35+ Best Free Final Cut Pro (FCP) Templates, Plugins, Titles & Transitions

Final Cut Pro is one of the best tools you can use for video editing, especially if you’re a Mac user. With the help of templates and plugins, you can create amazing video projects using the software.

There are so many amazing Final Cut Pro templates and plugins out there. And we handpicked some of the best templates for this list. You’ll find many different types of plugins, title templates, transition effects, social media templates, and much more in the collection.

We’ve included a couple of premium options, but the best part is that almost all these templates and plugins are free to download. You can even use some of the templates with commercial projects for free. Most of the templates are also compatible with Apple Motion as well.

Have a look and start downloading.

1,000’s of Final Cut Pro Titles, Openers & More With Unlimited Downloads

Download thousands of Final Cut openers, titles, logo stings and more with an Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 graphic templates, design assets, themes, photos, and more.

Explore Final Cut Templates

Whether you’re a professional video editor or a YouTuber working on vlogs, you’ll often have to work with different styles of videos. These videos also require different types of title designs. This bundle is made just for creators like you to help you tackle different types of projects. It includes many different types of title scenes that are compatible with both Final Cut and Apple Motion.

10 Free Openers for Final Cut Pro X

This is a collection of 10 openers for Final Cut Pro X. It includes several attractive intro designs you can use to create title scenes for your videos. Each opener can be easily customized to your preference. And the templates are compatible with FCPX 10.4.7 and higher.

final cut pro template

Direct your audience to your Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube handles, and boost your social media presence with the help of this remarkably unique Final Cut Pro template available for you to download at no cost at all. Grab it now!

Self Resizing Texts - Free FCPX Templates

A creatively animated text template featuring a text resizing effect. This template is perfect for showcasing quotes and descriptions, especially for social media videos. It’s compatible with all video sizes including square, portrait, and Instagram stories as well.

Cyberpunk Effects - Free Final Cut Pro Template

This bundle includes 4 unique transition effects featuring various Cyberpunk-style designs. There are glitch animations, neon lights, and everything you need to add a futuristic Cyberpunk vibe to your videos.

Free Animated Grids Final Cut Pro Template

You can use this free FCP template to create a grid animation scene for your video. It includes 20 grid animations that are ideal for everything from photo slideshows to business showcase videos and much more.

final cut pro template

Next up, we have a free Final Cut Pro template that equips you with 30 in and out bouncy text animations, ensuring you never run out of choices when it comes to sprucing up your footage. This template is a must-have in an FCPX editor’s toolkit.

If you’re looking for a more professional FCP template to add a big bold title scene for a client project, be sure to grab this template. It includes 30 different title designs in 4K resolution.

Sketch Reveal Free Final Cut Pro Template

Add a cartoon sketch-style transition animation to your videos using this free FCP template. It also comes with 7 title placeholders, 7 logo reveals, and 6 transition effects packed into one bundle. All for free.

Free Text Message Templates for Final Cut Pro

You can use this free template to create a text messaging scene with creative animations and video content. It’s perfect for creating fun and entertaining videos for social media content and promotions.

Music Player - Free Final Cut Pro Template

If you upload audio content on video platforms like YouTube and Tiktok, use this template to add a video player to your song compilations and soundtrack videos. It’s free to use and easily customizable with Final Cut Pro X.

final cut pro template

If you’re looking for some cool zoom transitions to add to your videos, this free Final Cut Pro template is well worth checking out. It comes with 7 dynamic zoom rotation in and out transitions with incredibly unique filters that are sure to boost the overall appeal of your promo, movie, or presentation.

Silhouette Openings - Free FCPX Templates

Create a stylish silhouette-style title scene with this free FCP template. It comes in 3 different aspect ratios including portrait and square. You can use it in both Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5.

Looking for a modern and dynamic opener for a client project? Then this template is perfect for you. It features multiple styles of dynamic openers with attractive animations you can use to add creative title scenes to your video projects.

Simple Transitions - Free Final Cut Pro Template

If you’re tired of using the same old default transitions in Final Cut Pro, these transition effects will definitely come in handy. This pack features a set of creative transition effects you can add to your own video projects. The effect is customizable and it’s available in different styles as well.

Final Cut Pro Template

Ideal for fashion events, promos, slideshows, and Youtube videos, this bundle of 14 stylishly designed animated titles should be at the top of your list when looking for the best free Final Cut Pro templates. We recommend you take this resource for a spin!

Final Cut Pro Template

If you’re after a neat, and minimal logo template that comes without any bells and whistles, this 3D design is the one to go for. This template can be used as a quick introduction to your videos and comes with various placeholders making customization a piece of cake for you.

Give your brand the attention it deserves in your next video project, by incorporating a logo reveal from this collection of 9 free logo templates for Final Cut Pro. Professionally designed by talented creators, each template on Mixkit is free to download and use in your next commercial project. Simply add your logo and brand colors to easily make these templates your own.

If you’re looking to create a more professional title scene with a minimalist design, this bundle of templates will be a better choice for you. It includes 30 different title designs that can be customized to your preference. They will work great on both Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X.

Glitch Sport - Free Final Cut Pro Transitions

Sports and workout videos need to feature more energetic and trendy transitions that attract the right audience. This is a pack of free transitions you can use in Final Cut Pro to achieve that goal. The bundle includes a set of stylish transitions with 10 editable layers covered with a glitching effect. Perfect for your YouTube videos.

