40+ Best YouTube Fonts (For Thumbnails + Videos) 2021

Designing the thumbnails and video titles is an important part of creating a professional YouTube channel. We’re here to guide you through the design process by helping you pick the best YouTube font for your channel branding, as well as individual videos.

In this post, we feature a collection of the best YouTube fonts you can use to design eye-catching video thumbnails, titles, YouTube covers, logos, and much more.

We made sure to handpick fonts with unique styles as well as professional character designs to make sure your YouTube titles look unlike any other on the video blogging platform.

Plus, we’re sharing a few YouTube font tips for finding just the right typeface for your next video.

Top Pick

BiteChalk - Handmade Font Pack

If you have a YouTube channel that makes how-to videos or explainer videos, this font is perfect for crafting titles and headers for your channel.

The creative hand-made chalkboard style character design of this font will help add a unique personal touch to your design.

Why This Is A Top Pick

What makes this font even more special is that it comes in multiple styles featuring the font in regular, bold, and slim designs, making it suitable for various types of YouTube and other video-related designs.

Youlit - Bold YouTube Title Font

Designing a YouTube thumbnail with a big bold title is a surefire way to grab the attention of your audience. That’s why this font is perfect for all kinds of YouTube thumbs and even for video titles. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Black Falcon - Creative YouTube Font

This font features a very unique letter design with slanted lines and edges. It seems like a great choice for crafting titles and thumbs for creative YouTube channels and videos.

Tropical Lemon - Font For Food Videos

If you have a YouTube channel making food-related videos, this font will help you craft beautiful titles that are appropriate for your content. It features a set of beautiful characters with very smooth and natural design.

ACPEX - Font for Sports & Gym Videos

At first glance, you can see this is a great font for sports, workout, and gym videos. The bold and unique style of its letter design gives a more energetic look to this font. It comes in multiple formats, including OTF and TTF.

Morning Brew - Free Font for Vlogs

This is a hand-painted font that comes with a creative design. It’s perfect for crafting titles for your daily vlogs and other lifestyle videos. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Mentyno - Handmade YouTube Font

If you have a YouTube channel that makes creative and educational videos, especially related to design, this font is perfect for you. The unique handmade design of the font makes it ideal for creating titles for modern videos.

Grunge Font - Freestyle YouTube Font

This freestyle font comes with a design inspired by the grunge style. It’s a great choice for crafting titles, headings, and even thumbnails for YouTube videos related to travel and adventure. It includes swashes and multilanguage support as well.

Sweat - YouTube Title Font

Sweat is the ideal YouTube font you can use to design attractive titles and thumbnails for your sports, gym, and motivational videos. It has a modern and trendy design that will set your channel apart from the rest.

Gorami - Creative YouTube Font

Gorami is a unique font with a very creative letter design. It seems like the perfect choice for designing thumbnails and titles for your arts and crafts videos. As well as other creative video content.

Best YouTube Font

Vlogger is a vibrant, and colorful font that is guaranteed to bring an element of chirpiness and joy to your YouTube video. Whether you use Vlogger on the thumbnail or title design, be rest assured that it will boost the overall appeal of your video.

Best YouTube Font

If you are wanting to give a modern futuristic look to your YouTube thumbnails, or headlines, Stange can be of great use. It has a stunning design that will make your work stand out and comes with standard characters, ligatures, and tons of glyphs.

Best YouTube Font

Here we have Wasted Youth, a vintage font that oozes with the lure of grunge bands, horror movies, and skate culture of the 90s. It’s a flexible font that can be used on thumbnails, headlines, and covers, and comes packed with uppercase and lowercase characters, ligatures, underlines, and more.

Best YouTube Font

Featuring a clean, and hand-brushed design with a bouncy baseline, Big Blue is an excellent font choice for YouTube applications. Big Blue will look beautiful regardless of the design you use it on, and the good news is that it’s available for free.

Hike More - Font for Travel Videos

The simple and beautiful design of this font makes it a great choice for YouTube channels that cover travel videos. It has a stylish letter design that will add a bit of personality and authenticity to your content.

Ocean Rush - Adventure YouTube Font

Brush fonts are usually a great choice for crafting bold titles. And that makes this brush font appropriate for different kinds of adventure videos. Whether it’s a parkour video or hiking video, this font will make your thumbs look more adventurous.

King Crayon - Fun YouTube Font

King Crayon is a fun and quirky font that has the perfect design for kid-friendly videos. However, you can also use it with other videos such as fun compilations, comedy films, and much more as well.

Speed Beast - Free YouTube Font

Another great free font you can use to design thumbnails and titles for your YouTube videos. It’s especially suitable for video game-related channels.

Indigo - Clean Font Duo

Indigo is a modern font with a clean rounded design and bold characters. It’s perfect for designing titles and thumbnails for YouTube and other social media videos. The font also comes in regular and outline styles as well.

Fiesta - Creative Font Duo

Fiesta is another creative handmade font with a chalk-style design. This font comes in 2 different styles featuring a font with a plain design and another with a stripes design. It also includes web fonts as well.

