25+ Best Educational PPT (PowerPoint) Templates for Teachers

PowerPoint presentations are an important part of education. Any lecture can be made more entertaining and easily understandable by using an effective educational PowerPoint slideshow.

Having a set of brilliantly designed slides also helps deliver your key points more effectively. This is where we want to help. In this post, we’re sharing a collection of the best educational PowerPoint templates teachers can use to create attractive presentations for educational purposes.

Whether you’re making a slideshow for a group of children or preparing a lecture for a college course, you’ll find many different templates to choose from on our list. Let’s have a look.

Edumode - Education Powerpoint Template

Edumode is a professional PowerPoint template featuring a set of slides made for creating educational presentations for schools, colleges, and academies. The template comes with more than 40 unique slide designs along with editable vector graphics, maps, icon packs, and more.

Academia Education Powerpoint Template

Academia is a PowerPoint template designed for universities and colleges, especially for promoting special programs and showcasing the establishment. The template features 30 unique slide designs that come filled with animations, editable vectors, master slide layouts, and more.

Tutho - Education & Courses Powerpoint Template

Another modern educational PowerPoint template featuring a beautiful color scheme and attractive slides. The template includes 30 unique slide layouts you can easily edit to change colors, shapes, and text. It also has specific slide designs for creating portfolios, team management, and showcasing products as well.

Ceremony - Education PowerPointPresentation

Ceremony is a multipurpose PowerPoint template designed for making all kinds of education-related presentations. It’s most suitable for colleges, schools, and universities for showcasing their especial programs. The template comes with 90 unique slide layouts in 10 different color schemes.

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Here we have Chalk, a set of beautifully designed custom slides that allows you ample space to accommodate heavy text without compromising on the readability. It’s available in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote formats!

educational ppt

If you are a teacher wanting to get your students interested in the subject, Edukids might be what you need. It’s a kid-friendly presentation that will get the little ones all excited about what’s coming on the next slide.

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An ideal choice for the new generation of educators, Golearn is a modern, and stylish presentation format that will take your teaching methodologies to a whole new level. It features 30 unique slides, a range of premade color schemes, and editable elements.

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The case study method is a tried and tested teaching technique. It encourages higher-order thinking and develops problem-solving skills in students. This case study PowerPoint template is a great option that you might want to include in your teaching toolkit and is available for free.

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Check out this infographic PowerPoint presentation template helping you present the information in a statistical manner. This ppt will instantly draw your students’ attention, and keep it intact till the class ends.

Education - Modern Powerpoint Template

This is another multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template that comes with a total of 150 slide designs featuring slides in 5 different color schemes. It also includes creative illustrations, editable graphics, image placeholders, and much more.

E-Learning Presentation - Free Powerpoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template designed for making presentations related to online learning and programs. The template includes 17 unique slide designs with editable designs and 1000 icons.

Back to School - Free Powerpoint Template

This beautiful free PowerPoint template comes with lots of colorful illustrations and graphics that attract children and younger audiences. The template includes 23 unique slide designs you can easily edit to make personalized presentations.

Education - Minimal Powerpoint Template

A professional PowerPoint template featuring slide designs for educational presentations. The template comes with 50 unique slide layouts and master slide layouts. It also includes image placeholders for easier editing as well.

Escola - Education Powerpoint Presentation

Escola is a minimalist PowerPoint template featuring multiple slide designs you can use to create professional education-related presentations. The template comes with 50 unique slide layouts that can be easily customized to change colors and text.

Rapid - Education & School PowerPoint Template

Rapid is another educational PowerPoint template that comes with modern slide designs featuring lots of space for showcasing images and infographics. The template includes 36 unique slide layouts with master slides and image placeholders.

Education - Simple Powerpoint template

This is a professional PowerPoint template that includes 30 unique slide designs. Each slide is also available in 5 different color schemes. It also features editable vector graphics, image placeholders, and icons for crafting entertaining presentations more easily.

University and Education Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template is designed specifically for making presentations for universities and higher education purposes. It also includes attractive designs, vector graphics, device mockups, image placeholders, and much more. The template includes 90 unique slides in over 100 color schemes.

Math Lesson - Free Powerpoint Template

This free PowerPoint template will help you make maths look fun for all ages. The template is designed for teaching math but you can customize it to make other presentations as well. It includes 17 unique slides.

Galaxy Gradient - Free Powerpoint Template

A colorful free PowerPoint template featuring minimal slide designs. This template is perfect for making simple educational presentations. It includes 30 unique slide designs.

Need Education - Modern PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is designed for professional educational establishments such as colleges and academies. The template includes multiple slides with modern designs as well as master slide layouts for making your own unique slides.

Schoolar - Education Powerpoint Presentation

Schoolar features a set of very attractive and visual slide designs. The template is perfect for making school and other educational presentations. It includes 50 unique slide layouts with easily editable designs.

Educi - Children Education Powerpoint Template

Educi is a creative PowerPoint template that’s ideal for making slideshows for children’s education presentations. It includes 30 unique slide designs featuring vector icons, image placeholders, editable shapes, and much more.

Solar System Education Presentation

There’s no better way to teach kids about the solar system than using an attractive PowerPoint slideshow. This PowerPointe template will allow you to create an entertaining presentation to teach kids about the solar system. It includes 34 unique and creative slide designs.

Kids Education - Colorful Powerpoint Presentation

A colorful and fun PowerPoint template that comes with a set of beautiful slides. This template is ideal for making all kinds of kids and children’s presentations. It includes fully animated slides with editable graphics and a massive icon pack.

EDUCATION - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

This creative PowerPoint template also includes a set of colorful slides featuring charts and infographics. All of the slides in this template come with transition animations and editable graphics as well. It includes 33 unique slide designs.

Education - Free PowerPoint Presentation Template

This template features a modern slide layout you can customize to create presentations for colleges and schools. It includes 10 unique slides with editable designs and image placeholders.

GMTRY - Free Geometric Presentation Template

This is a creative free PowerPoint template that comes with a set of slides featuring geometric-based designs. You can easily customize this template to create an effective presentation for educational purposes.

Phantom Education Powerpoint Presentation

Featuring more than 50 unique slide designs with colorful and attractive content layouts, this modern PowerPoint presentation template lets you create more attractive presentations to attract young audiences. It also includes master slide layouts and vector icons.

Nilo - LMS Education Powerpoint Template

Nilo is a minimalist PowerPoint template designed for making presentations related to online courses and learning management systems. The template comes with 25 unique slide designs you can easily customize to your preference.

For more inspiration, have a look in our best animated PowerPoint templates collection.

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