30+ Best Block Fonts (Free + Pro Block Letter Fonts)

Nothing beats a block letter font when it comes to designing titles and headings. They are the perfect font for attracting attention as well as making text readable from a distance.

Which is why block fonts are mostly used for everything from poster designs to flyer designs and even logo designs. Contrary to popular belief, block fonts come in all sorts of shapes and designs, and not just squared blocky designs.

You’ll find many styles and forms of block fonts in this post. We handpicked some of the best block letter fonts with modern and classic designs. There’s a font for everyone in this collection. Go have a look.

Redig - Condesned Block Font

This block font features all the right elements of a perfect block font. Bold and narrow design makes it a great choice for designing big titles, especially for posters, magazines, and newspapers. The font features thick block letters with slightly curved edges.

BLOKEE - Modern Blockletter Font

When thinking of block letter fonts, your mind usually pictures the classic blocky design. This font defies all the norms to create a unique and modern block letter design. It features a geometric-inspired letter style with a bold design. It’ll fit perfectly with technology and entertainment-related titles and headings.

Blockletter - Block Fonts Family

As you can clearly see from the preview image, this block font takes inspiration from the famous Blockbuster logo and it does a good job of adopting the famous design. The font features the same block and bold letter design of the Blockbuster lettering. If you’re working on a retro-themed poster or want to add a nostalgic feel to your design, this font is a must-have.

Devant Pro - Modern Block Font

Devant is a very modern block font featuring a tall and narrow letter design. This font comes in multiple formats including OpenType, TrueType, and WebFont versions, allowing you to use it to craft titles wherever and however you want. It seems a great choice for designing headings for posters, banners, and website headers.

Due Credit - Compressed Block Font

This font is designed with the entertainment industry in mind. It’s especially suitable for movie poster titles as well as film credits blocks in banners. Due Credit is an all-caps font that comes in two styles featuring multiple font weights. As a bonus, there’s an additional font with a horror-themed design.

benga free block font

This is a free block font that features a unique and thick block letter design. The retro video game-inspired design of the letters gives this font a fun and quirky look as well. It’s a great choice for designing casual and entertaining titles.

Good Boldy - Free Block Font 2

Another free block letter font with a very straightforward design. It has a set of all-caps letters with a clean-cut design. Making it most suitable for professional and business designs.

Porcine - Modern Block Font

The clean and smooth letter design makes this font a great choice for crafting headings for flyers, posters, and even for a website header. It comes in multiple formats, including OTF, TTF, and Web Font versions. You can use the font however you like.

Greger - Unique Block Letter Font

Greger is another unique block font that comes with a set of stylish letters. It uses a different style of a letter design that will surely make your titles and headings stand out from the crowd. This makes it a great choice for logo design and even signage.

block font

Bambino is a modern-day block letter font perfect for flyers, posters, Youtube covers, and high-market audiences. It features a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and more. It works on both Pc and Mac.

block font

If you are looking for a cool and stylish font that still has a touch of elegance to it, check out Defrozo, a stunning typeface design that can be used for a range of professional and creative applications. Uppercase letters, numerals, and punctuation included!

block font

Bring the rebellious nature and edginess of the streets to your typeface designs with Wolfskin, an urban-themed block letter font perfect for a range of projects. It’s a great font that you should definitely consider for your next project.

block font

Featuring a powerful industrial sans-serif design, Obrazec is a modern font that will help your titles, logos, and labels to truly stand out. Do you know what the best part is? Obrazec is available for you to download at no cost at all. Get your hands on it now!

block font

Here we have Cosmos, a futuristic, space-themed font with a slight hint of block lettering style. It has honed and rounded edges and narrow spacing to adjust the large and chunky letters with ease. It’s free and up for grabs!

Party Block - Fun Block Font

Block fonts now come in fun and quirky designs, just like this one. This is a quirky font featuring a bold and blocky letter design. It’ll fit in perfectly with creative party flyer and poster designs. It’s also suitable for various print designs like greeting cards and mugs as well.

Deep Block - Distressed Display Font

Looking for a unique font to make your designs look special? Then this font will come in handy. It features an uncommon bold letter design with a distressed and rough texture. It’s a great choice for designing a music-related poster or a CD cover.

School Mania - Block Crafty Font

A block font that also comes with a 3D letter design. It has a very hand-drawn look and feel, making the font most suitable for all designs related to kids and school. The all-caps font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with two sizes. And includes multilingual support as well.

FEBRE - Free Block Letter Font

This free block font features a unique letter design. It comes with a set of creative letters that uses different shapes to give an uncommon look to each letter. The font is free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

Nera - Modern Geometric Font

A very creative font that uses a geometric block design for its letters. This font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. And it’s perfect for making titles for futuristic and technology-themed posters. It’s completely free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Blackheat - Bold Condensed Font

If you want to create a title for a poster that aims to send a bold or unconventional message, this font will help you achieve that goal more easily. It features a very attractive condensed letter design that’s made just for crafting titles and headings. It comes in regular, italic, and line styles as well as lots of ligatures and glyphs.

Blocky - Fun Display Font

Blocky is a creative block font that features a unique and fun design. It’s most suitable for designing headings, titles, and logos for creative posters and flyers. The font features alternate glyphs and special characters you can use to craft unique titles for your designs as well.

Bob - Big Block Font

Bob features one of the biggest letter designs we’ve seen on a font. It has huge letters with a block design. It’s definitely a font that can turn heads around. Even though it looks big, the font actually makes titles look amazing and gives them a bold look. The font includes 200 glyphs.

BROKENZ - Bold Block Font

Most designers avoid using block fonts in luxury and high-end designs as they tend to add a casual look to the titles. This font will prove otherwise. It features a very professional block letter design that will make titles for luxury brands and automotive brands look amazing.

Porcine Bosk - Modern Block Letter Font

A modern block font featuring a smooth letter design. This font comes in both OTF and TTF formats, allowing you to use the font in any app you want. It will fit in perfectly with banners, posters, and even website header designs. And, as you can see in the preview image, the font will look great with texture overlays as well.

Bold Line - Free Creative Block Font 2

Bold Line is a creative free block font that comes with a unique set of letters. Each letter in this font features an uncommon design, making it a great choice for crafting fun and quirky poster titles.

Blockthin - Free Block Letter Font 2

This is a block letter font featuring a thin design. It’s ideal for crafting titles and headings for modern brands and businesses, especially for promotional posters and flyers. The font is free to use with personal projects.

URBANO - Bold Headings Font

Urbano is a modern font with an urban design. Technically, it’s not a block font but has all the characteristics. And it features an unusual and creative lettering style with many stylistic alternates. You can use the font to create stylish headings and titles for all kinds of casual branding designs.

Blockhead - Geometric Block Font

Block fonts are usually sans-serif, but this slab serif font looks quite amazing that we had to add it to the list. It comes in multiple weights featuring 252 glyphs. The font finds inspiration from old industrial designs to create a bold attractive look for your titles and headings.

Neuron - Block Letter Font Family

Neuron is a modern block letter font family that comes with a total of 25 fonts, including multiple weights and font styles. With this font, you’ll have plenty of choices for designing bold and creative titles for your poster, flyer, and banner designs.

Grind - Bold Block Font

Grind is a unique block font that comes with a bold and rough design. This font is ideal for entertainment-related title and heading designs, especially for eSports teams and video games posters.

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