Beautiful Slideshow - Free Final Cut Pro Template

Sometimes a simple slideshow design can go a long way to make your video albums and photo slideshows look more unique and professional. This template has the same vibe. It features a simple slideshow design featuring light leaks. There are 10 image placeholders and 10 text layers you can easily edit to your preference.

Featuring a collection of minimal and clean title designs, this Final Cut Pro title templates collection is made to cover all sorts of business and corporate videos. It includes 30 different title scenes with various animation styles. As well as lower-thirds templates. You can easily change the colors, text, and parameters however you like.

Bright Summer - Free Final Cut Pro Slideshow

Looking for a more colorful and trendy slideshow template? Then grab this free Final Cut Pro template. It comes with 17 media placeholders where you can feature both photos and videos. It’s easily customizable and it’s perfect for making clips and slideshows for social media.

Movie Pop - Free Final Cut Pro X Title Plugin

Movie Pop is an amazing free plugin you can use with Final Cut Pro X. Using the plugin, you can create incredible title scenes for your videos, just like the ones you see in Hollywood movies. The plugin is also quite easy to use. The download page has links to tutorials as well.

Template Pop - 24 Free Final Cut Pro X Titles

Template Pop is a collection of Final Cut Pro title templates you can use for free with your video projects. This bundle includes 24 different title designs featuring various styles of scenes, angles, and styles. You can edit each template to change text and colors to your preference.

Sign Pop - 50 Free Animated Icons for FCP

This is a bundle full of creative and animated icons for Final Cut Pro. These adorable icons are perfect for adding a bit of creativity and quirkiness to your YouTube and Instagram clips. They are also great for making kid-friendly videos. This pack includes 50 different animated icons.

Photo Slideshow - Free Final Cut Pro Template

Using this free Final Cut Pro template, you’ll be able to create an old-school photo slideshow. It features Polaroid-style media placeholders that flip down to reveal the next slide. It includes 14 media placeholders and it works with both FCP and Apple Motion.

Free Final Cut Pro Intro Templates

Looking for an intro template to create a modern opening scene for your videos? Then this template is perfect for you. It features a stylish design with a creative animation. You can use it as an intro scene or even a title scene. It’s suitable for corporate and business videos as well.

12 Free Animated Call-Outs for FCP & Apple Motion

Callouts can be a great feature you can add to your product promotion videos to describe product features. With this free Final Cut Pro template, you can add professional-looking callouts to your own videos without an effort. It actually comes with 12 different styles of callout designs and you can use them in Apple Motion or FCP.

live title and lower thirds

With this collection of Final Cut Pro templates, you’ll be able to craft both titles and lower-thirds for your videos with ease. It includes a stylish title template and a lower-third template. Both feature modern designs with easily customizable text and colors.

Cartoon FX - Free Final Cut Pro Effects

This is a bundle full of amazing effects you can add to your videos in Final Cut Pro. It features a set of cartoon-style visual effects. When used properly, they’ll add a unique look to your videos. It includes multiple styles of effects suitable for different types of videos.


Just as the name suggests, this Final Cut Pro template features a slideshow design that’s most suitable for social media videos. It includes a stylish slideshow with multiple image placeholders for featuring your photos. You can customize it using FCP or Apple Motion.

10 Basic Lower Thirds - Free Final Cut Pro Templates

If you’re a YouTuber or a social media influencer, you’ll find this collection of lower thirds templates to be quite useful. This pack includes 10 lower-third templates with various styles of designs. They are perfect for adding simple titles for different kinds of videos.

10 Free Flat Transitions for Final Cut Pro

This bundle includes a collection of very colorful and beautiful transition effects featuring flat color designs. There are circles, squares, and many other styles of transition styles. You can use them with various videos to add more entertaining transitions.

Tile Pop - Flipping Tile Free FCP Transition

Tile Pop is a free transitions template for Final Cut Pro. It features a very stylish effect that uses a tile flipping animation to transition from one scene to the next. The effect is available in multiple styles as well.

50 Free Animated Backgrounds for Final Cut Pro

Coming up with a stylish background for various scenes in your videos can be tough when you have a blank canvas. But, with the help of this pack of backgrounds, you won’t have to worry about it again. This bundle includes 50 unique backgrounds with animated gradients. And it’s totally free.


Whether you’re working on a corporate video, a casual social media clip, YouTube video, or even a hipster-style fashion video, this pack of Final Cut Pro templates has titles and lower-thirds to cover all those types of videos and more. It’s fully customizable and comes with in and out animations as well.

Free Instagram Stories Final Cut Pro Templates

Looking for a way to create unique Instagram stories to stand out from the crowd? Then use this free Final Cut Pro template kit to create attractive Instagram stories. This pack includes multiple Insta story templates in different aspect ratios to fit all types of screens.

Super Starter Kit - Free Final Cut Pro Templates

If you’re new to video editing or just getting started on YouTube, this starter kit is perfect for you. It’s a complete kit that includes many different kinds of Final Cut Pro templates. Such as transitions, titles, lower-thirds, Instagram stories, and much more for creating all kinds of videos.

Social Titles - Free FCP Title Templates

This is a collection of modern title templates for Final Cut Pro. It includes 12 different title scenes fully animated to fit modern videos. The titles are especially suitable for social media video clips for adding quotes as well as for YouTube videos.

Youtube Like Notification - Free FCP Template

Getting your viewers to click subscribe and hit the notification bell on YouTube is not easy. Maybe adding small visual aid could help convince your fans. Use this template to add a YouTube Like and subscribe animation to your videos. You can easily remove the background of this clip to add the icons as an overlay on your videos.

Check out our best Final Cut Pro title templates collection to create a great title scene for your videos.

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