35+ Best InDesign Magazine Templates 2021 (Free & Premium)

Designing a magazine from scratch can be a lot of work. You have to come up with unique layouts for multiple pages, design the covers, format paragraphs, and much more. Did you know that you can get a great head-start by simply using an InDesign magazine template?

That’s right! With a magazine template, you get a complete magazine pre-designed by a professional. All you have to do is edit the design to change the colors while replacing the text and images.

We handpicked a collection of amazing InDesign magazine templates to help you find the right design for your project. There are all kinds of magazine templates in this collection ranging from fashion magazines to business magazines and more.

Let’s have a look.

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InDesign Magazine Template

Check out Julienn, a carefully crafted lifestyle magazine template that comes with 32 remarkably unique pages, fully customizable in Adobe InDesign. It has a tactfully designed grid-based format that not just commands attention, but also keeps the readers hooked on the content from start to end.

Creative InDesign Magazine Template

This beautifully creative InDesign magazine template has a unique design that will make your own magazines stand out from the crowd. This template comes with a clean design filled with stylish shapes, image placeholders, and unlimited color options for customizing the design. It includes 14 different page layouts as well.

Minimal InDesign Magazine Template

If you’re working on a magazine design for creative arts, design, or photography, this minimal InDesign magazine template will be a perfect choice for you. It features 14 unique and editable page layouts with a creative design. All the colors and shapes used in the design are customizable to your preference.

Modern InDesign Magazine Template

A professional InDesign magazine template featuring a modern design. This template includes 30 unique page templates that you can easily customize however you like to create all kinds of magazines. The highly visual and content-rich design makes this a great choice for technology-themed magazines.

28-Page InDesign Magazine Template

You can craft a beautiful lifestyle magazine using this impressive InDesign template. It comes with a professionally-crafted design that features image placeholders and proper paragraph formatting. All of which are fully editable. The template includes 28 page layouts in A4 size.

InDesign Magazine Template

Next up we have a classy, and sophisticated magazine template that brings a unique personality to the table. The design is minimal yet eye-catching, and everything from text to colors to shapes can be customized to suit your own branding.

InDesign Magazine Template

Here we have a clean, and minimal magazine template that can be used by virtually any business or industry under the sun. It has an awfully flexible design, making it one of the best free InDesign magazine templates floating around on the web right now.

InDesign Magazine Template

If you are looking for a professional yet stylish business magazine template for InDesign, our next option has you covered. It comes with an uncluttered and trendy design, allowing you to accommodate bulk content without losing quality and readability.

InDesign Magazine Template

Kalonice is a magazine template that has been crafted as per the latest design standards. It has a modern, multipurpose layout that fits almost any business ranging from fashion and photography to interior design and architecture.

Fashion Magazine InDesign Template

Looking for inspiration to design a fashion magazine? Then this template will help you get a headstart. It features a minimal design that highlights images with large image fill backgrounds. The template also features 20 page layouts you can easily customize to change colors and paragraphs to match your branding.

Prambanan - Free InDesign Magazine Template

This is a free InDesign magazine template you can use to design a simple magazine related to travel and tourism. The template featuring multiple page designs you can edit to your preference. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

Healthy Lifestyle Magazine InDesign Template

Use this beautifully designed InDesign template to create a professional lifestyle magazine. It comes with 18 unique page layouts with fully customizable designs. The template is print-ready but you can also use it to create and publish eBooks.

Index Magazones InDesign Magazine Template

Index is a very unique InDesign magazine template that comes in 11,6 X 8,2-inch size. It features 20 pages with minimal designs. And you can change the colors, fonts, and even the paragraph formatting to your preference.

Honen Travel Guide Magazine InDesign Template

This magazine template is designed specifically for creating magazines and guides related to travel and tourism. It includes 24 unique page layouts in A4 size with easily editable design. The template is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 and higher.

Lookbook - Free InDesign Magazine Template

This free InDesign template is ideal for designing a simple lifestyle magazine. The template comes with several stylish page layouts that allow you to showcase large images. This template is also free to use with personal projects.

Modern Business InDesign Magazine Template

A beautifully designed InDesign magazine template featuring colorful shapes, image placeholders, and unique paragraph styles. This template also uses a minimal text content and more visual elements throughout its design. Making it perfect for design, architecture, and photography magazines. It includes 14 page layouts.

