25+ Best Fonts for Menus (Restaurants, Cafes + Bars)

The font you choose for the menu will have a strong impact on setting the tone for your restaurant, cafe, or bar.

With the right font, you can make your menus look cheap or luxurious as well as sophisticated or fun. It’s very important to choose the font based on the types of foods you offer and the customers you serve.

We handpicked a collection of the best fonts for menus. Whether you’re working on a brand-new menu design for a restaurant, bar, or cafe, there’s a font for all kinds of menus in this list.

But, it’s entirely up to you to pick the right font that fits your brand. Check out the fonts below to get started.

BiteChalk - Handmade Cafe & Restaurant Font

BiteChalk is a creative handmade font featuring a chalkboard-style letter design. When it comes to designing menus, this font is an all-rounder. You can use it to design menus for cafes with a more personalized look. As well as for designing menus for restaurants big and small. The font is available in regular, bold, and slim styles as well.

Delycious Script Restaurant Font

The beautiful script letter design makes this font the perfect choice for elegant restaurant menus. It has a smooth-flowing look that will make your restaurant menu look much grander. You can use it to design logos and badges too. The font also comes with an alternate set and lots of ligatures.

Montclar Handwritten Restaurant Font

Montclar is a font that’s been designed just for restaurant menus. It has a simple and minimalist look that will fit nicely with both cafe and restaurant menus. There are both Latin and Cyrillic characters included in this font.

Quizine - Brush Font for Menus

Quizine is a creative brush-style font you can use to design everything from logos to packaging designs and restaurant menus. This font has bold textured letters that will make titles and text look like they were hand-drawn using a real brush. It’s ideal for adding a unique look to your menus.

Delichia - Cafe Font Duo

This font comes with a very casual and fun-looking letter design that’s ideal for crafting a menu for a cafe, pastry, or coffee shop. It’s actually pair of fonts that includes a rounded sans-serif font and a bold script font. Both fonts go well together for creating the titles and the text for menus.

Aprils - Free Restaurant Menu Font

You can download this font for free to design a beautiful restaurant menu with a hand-crafted look. It features a unique handwritten letter design. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

JS Sans - Free Minimal Restaurant Font

If you want to add a minimalist look to your restaurant menu with thin typography, this free font is perfect for you. It includes a tall, narrow, and thin letter design. You can use this font in both personal and commercial projects.

Pastry - Rusty Bold Cafe Font

This font has the perfect letter design for crafting menus for small cafes and pastry shops. It has a rough textured design that also gives off a classic vintage feel. The font has uppercase and lowercase characters as well as numerals and punctuations.

Gunji - Chinese Restaurant Font

If you’re working on a menu design for a Chinese restaurant, this font is a great choice for adding an authentic look to your menu. It features Chinese letter-inspired characters with a brush-style design. The font has all-caps letters but has a set of small-caps characters as well.

Tacunos - Fun Mexican Restaurant Font

You won’t find more fun and creative-looking font than this one for your Mexican restaurant menu. It features a very casual letter design with decorative elements that will fit right in with your restaurant’s theme. It’s perfect for food trucks and taco truck menu designs too.

Pirates Rum - Vintage Bar Font

If you want to design a classic bar menu to showcase your drinks and food items, this vintage font is the right font for your project. It features a classic pirate-themed letter design that will make your bar menus look much more attractive. The font also comes in 4 different styles.

Praline Amaretto - Italian Restaurant Font

Use this font to add a true Italian look to your Italian restaurant menu design. It comes with a set of vintage-style letters featuring more than 90 handcrafted glyphs. The font is also perfect for crafting logos and signage for restaurants as well.

Morning Brew - Free Hand Painted Font

This is a hand-painted font that features a set of unique letters. It has textured letters that are ideal for crafting the titles of your cafe menus. The font is free to use in your personal projects.

Crispy Food - Free Cafe Font

You can use this font to design a simple cafe menu with a casual look and feel. The font has fun and creative-looking characters that are ideal for a modern cafe. It’s free for personal use.

BURISC - Fast Food Restaurant Menu

We have the perfect font for designing menus for fast-food restaurants and food trucks. This font comes with big bold letters featuring a creative design that will make typography look a bit casual and friendly. You can use this font to craft logos and packaging designs too.

Moon & Chips - Stylish Cafe Menu Font

This font has a very stylish letter design with a hand-crafted look and feel. It’s ideal for designing menus for modern restaurants and cafes. The font features uppercase and lowercase letters with extensive multilingual support.

El Cabestor - Vintage Mexican Restaurant Font

You can use this vintage font to design classic menus for a Mexican restaurant. It features a unique styled letter design that adds a creative touch to typography. The font is also available in regular and inline styles as well. As a bonus, you’ll get a bunch of logo templates in vector format.

Marcopolo - Classic Italian Restaurant Font

Marcopolo is a vintage-style font that comes with a classic Italian letter design. This font will go along perfectly with your Italian restaurant menus. It features all-caps letters with a set of different lowercase characters.

Blackbeer - Strong Gothic Bar Font

This font will help you craft menus for bars with a bold and modern look. It features a strong gothic-style letter design that adds an extra masculine feel to the typography. The font comes in 4 different styles, including blurred and outline versions.

Rollina - Free Restaurant Font

Rollina is a stylish font with an elegant letter design. This font will make your restaurant menu look much more luxurious. The free version of the font is only available for personal use.

RAMISA - Free Japanese Restaurant Font

You can grab this font for free to design a restaurant menu with Japanese-style typography. The font has unique characters inspired by Japanese signage and billboards. You can use the font in commercial projects by adding attribution.

Brunch Brunch - Fun Cafe Font

This font features a set of very fun-looking letters that will fit in nicely with casual cafe menu designs. It comes with a stylish handwritten character design that will add a personalized look to your menus. The font includes an alternate character set as well.

Royallice - Vintage Restaurant Font

Royallice is a vintage-style font that comes with a set of classic wild west-themed letters. This font is perfect for designing a restaurant menu as well as for bar menus. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with a bunch of alternate characters and ligatures.

Monde - Decorative Italian Restaurant Font

Monde comes with its own unique decorative letter design that looks quite different from the rest of the fonts on our list. This font is ideal for designing casual and fun restaurant menus, especially for Italian restaurants. It includes ligatures and alternate characters too.

Vanderchalk - Chalk Style Cafe Font

We have another creative chalkboard-style font for your cafe menu designs. This font has a unique handcrafted letter design that will make your menu stand out. It comes with a bunch of cool ornaments to help decorate your menus as well.

Oriental - Authentic Chinese Restaurant Font

Use this font to design the perfect Chinese food menu for your restaurant. It’s great for takeout menus too. The font comes in regular, bold, and outline versions. You can mix and match these fonts to create a cool look for your menus.

Mexican City - Fun Mexican Restaurant Font

A fun-looking font to craft an attractive menu for your Mexican restaurant. This font has uppercase and lowercase letters with creative designs. It also comes with lots of unique alternate characters to experiment with.

For more great fonts, you can check out our best script fonts collection.

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