25+ Best Aesthetic Google Slides Themes & Templates


Aesthetic design is all about creating balance and a sense of elegance. If you want your presentations to flaunt that same look, then these aesthetic Google Slides themes are perfect for your project.

In this collection, we are showcasing some of the best and most visually stunning Google Slides templates with aesthetic and eye-catching designs. The balance of smooth colors, beautiful typography, and minimalist layouts come together in these themes to create a harmonious look across all slides.

These templates will surely help you deliver more captivating and memorable presentations no matter what type of brand or business you’re promoting. Have a look and start downloading.

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EUKA - Creative Aesthetic Google Slides Template

One of the coolest things about aesthetic designs is the colors. The bright and vibrant designs will make your slides look much more attractive and eye-catching. This Google Slides template features a similar design with colorful slide layouts. Yet it also maintains a very aesthetic and minimal look across more than 30 slides.

LAXMI - Aesthetic Google Slides Theme

If you’re looking for a more beautiful Google Slides template with a feminine design, this is a great choice for you. It features a very colorful design with placeholders for images and creative decorations all over the slides. This template also comes in Keynote and PowerPoint formats.

Kolugn - Aesthetic Template Google Slide

Kolugn is a unique Google Slides template that uses a blend of aesthetic and contemporary design elements to create a stylish look for its slides. This template includes 30 different slides with customizable graphs and infographics. It has a classical-style minimal look as well.

Modern Aesthetic Google Slides Template

This Google Slides theme features one of the most stylishly elegant designs on our list. It has beautiful slide layouts filled with attractive typography and image placements. The template lets you choose from more than 30 different slides that can be customized to change colors, fonts, and images.

Aesthetic Google Slide Business Plan Presentation

This beautiful and aesthetic Google Slides template includes 33 unique slides featuring gradient color backgrounds. It’s designed to help you craft attractive business plans to promote your brand and business, especially for businesses in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

Free Minimalist Aesthetic Google Slides Theme

You can download this Google Slides template for free to design beautiful and minimal slideshows. It includes 32 different slides with aesthetic designs and pastel colors. There’s also a big Flaticon icon pack included in the template.

Free Korean Aesthetic Pitch Deck for Google Slides

This free Google Slides theme also features a stylish aesthetic slide design. It’s inspired by Korean-style minimal design and allows you to create gorgeous presentations on a budget. The template includes 35 slides.

Pastel Brand Guideline Aesthetic Google Slides Theme

Pastel colors are the signature sign of aesthetic design. This Google Slides template also uses a beautiful pastel color palette that adds an additional elegant look to its slides. There are 25 unique slides in this template with fully editable designs. It also has a 400+ icon pack as a bonus too.

LOWWE - Aesthetic Google Slides Template

Add a bold and stylish look to your aesthetic Google Slides presentations using this template. It comes with a very professional and appealing look that will elevate your slide content above all else. This template is especially suitable for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Elegant Aesthetic Google Slide Template

This is the ideal aesthetic Google Slides template, It has a minimal layout, simple and light colors, beautiful typography, and appropriately placed image placeholders. It’s the perfect combination. There are also editable charts, graphs, and mockups included in this template.

Trendy Aesthetic Google Slides Theme

For creating modern and trendy Google Slides presentations with an aesthetic feel, use this attractive template. This template comes with more than 30 different slides with free fonts and editable colors. The template also features device mockups and master slides too.

Aesthetic Wedding Organizer Google Slide Template

While this Google Slides theme is designed with wedding organizers in mind, you can use it to create presentations for many other businesses too. It has a beautiful and aesthetic slide design with easily editable elements and changeable colors. There are 30 different slides in this template as well.

Free Minimalist Aesthetics Business Plan Google Slides

This is a free Google Slides template that can be used to design modern business plan presentations. It has a smooth aesthetic design across 41 different slide layouts. The template is perfect for modern fashion brands, creative agencies, and lifestyle businesses.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Google Slides Theme

This Google Slides theme uses a different style of aesthetic design inspired by a dark Victorian-era look and feel. This theme is ideal for various types of product showcasing and marketing presentations. The template includes 27 slides and it’s free to download.

Aesthetic & Creative Google Slides Theme

With this Google Slides template, you can design more elegant and fashionable presentations for various types of projects. It’s especially ideal for promoting fashion and lifestyle brands. The template has 30 unique slides with editable graphics and free fonts.

Jenter - Aesthetic Business Pitch Google Slides Tehme

Jenter is a modern Google Slides pitch deck template featuring a clean and aesthetic design. This template includes several stylish slides designed to highlight your business and startup ideas in an elegant way. It includes transition animations too.

Aesthetic Google Slides Template for Marketing

The light and attractive colors of this Google Slides template make it much easier to highlight your content on each slide. Of course, you can easily change the colors and fonts of this template according to your preference too. There are 30 slides in this template.

Aesthetic Brand Marketing Google Slides Theme

Another modern Google Slides template for creating effective marketing slideshows for brands. This template features a stylish and aesthetic slide design with 30 layouts to choose from. It also features animations and transitions.

Aesthetic - Google Slides Presentation Template

You can use this Google Slides template to create presentations for modern brands, especially for interior design, real estate, and furniture brands. The template uses a minimal and professional design featuring an aesthetic feel. It has 30 different slides with editable graphics, free fonts, and image placeholders.

Good Vibes Y2K Aesthetic Google Slides Template

This free Google Slides theme comes filled with vibrant colors and a cool aesthetic design. It has a Y2K-inspired look across 27 different slides. The template also includes lots of customizable graphics, maps, timelines, and more.

Free Ripped Paper Aesthetic Google Slides Marketing Plan

This Google Slides theme includes a set of creative slide layouts featuring a different style of aesthetic design. It showcases content with ripped paper graphics, which will instantly grab the attention of your audience. The template has 29 slides and it’s free to use.

Free Gothic Aesthetic Google Slides Theme for Agency

Another free Google Slides theme for modern agencies. This theme uses a classic Gothic-style design with vintage typography. It also uses a dark color theme that will highlight your content quite effectively. There are 23 slides included in this template and it also comes in PowerPoint format.

Chesca - Aesthetic Google Slides Template

Looking for a way to make your Google Slides presentations look more creative? Then use this aesthetic template. It has lots of different slide designs full of beautiful pastel colors and abstract shapes. There are more than 30 slides in this template and it includes device mockups too.

Gioia - Aesthetic Google Slides Theme

Grab this Google Slides template to design elegant and charming slideshows to promote your fashion brands. It has a selection of attractive slide layouts featuring bold colors and transition animations. You can also customize each slide to change colors and fonts however you like.

Aesthetic Marketing Plan Google Slides Template

A simple, clean, and minimal Google Slides theme with a beautiful aesthetic feel. This template is designed for making effective marketing plans that win over your clients. It includes 20 unique slides with lots of useful infographics, charts, and image placeholders.

Creatia - Google Slides Aesthetic Theme

This Google Slides theme also comes with a modern and beautiful design featuring aesthetic colors and formatting. It uses typography quite well to highlight key information on each slide. The template also includes lots of useful slides like product slides, team management slides, company profile slides, and more.

Reccent - Modern Google Slides Aesthetic Template

This aesthetic Google Slides template uses a very creative approach to offer a unique look for your presentations. It has 30 different slides with hand-drawn style minimal designs. The slides are easily customizable and you can use them to make powerful presentations for creative agencies.

For more great designs, be sure to check out our best Google Slides themes collection. We have a collection full of free Google Slides themes too.

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