29 Designers to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day

We’re playing Cupid and showing you 29 designers to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day!

It’s not just our lucky clients who get to work with our community. From campaigns to on-site design, internal team mascots and celebratory swag—we’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented designers around the world on personal and professional projects.

3 image examples of designers' work to fall in love with
Design by OrangeCrush

We asked both 99ers and our creative community whose portfolio they’re crushing on in 2023. Read on for their picks, take in some gorgeous art & leave them a supportive comment to spread the love.

29 Designers to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day

1. Bubupanda

Nominated by: Tara Eudy, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Marketplace Strategy

fantasy-themed painting of woman in the sea
Design by bubupanda

‘I try not to play favorites, but I lean toward Bubupanda since she was one of our forum mods. She just has the bubbliest personality!’

2. lulunamostu

Nominated by: Madeleine Maher, Designer Support & Curation Representative

monochrome illustration of woman in living room
Design by lulunamostu

‘I see a bright future for lulunamostu. Once I saw her unique and dreamy illustration style I had to ❤️ her profile to keep it with my faves… Cannot wait to see where the journey takes her!’

3. Anastasia S.

Nominated by: Nick Barber, Video Production Manager

traditional-style poster for cowboy tale
Design by anastasia s.

‘Getting in first before anyone else can nominate Anastasia S.! She is my hero! She put together a beautiful book cover depicting one of my Grandad’s fictional characters, Rodney the cowboy. He’s got it framed on the wall in his nursing home and absolutely loved seeing his character come to life.

Not only is Anastasia S. exceptionally talented, she’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever have the good fortune to talk to.’

4. Illia Kolesnyk

Nominated by: Megan Dell, Director of Design

colorful illustration of people skating
Design by Illia Kolesnyk

Illia Kolesnyk is great to collaborate with and I’ve loved how he has added in a bit of quirky personality to some illustrations I’ve had done. He’s so lovely and easy to work with (even though, being Ukrainian, he has been working through some pretty trying circumstances)’.

5. Nelli Design

Nominated by: CostinLogopus, Designer

'Ardent Penguin' logo featuring a penguin in negative space
Design by Nelli Design

‘I always enjoy discovering some uses of negative space from Nelli Design.’

6. Ivan Bjorn

Nominated by: Boja, Designer

book cover with woman hiding behind a mask
Design by Ivan Bjorn

‘Choosing one is really hard, but let’s say my vote goes to Ivan Bjorn, simply because he is an artist.

His designs are much more than a piece of art. They’re a point of view, an emotion, an attitude.
Every one of his expressions tells a much deeper story than we’re used to in today’s designs. They’re profound and have an unbelievable complexity.

Whenever I see any of his book covers or digital art (modest and minimal), I see something different, deeper, and brutal – yet appeasing.

7. AnaMaria.Design

Nominated by: Courtney Cervantes, Marketing Manager, Campaigns & Communications

'70s style illustration of a sunflower and mushrooms
Design by AnaMaria.Design

‘It’s so hard to choose, but I’d love to give a shout-out to AnaMaria.Design.

Not only do I love Ana-Maria’s work, which is positively retro and so awesome that I want to hang some of her pieces up on my walls, but she’s also the loveliest person to talk to and genuinely wants the best for the clients she works with.

This is my favorite design she’s done!’

8. Yokaona

Nominated by: Julieta Zaclis, Account Manager in Customer Support

illustration of a walrus in a suit
Design by Yokaona

‘Love Yokaona‘s style and illustrations!’

9. Renata_Costa

Nominated by: Sonia Maggi, Designer

dark illustration of hand with a crow perched on it

‘There are a lot of great designers here! But there is one who is my idol: Renata_Costa. The AleHorn series is my favorite. Also the Holland Road project.

I can see that she is a creative, excellent illustrator, has great knowledge of the packaging industry, and, of course, passion for her work. Chapeau!’

10. pswizzard

Nominated by: Bubo_scandiacus, Designer

illustrations of saints
Designs by pswizzard

‘Here’s my crush: pswizzard (Renata_Costa was already mentioned!)’

11. CBT

Nominated by: Imogen Hill, Senior Art Director

contemporary branding designs for fast food brand
Designs by CBT

‘The queen of branding showcases has to be CBT, I absolutely LOVE the level she goes to in order to showcase her branding projects. The mocks up are next level and do her incredible designs justice.’

12. Shwin

Nominated by: Imogen Hill, Senior Art Director

illustration of astronaut in black and green
Design by Shwin

Shwin 4 The Win! There’s no way I can’t mention Shwin, he’s been an absolute asset to the team, and 99designs in general, ever since we first worked with him. Whether it’s a huge mammoth project or just a few social assets, only the best is good enough. He will go above and beyond to create work that’s not only beautiful but also answers the brief. Plus, he’s a legend as a person too, so it makes working together fun.’

13. Eliza Osmo

Nominated by: Robyn Challands, Marketing Manager, Campaigns & Communications

psychedelic poster reading
Design by Eliza Osmo

‘My design crush all day, every day is Eliza Osmo! Long time admirer of her signature ‘friendly psychedelia’ style, Eliza’s illustrations are always otherworldly and I’m forever blown away by her creativity.

Working with Eliza always guarantees something completely unique, you can spot her work a mile away! We first got to work with each other on the Song Exploder poster project with Vistaprint in 2021 and have since bonded over our love for emo and metal music (particularly Deftones). We are now firm Instagram besties—hopefully one day IRL besties—and she is just generally an all-round badass!’

