25+ Best Photoshop Glass Effect Templates, Textures & Text Effects

One of the coolest effects you can create in Photoshop is the glass effect. It allows you to add more depth and realism to your photos and designs.

The glass effect is commonly used in movie posters, logo designs, and even in photography to create surreal looks. And there are many different styles of glass effects in graphic design, ranging from the popular broken glass effect to glass text effects, shattered glass effect, and more.

We made sure to include them all in this collection. You can easily download and use these Photoshop glass effect templates and PS actions to create cool-looking effects in just a few clicks.

Check out the entire glass effects collection below and start downloading.

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Broken Glass Effect PSD

This broken Photoshop glass effect comes as a pre-made PSD template. You can easily edit it to add the same glass effect to your own graphics, photos, and designs without effort using smart objects. The effect will fit perfectly with your posters, flyers, banners, and various other graphic designs.

Shattered Glass Effect Photoshop Action

You can use this glass effect to design cool action movie-style looks for your posters, promotional banners, billboards, and various other designs. It’s a Photoshop action that comes bundled with patterns and brushes that lets you create a realistic-looking shattered glass effect in just a matter of seconds.

Wet Glass Effect Photoshop Action

With this Photoshop action, you can create very realistic-looking wet glass effects for various types of graphic designs. It’s also great for designing beautiful artwork with photos. The PS action is compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher. It includes instructions on how to use the action as well.

Glass Textures Pack for Photoshop

This is a collection of glass textures for Photoshop. It includes 30 different glass textures in both PSD and JPG formats. You can use these as overlays to create cool filters for your photos and designs. The PSD files have smart objects to easily place your designs as well.

Broken Glass Text Effect PSD Template

This Photoshop template comes with a realistic-looking 3D-like glass effect for text. You can use it to craft unique titles for your posters, logos, website headers, and YouTube thumbnails. The template has organized layers with smart objects.

Free Glass Distortion Photo Effect PSD

You can download this Photoshop glass effect for free to create cool glass distortion effects on a budget. It features a unique effect that adds a vertical glass distortion filter for photos.

Free Photoshop Glass Text Effect

With this Photoshop text effect, you can craft realistic-looking glass text with a professional vibe. It has a subtle and minimalist look that will make your titles and headings look much cooler. And it’s free to use!

Fractured Glass Effect for Posters

This Photoshop template features a realistic-looking fractured glass effect that’s been made specifically for poster designs. It will allow you to create a dark and horror feel for the poster, which makes it perfect for crafting horror and thriller movie posters. The template includes smart objects

Clarity Glass Effect Photoshop Overlay

Clarity is a collection of unique glass effects for Photoshop that features textured designs for adding an extra bold look to your graphic designs. There are 4 different glass effects in this pack featuring 2 wavy and 2 fluted designs. All effects are available in the Photoshop action format, which is quite easy to apply.

Glass Blur Photo Effect for Photoshop

This Photoshop template features a subtle glass blur effect that you can use to add a blurry glass-like overlay filter for photos. You can also use this to replace the traditional Gaussian blur effect to create cool portrait photos as well. The PSD template features smart objects and it comes in JPG format too.

Broken Glass Photoshop Effect

A creative broken glass Photoshop effect that works across various types of designs. You can use it to add a cool broken-glass look to your logos, posters, CD covers, and even titles. As you can see in the preview, it looks perfect for crafting cool typography effects.

Holographic Glass Text Effect PSD

This Photoshop text effect features a unique holographic glass effect that adds a very colorful and shiny look to your titles and headings. This effect is perfect for crafting titles for movies, posters, product packaging designs, and even logos. It comes as a PSD template with smart objects.

Free Broken Glass Photo Effect PSD

With this free Photoshop glass effect, you can make your photos look like it’s behind a broken photo frame. It features a customizable PSD file with smart objects. The template is ideal for posters and flyers too.

Free Wet Glass Effect For Photoshop

You can use this simple Photoshop effect to create a wet glass effect for your photos. It also has a text layer that you can customize to add custom text. You can use it for free with personal projects.

Shattered Glass Photo Effect PSD

It’s not just another glass effect. This one features a realistic-looking shattered glass effect that will completely transform the look of your photos and designs. It works perfectly with high-resolution photos and allows you to add a glass effect that pierces the photo with the cracks. The effect comes as a PSD template.

Glass Reflaction Photoshop Effect

With this Photoshop glass effect, you can add a glass reflection to your photos to make them look as if they were captured as a reflection on a glass window. The PSD template is very easy to customize as it comes with smart objects. You can place your photos with just a few clicks.

Rainy Wet Glass Effect for Photoshop

This Photoshop effect features a unique wet glass effect with realistic-looking raindrops on the glass. It makes portrait photos look more creative and attractive at the same time. The effect is especially suitable for fashion and lifestyle photography.

Shattered Glass Text Effect for Photoshop

At first glance, this text effect will look like a movie title scene or from a poster. You can use this glass effect to create unique typography designs for various types of projects from website headers to posters, logos, and more. It comes as a PSD file with organized layers and smart objects.

Cracked Glass Effect for Posters

This glass effect is perfect for poster and flyer designs. It will add a stylish cracked glass effect with a subtle grunge textured feel. While it’s designed with posters in mind, you can use it to craft other types of graphics as well. It’s a pre-made PSD template with customizable layers.

Free Glass Effect for Photoshop

If you can’t afford the premium broken glass effect we’ve listed above, give this free template a try. It features a simple yet realistic-looking glass effect in a PSD template. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Free Water Drops On Glass Effect

This is an overlay for Photoshop that features water drops rolling down on glass or a window. It’s perfect for adding a cool overlay for your selfies and portrait photos. This template is also free for personal use.

Shatter Glass Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action creates a unique shattered glass effect that adds shards of broken glass all over your designs. It’s a great way to fill the empty space in a design and create cool backgrounds. The action works with Photoshop CS3 and higher.

Dimension Glass Effect Photoshop Action

You can design a mesmerizing glass effect with a dimensional design using this unique Photoshop action. It will make your photos look like a scene from a sci-fi movie. The PS action features 8 different styles of glass patterns with 10 color options to choose from. You can fully customize the effect to match your designs.

Prism Glass Photo Effect PSD

Create colorful prism glass effects for photos with this Photoshop template. It features a colorful design that’s most suitable for crafting cool graphic designs, posters, and flyers. The template includes smart objects and organized layers as well.

Glassy Text Effect for Photoshop

A cool and colorful Photoshop text effect with a glassy design. This text effect features a beautiful gradient outline in addition to the glass effect. It will make your poster and flyer designs look much more attractive.

Glass Dispersion Photo Effect PSD

This is a dispersion effect for Photoshop featuring a glass effect. It turns the dispersed pieces of the image into glass shards. The effect is included in the PSD file, which you can customize quite easily.

Glass Window Reflection Effect PSD

A subtle and simple glass effect that adds a window reflection to your photos and designs. This effect is ideal for making photos look more natural and creative with its behind-the-glass look. The template includes smart objects too.

Creating a glass effect in Photoshop is not that difficult. You can check out this written guide or this YouTube tutorial to learn how to make a cool glass effect on your own.

Also, check out our best Photoshop actions and effects collection to find other cool effects.

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