own creative infographics.

Free Business Vector Infographic Elements

Another bundle of infographic elements you can use to design modern business and professional infographics. These elements are available in EPS file format and can be easily customized to change colors and text.

Finance & Economy Infographic for Powerpoint

Another creative Powerpoint template most suitable for showcasing your finance and economy related data. This template comes with 20 unique slides featuring different styles of infographics that are easily editable.

Pure Shape Infographic v10

This is a bundle of 21 unique infographic templates that features stunning vector graphics, illustrations, and shapes, including 4 live graphs and an icon pack. The templates are available in Illustrator, PSD, and EPS formats.

PPTx Infographics

This Powerpoint presentation template also includes 50 unique infographic slides. The slides are also available in light and dark themes as well as unlimited color options for customizing the shapes, text, and icons of the slides.

3D Elements - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

3D elements is a unique Powerpoint presentation featuring 3D infographics. The template includes 35 unique slides featuring stylish 3D graphics and they are available in 11 different color variations. Making a total of 385 slides.

8 Vector Infographics Templates

This bundle of infographic templates comes with several different types of infographic styles. It’s ideal for designing infographics related to corporate businesses and startups. The templates are also available in PSD and EPS formats.

Rainbow Infographics

If you’re a fan of colorful infographics, this pack of templates is for you. This bundle includes 24 colorful infographic templates featuring attractive graphics, icons, charts, and more. You can edit them using both Illustrator and Photoshop.

4 Circular Infographic Templates

The templates in this pack come with a unique circular infographic design. It features 4 different infographics, including ones with 4 parts, 5 parts, 6 parts and 7 parts of content blocks. The colors can easily be customized as well.

Business infographics templates

This pack comes with 5 separate infographic templates featuring a modern flat design inspired design. The templates can be customized with Illustrator and you can easily resize and edit the graphics as well.

SEO Infographic Elements


A set of 60 icons, 4 tooltips and 10 graphs based on SEO theme for creating SEO related infographics.

Best Infographic Template Bundle


This infographic bundle contains 30 sets of infographic elements. You can use this infographic template to visualize your data in a different ways such as: presentations, posters, brochures, business cards, flyers, magazines etc.

Green Infographics


This pack contains 100% vector, layered, green and brown themed nature style infographic elements. It contains charts, graphs, badge, design elements, world map, etc  — they’re all included. Easy to edit. Easy to change colors.

Infographic Elements Bundle


This infographic bundle contains 6 sets of infographic elements. This set contains fully vector graphic objects. If you buy this bundle template be sure that you have enough knowledge to edit it!

Circle Infographics


A thorough pack of circular elemets for designing a unique infographic. All elements are in vector format.

Medical Infographic Elements Bundle


A bundle of medical infographic vector design templates. Can be used for workflow, health and healthcare, diagram, infographic banner, web design, or bundle infographic elements.

5 Sets Infographic Elements Bundle


This is an awesome collection of the highly popular series “Infographic Tools”. Fully editable vector files saved as EPS10 and AI CS6. Rescale to any size. Text areas are editable in .ai files, but not in .eps files. However you can easily add new text areas. Free font used is PT Sans Narrow.

134 Medical Infographic Elements


This is a pack of medical infographics set in flat design. Collection of 134 infographic elements, and a bonus 12 medical banners for your design. The set includes 6 characters, 53 elements and 75 medical icons.

Construction Infographics


A pack of industrial city infographics and buildings, with construction cranes and building houses, a car, civil engineer. All created in in blue tones.

Big Infographic Elements Design


A set of fully editable vector files. It’s a well-organised set of infographic elements that can be adjusted to any size.

Isometric Infographics


These marketing infographics will help you to represent your data effectively and captivate your audience and give them a thorough understanding of the concept you’re looking to convey.

Infographic Timeline Bundle


This is a vector infographic timeline elements kit which contains all the vector elements you will need for creating your own timeline illustration.

Infographic Powerpoint Template


Get a modern PowerPoint template, packed with infographic elements, that is beautifully designed. This template comes with infographic elements, charts, portfolio layout, maps and icons.

Bundle Infographic Elements


This is a big bundle infographic teamwork vector design template. Can be used for workflow, startup, business success, diagram, infographic banner, teamwork, design, infographic elements, set information infographics, health and healthcare.

Infographic Network


A simple infographic “network” with pointer marks for different business areas. Provided as a vector.

Bubble Infographic

Bubble infographic 02 A copy

Vector illustration of beautiful scientific bio infographics with transparent bubbles. Ecology concept. Ideal for clean and pure ecological designs. Useful in eco brochure, print and poster.

Priceless Infographic Bundle


This infographic Bundle contains six sets of infographic elements. This set contains fully vector graphic objects.

Business Infographic Bundle


An infographic bundle that contains gradients and transparency. All shadows and light spots are meshes.

Circle Infographics For Presentation


A huge bundle containing 200+ infographics, which you can use for your business presentation, startup project, marketing plan or anything else.

Minimal Infographic Kit


A thorough pack of hundreds of vector elements to build up your own infographic in just minutes.

Premium Collection of Infographics


This product includes 24 fully editable infographics templates, with 100% vector AI and EPS files. Everything inside the infographics is 100% editable, including the text.

Best Infographic Resumes – Bundle


Included with this bundle are four outstanding and stylish infographic resumes. A good way to stand out from the crowd!

Pregnancy and Birth Infographics


A subject-specific pack, this one contains a set of pregnancy and birth infographics and vector icon set (more then 20 icons) in EPS 10.

Infographic Mega Bundle


This pack contains multiple bundles and comes at a great price. It’s totally worth the value, especially if you’re looking to build up a large, versatile collection, fast!

Infographic Bundle for Powerpoint


Many customers asked me about infographic elements for PowerPoint. Now I’m happy to announce that popular infographic bundle is available in PowerPoint format (.pptx). Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint that supports .pptx format (2007, 2010, 2013 versions).

30 Business Infographic Templates


You can use this infographic template to visualize your data in a different ways such as: presentations, posters, brochures, business cards, flyers, magazines etc.

Business Timeline Infographics


A helpful timeline infographic pack that can be used for workflow layouts, banner, diagram, web design, and more. Anywhere you want to show a timeline!

6 Circle Business Infographic


A unique, vector circle infographic. Works well as a template for cycle diagrams, graphs, presentations, and round charts.

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