25+ Best Bubble & Balloon Fonts (Free & Premium)

Bubble and balloon fonts are the ideal choices for designing titles and headings with kid-like fun outlooks. They usually go perfectly well together with greeting cards, banners, posters, and so many different types of designs.

Today, we are showing you how fun and wild these bubble fonts can really get with our handpicked collection. We found bubble and balloon fonts with some weird and wild letter designs. You’ll definitely want to download them all.

If you want to design typography with a fun and playful look, you can’t go wrong with a bubble font. Be sure to check out the free fonts in the mix too.

Bubblicity - Bubble Font Family

This is a unique bubble font with a very wild look. In one angle, it has a groovy psychedelic vibe while in another angle it has a retro graffiti-style feel. Whichever way you see it, this font has a fantastic personality that will make your designs look more original. The font is available in 6 different styles, including 3 color fonts.

Twice - Bubble Logo Font

Twice is a bubble-style font you can use to design cool logos for fun, casual, and lifestyle brands. This font has a combination of bubble and handwriting letters that adds a unique look to it. You can use it to design creative product packaging designs, labels, poster titles, and much more.

JellyBelly - Fun Balloon Font

A font that is just as fun as its name. JellyBelly is an attractive and bubbly font with balloon lettering. This font has shiny letters that come in both regular and color SVG font versions. It will help you craft colorful and creative titles for your posters, banners, social media posts, and everything in between.

BLUM - Cute & Lovely Bubble Font

Blum is one of the cutest fonts we’ve seen. It features very simple letter designs that will make any design look more adorable. The font is perfect for logos, book covers, posters, branding designs, and much more. It includes lots of decorative elements and over 200 glyphs as well.

Bigger Summer Fest Bubbly Font

A groovy retro-themed bubble font for designing fun and psychedelic-style titles for your designs. This font has bold handwritten letters with fun layouts that will instantly add a playful look to your text and titles. This makes it a great choice for crafting titles for posters and flyers.

Kelsi - Free Graffiti Style Bubble Font

This is a free graffiti-style bubble font that comes with a fun and creative letter design. This font is most suitable for fashion and feminine design, especially for social media posts. It’s free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Roller Girl - Groovy Retro Bubble Font

This groovy retro-style font also features cool bubble letter designs. It has all-caps letters that are ideal for crafting big bold titles for posters. The font is free to use with your personal projects.

Hellioum - Outline Balloon Font

Hellioum is a beautifully minimalist balloon font that features cute and bubble-like outline letters. This font includes big uppercase and lowercase letters that blend quite well together. It’s most suitable for designing fun posters, banners, and greeting cards.

Love You - Cute Balloon font

Whether you want to design a romantic greeting card for Valentine’s Day or craft a title for a children’s book cover, this font is a great choice for your design projects. It has thick and chunky letters with balloon-like designs. And it certainly helps grab the attention of the audience.

Monk Bones - Bubble Graffiti Font

This bubble font features a unique design inspired by graffiti art. It has big bubbly letters that are most suitable for title designs. But they work well for crafting creative typography-based artworks and graphics as well.

Peachy Bubbly - Creative Bubble Font

The letters of this font feature a cool melting effect that shows the paint dripping down. It adds a fun and fresh look to the lettering. The font will surely look perfect for designs related to things like ice cream, fresh juice, or even candy. It has a set of all-caps letters.

Balloons Color Font

If you’re familiar with SVG OpenType fonts, this is a great font you should try. It’s a color font featuring a balloon-themed design that has very realistic-looking characters. Perfect for designing birthday cards, banners, and more. You’ll need a software that supports SVG fonts for it to work.

Bubble Bobble - Free Playful Font

With this free font, you can craft fun and playful titles for your greeting cards and flyers with ease. It has balloon-style cute letters that kids will adore. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Just Bubble - Free Display Font

Just Bubble is another free bubble font you can use to design fun-looking titles. It has a hand-drawn look and feel with uppercase and lowercase letters. The font is free for personal use.

Blobby Chug - Friendly Bubble Font

This chubby and friendly font is ideal for designing fun titles for all your designs related to children. It’s especially great for greeting cards for birthdays, posters for kids events, school banners, and more. It has both fill and outline versions of the bubble font.

Baloon Everyday - Layered Balloon Font

This is a different style of balloon font that comes in 4 different styles. According to its designer, you can create amazing designs by combining these 4 styles of fonts. There are regular, shadow, emboss, and glossy styles of fonts in the pack.

Jumbalo - Creative Bubble Font

While this font may look simple and minimal, you can use it to design amazing-looking titles and headings with the right amount of creativity. The font features cute rounded letters that are ideal for crafting typography for romantic designs.

Gingies Bubble - Cute Handwritten Font

Gingie is one of the cutest bubble fonts on our list. It has bright and shiny letters that are guaranteed to add a bold new look to your designs. It’s especially great for romantic and love-themed designs as the font includes lots of cute hearts as decorative elements in some of the letters.

Sauce Paperoni - Handwritten Bubble Font

The classic retro-themed design gives a unique look to this bubble font. You can use it to craft badges, labels, product packaging designs, and much more. This font also includes loads of glyphs, stylistic sets, ligatures, and alternates too.

Balloon Font - Free Cartoon Font

This free bubble font comes with a cartoon-style design. It’s ideal for making fun and creative titles for all kinds of designs related to children, especially for books and magazines. The font is free for personal use.

Bubblegum - Free Bubble Font

Bubblegum is another cool bubble font that comes with a retro cartoon-style letter design. This font is perfect for designing attractive typography for greeting cards, posters, and banners. You can use it for free with personal projects.

Sunspot - Playful Balloon font

Sunspot is a playful balloon-style font with cute lettering. This font is perfect for designing sweet and cute headings for various types of designs, including brand promos, advertisements, social media posts, and even packaging designs.

Dagon - Cool Retro Balloon Font

This font features a very cool retro-style letter design with balloon-themed decorative elements. The font actually comes in 3 different styles, including regular, balloon, and a diagonal textured version. All these fonts are most useful for creating retro-futuristic typography designs.

Ginuk - Playful Bubble Font

Ginuk is a playful font with bubbly characters. It’s designed with kid-friendly projects in mind so it fits perfectly with children’s posters, greeting cards, toy packaging, and book cover designs. This font has uppercase and lowercase characters with multilingual support.

Kembol - Fun Bubble Font

Kembol is another great bubble font for designing fun and creative typography. It also has playful letter designs that are ideal for all kinds of kid-friendly designs and especially for school-themed designs.

Fillings Urban - Graffiti Bubble Fonts

This is a graffiti-themed bubble font that features a unique letter design. This font will help you craft urban-style typography with an original take. It’s especially great for urban clothing brands, labels, and more. The font features all-caps letters with outline designs.

Black Paint - Bubble Vector Font

This is a vector font that features a beautiful bubble lettering design. The letters come in AI and EPS vector formats so you can’t use this font in other software. But the realistic style and design of this font will certainly help make your designs stand out from the crowd.

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