Video Game YouTube Font

If you’re looking for a font to design thumbnails and titles for a gaming channel, this font will come in handy. It features a cool 16-bit style character design that will fit in perfectly with gaming-related YouTube content.

Blockletter - Retro Font Family

Blockletter is a tall and narrow font featuring a design inspired by the Blockbuster logo. It comes in multiple styles featuring regular, outline, and even a 3D outline versions of the font as well.

Hitchcut - Vintage YouTube Font

This cool font is perfect for making entertainment, movies, and film-related YouTube designs. It comes with a design inspired by the old horror films made by Alfred Hitchcock and Saul Bass.

Hooliday - Fun Display Font

A fun and quirky font for designing attractive titles and thumbnails for entertaining YouTube videos. This font is free to use with your creative and personal projects.

Woodchuck - Free Bold YouTube Font

This free font comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as glyphs. You can use this font free with your personal and client projects as well.

Dustin - Creative Font Family

Dustin is a modern font that features a bold design. It comes in both regular and outline font styles that allow you to pair them together to craft unique titles and cover art for your YouTube channel.

Best YouTube Font

Need a cute, playful font for your kids-themed YouTube channel? Look no further than Shaped Corner. It’s a free typeface featuring a fun, and vibrant design that is sure to keep the little ones hooked on your video. Grab it right now!

Knicknack - Fun YouTube Font

Knicknack is a creative and fun font most suitable for crafting YouTube titles, headers, and thumbnails for children’s related channels. The quirky design of its two font styles makes this font truly one of a kind.

Little Samurai - Fun & Creative Font

Inspired by the Japanese culture, this beautifully elegant and creative font can be used to design various types of content for YouTube and social media. As a bonus, it also comes with an Illustrator vector file as well.

Low Batt - Retro Creative Font

Want to make your YouTube channel look more creative with a bit of nostalgia? Then use this font to design your titles and cover arts. This font features a fun pixelated design that will make your channel stand out from the crowd.

frank bold font

Frank is a bold font featuring a clean-cut design. This font is ideal for all sorts of professional and business-related YouTube channels and videos. The font also comes in 5 different weights as well as 3 styles.

Monday Vacation - Free Font Duo

This is a collection of two unique fonts that pair well together. It includes a bold sans-serif title font and a brush script font. You can use them for free to design attractive covers for YouTube channels.

Roadster - Free Modern Outline Font

Roadster is a unique outline font featuring a stylishly modern design. This font features all-uppercase letters and it’s ideal for designing titles and covers for YouTube channels.

Hey Comic - Fun Bold Layered Font

Just as the name suggests this font comes with a comic-book style character design that you can use to create attractive titles and covers for your YouTube videos and channel. The font comes in 2 different styles.

Ludu Cudu - Creative Layered Font

Make thumbnails that make a real splash using this unique font. It comes with a design that will surely attract your audience’s attention. This font includes typefaces in 3 different designs as well.

Gore - Modern Font Family

Gore is a unique font that comes with a set of thick blocky character designs. This font is perfect for crafting titles for your gaming and entertainment-related videos.

Real Young - Futuristic Font

A bold and attractive font you can use to design thumbnails and titles for energetic and urban videos. The font comes in both bold and italic versions and it scaled well as well.

Blue Fonte - Stylish Font Duo

This is a beautiful font pairing that comes with both a bold title font and a handwriting script font. It’s the perfect pair for designing thumbs and titles for branded videos, especially for feminine brands.

Nanotech - Free Modern Font

This free font is perfect for designing video titles for technology and startup related YouTube channels. The futuristic design of the font will surely make your content stand out from the rest.

Adca - Free Bold Title Font

Adca is a clean and professional font you can use to design titles and headers for not just YouTube videos but also for many other designs. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters and it’s completely free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

4 Tips for Choosing a YouTube Font

Keep these tips in mind while looking through our collection to find the right font for your YouTube channel.

1. Think Big

YouTube thumbnails and titles usually have big and bold text that makes them easier to read even on a smaller screen. When choosing a font for your YouTube channel, pick a font with bold weights and preferable a font with thick narrow character design. These fonts allow you to write longer titles without taking up too much space in the thumbnail.

2. Consider the Theme of Your Channel

The font you pick for a gaming channel may not be ideal for a tech-related channel. So think about the contents of your YouTube channel, your industry, and the audience when choosing a font. There are many different fonts with various styles of designs that are suitable for different types of channels.

3. Resolutions Matter

YouTube videos are now being uploaded at very high resolutions at 4K and even 8K resolutions. Unless you use a professionally-crafted font, your text may end up looking distorted when it gets enlarged at such high resolutions. Consider picking a high-quality premium font for high-resolution videos.

4. How Will You Use It?

Try not to use the same font for every part of your YouTube channel design. When you use the same font to design the YouTube cover, thumbnails, and titles, it will only make your videos look unprofessional and unattractive. Pick a few matching fonts to use when designing different aspects related to your YouTube channel.

Check out our best headline and title fonts collection for more inspiration.

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