Sport Magazine InDesign Template

This magazine template is made specifically for crafting sports magazines. It features a very visual and modern design. And comes with 30 different page layouts in both A4 and US Letter sizes. This template is also compatible with InDesign CS4 and higher.

Clean Minimal InDesign Magazine Template

Sometimes the best designs are the ones that use fewer colors and visual elements. This magazine template is one of them. It features a clean design that uses lots of white space to give the centerstage to your content. It’s perfect for agency and brand magazines. And it’s also compatible with both InDesign and MS Word.

Voyager Travel Magazine InDesign Template

Voyager is a beautifully designed magazine template you can use to create modern travel and adventure magazines. It features 20 unique page layouts you can easily customize to your preference and comes in A4 and US Letter sizes. The template is perfect for crafting a magazine for a nomadic audience.

Business Magazine InDesign Template

Magazines are a great way to promote a brand and connect with potential customers. This template will allow you to start a brand magazine for your own business. It includes 20 different editable page layouts in A4 size and features a modern design as well.

Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine InDesign Template

This InDesign template is designed to perfection for crafting fashion and lifestyle magazines. It comes with 25 unique page designs filled with shapes, colors, stylish paragraph formatting, and plenty of space for showcasing images. The template is available in both IDML and INDD formats.

Santal - Free InDesign Magazine Template

Santal is a beautiful free InDesign template you can use to craft a modern business, agency, or creative magazine. The template features a stylish page design full of color and image placeholders.

Modern Free InDesign Magazine Template

Design a professional magazine using this free InDesign template. It features a set of print-ready page designs you can customize however you like. It’s available in A4 size.

Food Magazine InDesign Template

Food magazines have to have visual designs with lots of large images. And content formatting that allows you to write about recipes and restaurants. This InDesign magazine template has it all. It comes with14 unique page layouts. You can easily customize each page to your preference as well.

Technology Magazine InDesign Template

Working on a tech or gaming magazine? Then this template is perfect for you. It includes 25 unique page layouts featuring modern designs and formatting to help showcase products and editorials. The template comes with 3 different cover designs as well.

Furniture Landscape InDesign Magazine Template

This magazine template features a landscape design that allows readers to browse content more easily. The landscape design also makes it a great option for designing catalog-style magazines. It’s especially suitable for furniture and interior design magazines. The template includes 16 unique page layouts.

Lifestyle Magazine InDesign Template

You can design a modern and minimal lifestyle magazine using this InDesign template. It features a clean design that allows you to effectively highlight the contents of your magazine more easily. The template is compatible with InDesign CS4 to CS6 as well as CC.

Designer Fashion Magazine InDesign Template

This magazine template comes with a minimal design that makes it most suitable for designer fashion and apparel brands. It includes lots of large image placeholders for showcasing your products and designs. And includes 14 different fully customizable page layouts as well.

Cornea Photography Free InDesign Magazine

Cornea is a modern magazine template you can use to create photography portfolios and magazines. The template includes fully editable page layouts you can easily customize using InDesign. And it’s free!

Free Business Magazine InDesign Template

This free magazine template is designed with small businesses in mind. It comes with a set of professionally designed page layouts that are easy to edit. And it’s free to download and use with your personal projects.

Photography Magazine InDesign Template

The beautiful dark theme and the elegant design makes this a great template for fashion, design, and photography magazines. It features large image placeholders for showcasing images throughout 30 different page designs. It’s available in both A4 and US Letter sizes as well.

Lemo - Creative InDesign Magazine Template

This creative InDesign magazine template is suitable for crafting all kinds of magazines. It features a very flexible design that you can easily customize. You can change its colors, fonts, shapes, and much more. It includes 30 unique page templates and it works with InDesign CS4 and higher.

Professional InDesign Magazine Template

A very professional InDesign magazine template featuring an old-school content design. This template has the same design that you usually see in tech and business magazines. It includes 28 page layouts with customizable designs.

Stylish InDesign Magazine Template

Another modern InDesign magazine template you can use to design a creative magazine for a brand or business. The template comes with 25 unique pages featuring editable colors, free fonts, and beautiful cover design.

Romner - Modern Magazine InDesign Template

If you’re looking for uncommon and edgy magazine design, this template is a great choice for you. It features a unique and minimal design that gives more attention to written content. The template includes 20 unique and editable page layouts.

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