There was extra love for Eliza’s portfolio from the client support team too…

13. Eliza Osmo (again)

Nominated by: Dennis Hartmann, Client Support Specialist

psychedelic symmetrical design
Design by Eliza Osmo

‘I’ll go with Eliza Osmo! Her psychedelic dreamscapes activate some deep and far off spaces in my mind and take me to happy places. Love this Follow the White Rabbit Mural.’

14. stormyfuego

Nominated by: Rena Frith, Content Strategist

typography portrait
Design by stormyfuego

‘While I haven’t worked with her (yet) I’ve been admiring stormyfuego‘s designs from afar. I love her approach to typographic art, which is thoughtful, intricate and unique. The way she uses typography adds another layer of meaning and depth to her work. I cannot wait to work with Melinda in the future!’

15. šaška™

Nominated by: Caitlin Collins, Head of Communications and Brand Marketing

food packaging design for
Design by šaška™

‘Sooo hard to choose but some love should definitely go to šaška™. I love her unique perspective and style. I think she inspires clients to be a bit braver and take more creative risks, and the results speak for themselves–her work is so beautiful! I mean, just look at her website!’

Some of the team had trouble narrowing it down to just one choice!

16. Alfie™

Nominated by: ♥ vanessa ♥, Designer

book cover design with photo of bird in country scene
Design by alfie™

‘I have a couple of crushes but the oldest one is Alfie™ –I want to be just like him when I grow up!’

17. Maryia Dziadziulia

Nominated by: Justin Hamra, Art Director

Video animated by Maryia Dziadziulia

Maryia Dziadziulia is a triple threat–a design pro, animation ace, and all-around creative genius. Her versatility lets her breathe life into any idea. Check out her awesome animation work in our YouTube video explaining the difference between RGB and CMYK.’

18. Fe Melo

Nominated by: Just Hamra, Art Director

finger touching button to trigger an explosion of illustrations
Design by Fe Melo

Fe Melo is a design wizard who brings ideas to life. Her bold and energetic style turns every project into a work of art. Working with Fe is like hitting the design jackpot.

With her can-do attitude and attention to detail, you’re guaranteed something truly one-of-a-kind every time.’

19. Boja

Nominated by: Lrudh, Designer

Book cover with an illustrated silhouette reading a book
Design by Boja

‘My Design crush is Boja if I have to just pick one!’

20. Alice Z.

Nominated by: IsaDesignNet, Designer

illustration of child dreaming of animals and sketching
Design by Alice Z.

‘It’s difficult to choose only one (sorry for all the others that still fill my heart), but who always amazes me everytime I see a new work is Alice Z.

She creates so many fantastic characters, full of color… and cuteness.’

21. nevergohungry

Nominated by: Bella, Designer

Collage of person with plaits
Design by nevergohungry

My design crush is nevergohungry—love how much personality he adds to his work.’

22. Chris Kay

Nominated by: Eva Missling, Director Strategic Projects

abstract logo design for 'pathFinder'
Design by Chris Kay

‘Nominating Chris Kay as he delivers very well-thought-through logo creations, takes the time to really get the client’s business concept and industry. He can deliver a minimalistic brand that still is unique and tells a story.’

23. Jen Maher

Nominated by: Laura, McLeod, Director 99d Studio

desktop with typography design set upon photo
Design by Jen Maher

‘This is hard. There are so many!

I’d like to nominate and say thank you to Jen Maher. Jen has been amazing with a new client we’ve recently onboarded—Huffman Livestock—as well as jumped on on several projects for us in the past and been an absolute hero. The client has already emailed me directly to say thanks so much for finding Jen, and she’s so impressed. Jen isn’t just a great designer, but she also acts as an advisor to clients who need help figuring out how to approach their marketing–from websites, templates and marketing assets. It will be a really nice ongoing client, and thanks to Jen for being an awesome collaborator!’

24. Semnitz

Nominated by: L1graphics, Designer

intricate illustration of crashing waves on book cover design
Designs by Semnitz
collage book cover design
collage book cover design

‘Semnitz is my constant design crush over the years. What I love the most about him as an artist is how versatile he is. He can design amazing punk, gritty covers while at the same time excelling at typographic, clean layouts.’

Semnitz also had some love to share for Venanzio…

25. Venanzio

Nominated by: Semnitz, Designer

Book cover design of man looking behind him on a red backdrop
Designs by Venanzio

Venanzio is the one that has introduced me to Toplevel. I’m forever in his debt 🙏’

26. hortasar

Nominated by: Semnitz, Designer

Collage book cover design
Designs by hortasar

‘Also, hortasar is the most intriguing mind, and I love his creations.’

Another nomination for hortasar came from the 99designs team too!

26. hortasar (again)

Nominated by: Calvin Emerson, Marketing Associate,  Influencers/Campaigns Team

Minimal book cover design of an illustrated face
Designs by hortasar

hortasar, what a legend! They participated in a really fun, community contest that I ran several years ago to re-design book covers for that year’s best-sellers. They specialize in book cover design, and their style has this character of whimsicality and jauntiness that adds a quiet audacity to their strong sense of structure and composition.’

27. logoalley

Nominated by: ESAY, Designer

Pineapple logo for our annual 99awards campaign
Designs by logoalley

‘The first person that comes to mind logoalley. I think he’s technically very strong. Very polished clean lines, knowledge of colors, and above all–has a good sense of optical illusion in the “white effect”. Add to that a sparkle of creativity and you have a quality designer.’

28. Dusan Klepic

Nominated by: J_u_h_D, Designer

Gif of illustrated man in front of crashing lightning
Designs by Dusan Klepic

‘My crush is Dusan Klepic! Perfect style, colors, themes.’

29. id-scribe

Nominated by: Pixeleiderdown, Designer

Traditional-style illustrated logo for
Designs by id-scribe

‘I always come back to id-scribe!’

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