25+ Best Fall Fonts (Autumn + Fall Color Fonts)


Fall is an enchanting season full of cozy vibes. It’s a time for weddings, festivals, and new fashion trends. It’s also a time to refresh your fall font collection. And we’ve got the perfect picks just for you.

With the autumn season approaching, you will be seeing an increase in demand for wedding invitation designs, poster designs for fall festivals, and ad campaigns for new seasonal offerings from fashion brands.

To help you prepare for these upcoming design projects, we handpicked a collection of beautiful fall-themed fonts. There are many different styles of fall fonts in this collection with script, serif, and sans designs.

Have a look and be sure to download the free fonts as well.

Autumn - Unique Fall Font

This is one of the most unique and elegant fonts on our list. It also features a classy letter design with an autumn-themed vibe that creates a beautiful look for your logos, branding, and various other typography designs. The font comes with lots of alternate characters to help you craft more original-looking text and logos.

Croffle – Playful Serif Fall-Themed Font

Croffle is a serif font that features a retro-style letter design inspired by vintage typography. The font has a playful fall-themed design that allows you to evoke a cozy and nostalgic feel through different types of designs. It’s perfect for packaging designs, labels, posters, and much more.

Autumn Romans - Modern Fall Font

This font comes with a simple and clean look that gives you the freedom to create many different types of typography designs. It has a flexible and versatile letter design with uneven strokes that will fit right in with everything from greeting cards to logo designs, poster titles, and even social media posts.

November - Fall-Themed Signature Script Font

November is a cursive script font that comes with beautiful curves and a natural flowing design. It will make your seasonal marketing campaigns much prettier and more attractive. The font is also ideal for designing wedding invitations as well as quotes for social media and t-shirts.

Autumn Field - Handwriting Fall Font

The stylish signature-style handwriting letter design gives this font a very professional and classy feel. It also uses autumn as its theme to create that same cozy and warm vibe. It has uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of alternates and stylistic characters, making it a total of over 350 glyphs.

Cotta - Free Elegant Fall Font

Cotta isn’t exactly a fall font but it has all the elements to be the perfect fall-themed font. It has elegant curves, stylish serif letters, and a classy look to make your titles look much more attractive. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Roses Bolero - Free Fall Font

This font is also free to download. It has an elegant letter design with unique strokes and lines. The font is ideal for bold titles and headings. The font is free to use with commercial projects.

Falling Dried - Modern Autumn Font

Falling Dried is not just another autumn font. It actually has a clean and minimalist design that makes the font much more suitable for modern branding and graphic design projects such as event invitations, logos, and magazine covers. The tall and narrow lettering is what gives this font its own identity.

Savo Bawdy - Cursive Fall-Themed Font

Savo Bawdy is a cursive script font featuring a handcrafted letter design. It has a unique and playful look with a mix of the fall season vibes across all of its characters. The font is ideal for wedding invitations, greeting cards, packaging designs, and other graphic design projects.

Samberia - Modern Script Fall Font

If you’re looking for a modern script font for a fall-themed design, this font is perfect for your project. It features a modern calligraphy-style letter design that is ideal for all sorts of fall season designs, especially for fall fashion and clothing brands, invitations, flyers, and more.

Maple Memories - Autumn-Themed Script Font

Maple Memories features the perfect look for designing beautiful and romantic greeting cards and wedding invitations. The font features smooth calligraphy handwritten letters that will give a personalized look to your typography designs. The font includes swashes and extensive multilingual support as well.

Fall Season – Handwritten Autumn Font

A simple, clean, and minimal fall font with tall and narrow letters. This handwritten font will make sure your autumn-themed designs look more playful as well as elegant. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters with ligatures and alternate characters.

Badger Valley - Free Autumn Font

Badger Valley is a free autumn-themed font you can use to add a gorgeous look to your title designs. The font is great for promotional campaigns, posters, and advertisements too. It’s free for personal use only.

Blushing - Free Autumn Font

This free font has a cute and trendy letter design that has a modern look and feel. It’s ideal for calligraphy-style typography designs. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Billy Holiday - Handwritten Autumn Font

Billy Holiday is an autumn-themed handwritten font that you can also use as a signature font for crafting beautiful logos, business cards, and product labels. It’s especially perfect for fall fashion designs, seasonal promos, and packaging designs too.

Start Autumn - Playful Fall Font

This font comes with a very fun and playful letter design that accurately represents the theme of the fall season. It has serif letters with thick strokes that are made for crafting big titles and headings. The font is ideal for poster titles, festival banners, flyers, and everything in between.

Zaida Autumn - Beauty Autumn Font

The classy and elegant look of this font makes it easily stand out from the crowd. It has very unique strokes with smooth curves. You can use it to design all sorts of fall-themed typography, especially for fashion and beauty brands.

Thankful Sunday - Fall Themed Font Duo

Thankful Sunday is a pair of fall-themed fonts. It includes a casual sans serif font and a playful script font. As a bonus, it comes with lots of doodles featuring all sorts of fall-themed illustrations. You can combine them together with the font duo to create unique designs.

Cute Maple - Adorable Fall Font

This is arguably the cutest font on our list. It has a fun and adorable letter design that is especially suitable for kids-themed design projects. You can use it for greeting cards, school posters, festivals, and more.

Autumnal - Free Fall Font

Autumnal is a free fall-themed font with a fun handwritten letter design. It has uneven strokes with a true hand-crafted look. The font is perfect for custom t-shirts, labels, posters, and packaging designs. It’s free for personal use.

Better Autumn - Free Fall Font

You can download this for free to craft playful titles and cute headings for your autumn-themed designs. The font has unique characters with fun shapes as well. You can use it freely with your personal projects.

Savor Fall - Creative Autumn Font

Savor Fall is a creative autumn-style font with thick letters. This font is most suitable for crafting big and bold titles, especially for banners and posters. It’s ideal for promoting fall festivals and events too.

Pear Leaves - Autumn Themed Font

A lovely script font with an autumn-themed letter design. This font has a hand-crafted look that will give a more personalized look to your text and titles. You can use it to design greeting cards and invitations with a more human touch.

Warm Autumn - Cute Fall Font

This fall font captures the true fun and warm feeling of the season through its cute and friendly character design. This is a handwritten font that comes with a versatile look that will fit in with everything from logo designs to fall catalogs and more.

My Autumn - Fall-Themed Handwriting Font

Even though it’s not exactly a fall-themed font, we love the handwriting design of its letters. This font is perfect for crafting business cards, logos, and various other branding designs. It includes swashes and multilingual support.

Turning Leaf - Fall Title Font

Turning Leaf is a bold title font that comes with block letters. It’s great for crafting big titles for posters and banners, especially for fall-themed events and festivals. The font includes a set of all-caps letters.

Autumn Wind - Signature Script Fall Font

A beautiful signature-style script font for professional typography designs. While it has the right look for branding designs you can also use it to promote your fall fashion trends, new clothing lineups, and seasonal offers too.

For more great fonts, check out our best luxury and elegant fonts collection.

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