Announcing the 2023 Webflow Awards


For the third year in a row, we’re excited to bring back Webflow Awards — our annual celebration of the Webflow customers, community members, and partners who bring some of the most creative and technically impressive projects to life every day, #MadeinWebflow.

Like last year, Webflow Awards fall under three different categories — Community Awards, Customer Awards, and Partner Awards. Within each category, there will be various awards that help represent the category. To learn more about eligibility check out our FAQs

We’ll be featuring all finalists and winners on our website, various social media platforms, and email promotions. 

Winners will also receive:

  • Recognition at the main Webflow Conf event on October 5th. (in person attendance not required)
  • A fun celebration package with custom swag & other fun goodies
  • A clout kit with social assets to make it easy for you to share the news with your network
  • A trophy

Now, we need your help. Nominate your favorite websites and creators (And yes, you can nominate yourself and your projects) to be this year’s winners of the Webflow Awards. 

We’re so excited to see all of your submissions!

Community Awards

The Community Awards represent a big, growing community of Webflow users who are contributing to Webflow’s mission and building the future of visual development. In some cases, the people in this category have been around since day one.

Community Creator of the Year

People in this category embody an entrepreneurial spirit. They design, build, and connect the dots between Webflow and other no-code tools to bring some of the most interesting projects to life.

Community Developer of the Year

People in this category share their dev superpowers with the greater community. They thoughtfully craft Apps and products that give Webflow websites the power of code with the click of a button.

Community MVP

People in this category really care about Webflow. Their contributions to the community, and time spent fostering and nurturing connections within the community, don’t go unnoticed.

Community Educator of the Year

People in this category are educators at heart. They invest back into the community by confidently and effectively sharing their experiences, thoughts, and insights.

Global Leader of the Year

People in this category are natural leaders. They motivate and inspire others to come together as one for a specific project, cause, or purpose. (must be a Global Leader to qualify)

Customer Awards

The Customer Awards represent more than 100,000 websites for businesses large and small — from budding startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Customers in this category have built visually impressive sites that are simply a joy to interact with. Whether it’s an internal resource for new employee onboarding, or a community-driven initiative to drive social impact, they embrace innovative visual design and elevate engagement.

Brand Transformation

Customers in this category have reworked, refreshed, or entirely rebuilt their main marketing site faster than they thought possible. Brand refreshes, in any capacity, are hard work, and require careful planning and collaboration, often from an entire team. 

Technical Achievement

Customers in this category are creative, complex, and outright impressive. They build to achieve ambitious growth goals and push the limits of Webflow features to create the most unique experiences. 

All Star

Customers in this category are true Webflow power users. Their expertise spans across teams to deliver the best business outcomes across the entire organization. This award highlights in-house teams that have broken down silos to drive collaboration, have improved internal workflows/efficiency, and can showcase impressive results.

*A Note: For this award, the nominee must have main dot com site on Webflow to qualify

Partner Awards

The Partner Awards represent the most creative and technically impressive projects brought to life every day by Webflow Experts around the globe.

Agency of the Year

Partners in this category are at the top of their class in websites launched and happy clients served.

Enterprise Partner of the Year

Partners in this category are premium digital agencies and systems integrators who provide services on Webflow’s Enterprise platform to large customers.

Professional Partner of the Year

Partners in this category are freelancers, digital agencies, and consultants who provide services to self-service small business and mid-market customers.

Top New Partner

Partners in this category might be new on the scene, but don’t call them beginners! They’ve quickly become breakthrough talents in their respective roles.‍

Nominate your faves today! 

We’re so excited to see your nominations of your favorite creators, projects, and sites. To nominate for the Community and Customer Awards categories — click the relevant link below:

Community Awards nominations 

Customer Awards nominations 

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