WordPress Now Lets You Buy a Domain for One…


WordPress has long been the go-to content management system for developers. It powers almost half of the websites on the internet and boasts dozens of unique features that help it stay one step ahead of the competition.

Previously, domain registrations on WordPress were capped at a completely reasonable ten years. Now, however, WordPress has upped the stakes. Buy its new 100-year plan, and WordPress will register and host your website for over a century.

That’s right, you can now buy a domain that will outlive you and your friends. WordPress states that people could use the offer to preserve their family’s digital assets for years to come, or to chart the evolution of their organization over time. 

Of course, a one-hundred-year hosting plan does come with a few caveats. For one, it’s based on the assumption we’ll interact with the internet in the same way in the 2100s. Second, you’ll have to remember to tell someone before you pass away — obviously.

But let’s assume WordPress is still alive and well in 100 years. Let’s assume the code you used to make your website is still functional, and let’s hope the world hasn’t imploded by then. In that case, your centenarian website will act as a stunning time capsule for all of your digital assets. 

Those who purchase WordPress’ deal will also gain access to unmetered bandwidth and 247 support. To sweeten the deal, WordPress will also automatically submit your content to the Internet Archive if it’s public.

It goes without saying that WordPress’s new plan isn’t going cheap. You’ll need to pay $38,000 ($380 per year) for the privilege, making it inaccessible to most. That said, if you do have the money for this sort of thing and want to preserve your legacy, you can fill out this form on WordPress’ website to get started.

Robert Reeve

Robert is an experienced marketing professional with extensive experience working with brands to refine go-to-market plans, SEO campaigns, and content marketing strategies. A committed writer with a keen eye on the latest developments, Robert specialises in producing content across all things tech and marketing.

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