30+ Best InDesign Book Templates 2023

InDesign is the go-to choice for all designers when it comes to making books and brochures. The InDesign book templates we handpicked for this collection will show you why it’s the best tool in the industry.

It usually takes a lot of careful planning and creative thinking to design effective book page layouts with proper content and paragraph arrangements. When using pre-made book templates, you can avoid all that work and jump straight to customizing the design.

For this collection, we picked a few different types of book templates, including branding manuals, eBooks, fashion look books, design books, portfolio books, and more. All you need to do is download the template and start editing.

Bold Photo Book Template for InDesign

As a photographer, you should always let your work do the talking. There’s no better way to convince a client to hire you than by showing your work. Use this InDesign template to craft a bold and attractive photo book to showcase your best photos. It’s easily customizable and comes in A4 size with organized layers.

Recipe Book InDesign Template

This InDesign book template is ideal for food influencers and YouTubers for creating their own food recipe book. It has beautiful and modern page layouts for creating organized recipes for different types of food. You can easily sell this as an eBook as well.

Modern Photo Book Portfolio Template INDD

Another creative photo book template with a modern design. This template uses a very contemporary design with lots of stylish page layouts to showcase your work. It’s ideal for photographers, designers, and artists for making a portfolio book. The template is print-ready and it’s available in INDD format.

Festival Program Notebook Template

You can use this InDesign book template to make a notebook-style brochure to capture and document all the details necessary for a festival, conference, or event. It’s ideal for event planners and organizing companies. The template has 16 pages with fully editable designs.

Daily Planner Notebook InDesign Template

This InDesign template will allow you to make your own personalized daily planner right at your home. It includes 12 pages with sleek and beautiful pages. The template has dates and pages organized for the year 2023.

Creative Ebook Template for InDesign

Design a modern and creative eBook for your business using this InDesign template. It comes with a colorful design across 12 unique page layouts. You can use it to design an attractive book to capture the essence of your company and brand.

Photography Portfolio & Photobook Template

This photo book template uses a very minimal and classic page design to help promote your work like a true professional. It’s perfect for photographers and designers for showing off their work. There are 44 pages in this template and it comes in both InDesign and Photoshop formats.

Business Book Template for InDesign

You can use this InDesign template to make books, brochures, and documents for promoting a business. It includes 24 different page layouts with simple designs and paragraph styles. You can easily customize each page to change colors, fonts, and images as well.

Minimal Ebook InDesign Book Template

Another modern eBook template with a minimalist design. This template is perfect for designing a creative eBook or document for any startup or small business. The document has 24 pages with editable color swatches, master pages, and more.

Cooking Book Template for InDesign

This InDesign book template will help you design a professional-looking cookbook to showcase all your food recipes. It has 16 page layouts and it’s ideal for food brands, restaurants, and even hotels for promoting your brands.

The Voyage - Brand Book Template

Most companies don’t have big budgets to spend on designing professional brand style guides. But, that doesn’t mean you have to make ugly brand style guide books that make your company look bad. Simply use this premade book template to lay out your brand guidelines in a professionally designed book. The template includes 28 page layouts and comes in A4 size.

Polygonal - Brand Style Guide Template

Designing brand style guide books for creative agencies and design firms takes extra work since they have to look more attractive and creative. This beautiful brand style guide book template will help make that process easier for you. It features 28 page designs featuring modern layouts and color swatches for easily editing the design.

Wave Photobook Template

Creating a modern photobook to showcase all your work, designs, and photo albums will be so much easier when using this photobook template. It comes with 30 unique page designs with stylish colors, automatic page numbering, editable graphics, and much more.

The Ocean - Brand Manual Template

This beautiful brand manual template will allow you to make a professional brand style guide for your company with a landscape design. The template is compatible with InDesign CS4 and higher. It includes 24 page layouts which can be edited to change the colors, text, and fonts.

Brand Manual Book Template

Minimalism is an important part of creative brands. This clean and minimalist brand manual template is the perfect choice for making a brand manual for a creative agency or a business. The template comes with 20 page layouts and it’s available in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

Coral - Look book Template

Whether you’re a designer looking to showcase your work or a fashion brand showing off their latest collection, this look book template is ideal for making an attractive book with lots of images. The template includes 28 page designs and it can be easily customized using both older and newer versions of InDesign.

Daily Creator Planner Book Template

If you’re planning on making branded stationery or merchandise for your brand, this daily planner template is the perfect place to start. The template includes 2 month pages, 2 weekly pages, and 1 to-do list page designs for making an effective daily planner book for your business or even yourself.

The Muse - Brand Book Template

Another modern brand book template you can use to design a creative style guide book for your brand and business. The template comes with 22 unique page layouts in US Letter size. You can also customize the template using InDesign CS4 and higher.

Interior Design Book Template

Featuring 25 professionally designed page layouts, this book template is perfect for making a brochure or portfolio book for showcasing interior designs, furniture, and decorative products. The template is fully editable and comes with one-click color customizations as well.

Twistee - Cooking Recipe Book Template

Most households usually have their own collections or personal cooking recipes. Why not make those recipes officially by putting together a creative recipe book. This template will help you design a professional-looking cooking recipe book as it features effectively formatted page layouts for recipe pages. The book template consists of 60 pages.

Square Portfolio Book Template

If you’re a designer, photographer, or an artist, you should always have a portfolio book by your side when networking and approaching clients. This is a great portfolio book template you can use to showcase your work in a professional way. The template includes 24 page designs and comes in square size.

PhotoBook & Portfolio Book Template

This photobook template is designed specifically for making portfolio books for designers of all kinds. The template includes 42 page layouts with various content designs for showcasing your designs and information in a professional way. You can also easily customize the designs using InDesign CS6 or higher.

Business Brochure Book Template

A multipurpose business brochure and book template you can use to make various types of company project, proposal, report, and marketing brochures. The template is fully customizable and comes with 12 modern page layouts.

A5 Business Brochure Template

Another professional business brochure template featuring 12 page layouts in A5 size. The template is most suitable for making business reports and company profile books. It also includes free fonts and editable colors swatches.

Modern E-Magazine Template

If you’re looking to make a branded magazine to showcase your products and designs, this E-Magazine template will come in handy. It features 30 unique page designs with editable text, colors, and vector icons. You can edit and customize the template using InDesign CS4 or higher.

The Colorful – Brand Book Template

This brand style guide book template is most suitable for a company that focuses on youth and young generations and cultures. The template features a colorful design filled with image placeholders, organized layers, and a fully editable design. It includes 36 page layouts.

Multipurpose Magazines Template

A modern magazine template with a multipurpose design. You can use this template to make all kinds of business and lifestyle magazines for various topics. The template includes 24 page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Fashion & Brand Look book Template

Make a professional fashion look book to showcase your latest fashion designs and clothing lines using this customizable template. It comes with 24 page layouts with customizable designs. The template is also available in Photoshop versions as well.

Creative Rich-Brand Book Template

You can easily customize this creative brand book template using either InDesign or Illustrator to make an elegant brand style guide for your company. The template features 32 page layouts in landscape design.

Creative Flare - Branding Guidelines Template

This creative brand book template is perfect for making style guides and company profiles for creative agencies and businesses. It comes in A4 size with editable colors, fonts, backgrounds, and organized layers to let you easily customize the design.

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