21 best small business website examples and designs

Brick-and-mortar shops, startups, and ecommerce stores alike, small businesses need to market themselves on the web. Here website examples doing it right.

We’ve collected 21 small business websites — all built in Webflow — to show you that regardless of the products you offer, Webflow is the right platform for your business website.

21 examples of business websites

In no particular order, here are a few inspiring business websites built in Webflow:

1. Traackr

traackr homepage

It’s easy to make fun of influencer marketing — we’ve all seen the Fyre Festival docs by now, right? But the shallow aspects of social media shouldn’t diminish the impact influencer marketing can have. There are plenty of authentic influencers who promote brands and their products. Traackr vets influencers and helps brands tap into their marketing powers in the right way.

Eye-pleasing colors, blocks of staggered images, and scroll-triggered animations keep this small-business website design visually engaging. But this is more than just a pretty website — case studies, testimonials, and other data show how their services yield real results. 


studio moat homepage

There’s a lot of work to be done when running a startup or small business. That’s where MOAT comes to play. They help businesses and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into digital products, while helping them with with branding and website design.

As a small business themselves, MOAT’s website is a great example of using a minimal color scheme to create a clean design that is easy on the eyes of its site visitors. It has a clean a professional look, giving potential clients a good first impression when they land on their homepage.

They also do a great job of having a clear CTA (call to action) in their footer where potential clients can get in touch and learn more.

3. Soundstripe

Soundstripe homepage

The search for decent music to license for a video project can be tough. There’s plenty of lifeless, repetitive nu-muzak out there. Soundstripe offers well-produced quality songs and sound effects at a fair price. At the top of their homepage they entice us to check out their sonic offerings with 3 free royalty tracks. 

What’s great about Soundstripe’s design is how well everything is organized. Curated playlists include everything from modern orchestral to chill hop. Whatever jams or sounds you’re looking for can be found with a short scroll and a few clicks. 

4. Gumption

Gumption describes the philosophy guiding their product selections as, “Ones that make you feel spunky, sassy, strong & smart.” Their ecommerce design is a gorgeous palette of reds and pinks, and photos of women modeling their products — a fun vibe underscored with badass lady power. Gumption’s online store is proof that strong branding is at the center of any successful web design.

5. Strala

Strala homepage

ROI can be murky, especially with digital marketing channels. Strala’s software gathers and compiles analytics so they’re easy to interpret. 

Sound boring? Strala demonstrates from the moment we land on their homepage that analytics can be more than just numbers on a screen. Their web design inspires with bursts of color, like fireworks on the fourth of July.

Both the website design and screenshots from their software show an attention to shape and color. You won’t find a corner of Strala that doesn’t pop with creative color combinations. Bright pinks, purples, and oranges against the stark black background shine bright.

6. Alley

Alley homepage

Coworking spaces are popping up all over as an option for those who don’t need a traditional office. Many companies are jumping in, hoping to tap into this new market. But many of these businesses don’t realize that a coworking space needs to be more than a room with tables, desks, and chairs. Alley seems to get this — they host events and opportunities to collaborate that bring people together. 

Their site design relies on grids and blocks, with plenty of community photos. Their design reflects a coworking space brimming with the energy of the people who use it.

7. Poetic

poetic homepage

Poetic helps businesses grow with custom software and other technologies. Much like Strala’s site design in example number 5, this design puts the focus on demonstrating their products and services with screenshots and other visuals, and with supporting copy that’s clear and direct. Each piece works together, building from one concept to the next.

8. World Financial Group

World Financial Group homepage

World Financial Group is on a mission to empower the financial freedom of entrepreneurs through small business. There are many entities and companies that make this same promise with varying levels of success. 

Where so many have boring templates full of vague promises, World Financial Group fills their layout with stunning design work and quality content that uses an honest voice to communicate what they do.

9. Mighty

Mighty homepage

Narrowing down a niche in the overcrowded world of business software solutions can be difficult. Mighty offers a software platform that tracks personal injury liens — valuable data for billers, lawyers, and others involved in the medical industry. 

Free from excessive terminology and bland design, Mighty espouses an aesthetic for their small business website that puts attention on action. Bold headlines, animated icons, and other microinteractions are put to work in this lively layout. They also include a blog with articles that are technical yet conversational and accessible to non-experts.

10. Qualified

Qualified homepage

Qualified gives salespeople a tool for getting better leads and communicating with them more efficiently. 

What’s great about this small business website design is that it avoids sales cliches and marketing speak. Instead, they present their software with a design that’s balanced and easy to navigate.

11. Confluera

Confluera homepage

Confluera takes on a commanding tone to communicate how their anti-hacker software functions. Data breaches are a serious threat, and their no-nonsense voice shows us they’re not messing around.

From the swirl of the ocular-like graphic on the landing page to the blunt messaging of the huge headlines, the site has the feel of the instruction page of a video game, with the mission to neutralize intruders. This approach could have tipped into the realm of parodying itself, but the dead-pan, blunt tone pairs well with their cybercrime-fighting software.

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12. The Balloon Queen

The Balloon Queen homepage

The Balloon Queen is everything helium-filled and amusing. This design full of microinteractions and hover effects is full of movement. It captures the joy of balloons without being overly silly. With just the right balance of professionalism and whimsy, this design shows off all that makes The Balloon Queen worthy of her crown. Check out how it came together on the Webflow Showcase.

13. Kraftful

Kraftful homepage

Kraftful creates apps for companies who develop smart devices like thermostats, lights, and other appliances. They focus on the functionality of building software, so their clients can focus on hardware.

This design shows calculated restraint and gives us just enough on the landing page to showcase the advantages of their services. The main calls to action — displayed prominently at the top and bottom of their landing page — are to send them an email or schedule a call to learn more. The visuals and supporting text offer a base level of information and inspire us to get in touch for more detail.

14. Moniker

Moniker homepage

Moniker offers custom retreats for companies. This design has the branding of a luxury hospitality business — a perfect match for what they offer.

This is a photo-driven design, with big brilliant images of beautiful locales. Along with these huge images, there’s plenty of scroll-triggered animation to keep us moving through the site.

15. Incomee

Incomee homepage

Tracking your finances is a chore, but part of being a responsible adult means being careful with your money. Incomee helps you be a better grown up and take control of your spending.

There’s attention-grabbing headers and screenshots to give us a peek at how Incomee works. The design is clean and simple — just how we’d like managing our money to feel.

16. Fortnight Studio

Fortnight Studio homepage

Fortnight Studio differentiates themselves from other agencies by focusing on startups. They’re “a purposefully small design and development studio.” In an agency landscape where everyone is trying to do everything, it’s good to set yourself apart with specialization.

Don’t land on this agency website expecting an extensive portfolio. When they say, “purposefully small design,” they mean it. They give us a small peek at their work with a horizontal scrolling gallery of projects and logos of the major players they’ve worked with. 

The content offers just enough insight into Fortnight Studio marketing savvy to inspire at tap on their “LET’S CHAT” button.

17. The People Vs Coffee

The People Vs Coffee homepage

The People Vs Coffee, a pop-up Australian coffee shop, puts plenty of visual flair into their one-page design (with the exception of the booking page). The hero image featuring the interior of their mobile coffee service captures a neat, orderly vibe. Though it may be a humble coffee trailer, we can see they take the art of making coffee seriously.

There are dashes of movement sprinkled throughout. Though the hover effect at the top isn’t entirely necessary, it grabs our attention and put focus on the scene. There are other nice touches that liven up the page, like the scroll-triggered fade-ins and the quirky animation of a car hauling the coffee trailer.

Another nice detail is the sticky block on the left, with social media links and other ways to get in touch. These design elements often get lost in a design or in the site’s footer. The People Vs Coffee obviously wants to make more personal connections and this gives customers an immediate opportunity.

18. Nalen Ayurveda

Nalen Ayurveda homepage

Nalen Ayurveda sells specialized skin care products. With a color palette of light blue and earth tones, this design projects a sense of calm in line with their products. The design has a zen-like simplicity that gives it a light, easy user experience.

19. Patty and Bun

Patty and Bun homepage

The website for Patty and Bun starts with quick video cuts that have a gritty, film-like filter. It’s a bit dizzying, but the jittery barrage of images is definitely attention-grabbing. But this isn’t the only touch of unorthodox design. Clicking the red, circular menu button at the top right opens a list of navigational options that takes over the hero section. 

They stay committed to quirk throughout the site with plenty of unexpected visuals, like the ketchup cannon. These jolts of weird creativity inspire us to explore the site thoroughly so we don’t miss anything whacky. 

Their offbeat sensibilities never take away from their messaging around grilling up tasty food. Rather, these touches are like an artisanal ketchup or mustard, adding just the right amount of flavor without overwhelming the design.

20. IPA Group

IPA Group homepage

The digital marketing agency IPA Group uses dimensionality and geometry to give their site design some visual excitement. The puzzle piece image at the top is a clear nod to their mission to help. The use of white space, custom graphics, and animations bring energy to their site and are a nice juxtaposition to the grids aligning most of the content. There’s a lot that’s linear about this design, but it’s broken up with a nice variety of dynamic visuals.


make it homepage

If you’re looking for a creative workspace in London, MAKE IT, well … makes it easy.

Big, bold typography gives this design a visual punch. With scroll triggered effects, variations of size, weight, and color, this space is transformed by the designer’s typographic wizardry.

Along with fantastic use of fonts, images and hover effects help showcase important information about their workspaces.

Small businesses have big dreams 

At Webflow, we root for the underdog. Which is why we created a platform that empowers you to jump into web design without knowing how to code. Whether you’re taking the creative reigns and building a responsive website for your own small business or ecommerce website, or you’re hiring someone to do it for you, we can help.

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