20+ Best Wix Portfolio Templates (Photography, Graphic Design, Art, UX & More)


Wix is one of the best platforms you can use to show off your work with an online portfolio website.

Wix is much more affordable than other online website-building platforms and it offers an impressive collection of pre-made portfolio site templates for you to find the perfect design.

Today, we handpicked the very best of Wix portfolio templates. This collection will help you find inspiration to design your own portfolio website. It includes Wix portfolio examples for all kinds of creatives and professionals.

Explore all the templates below and be sure to check out the guide at the end to learn how to create a portfolio website on Wix.

Creative CV Wix Portfolio Template

A simple and minimal design is the best approach for creating an online CV website. Just like what you see on this template.

You can use this Wix portfolio template to make a CV-style website to present your work to potential clients. It doesn’t have a long scrolling page or lots of design elements. But there’s space to introduce yourself with links to your resume and projects. And that’s just what you need to make an effective CV website.

Business CV Wix Portfolio Template

When it comes to making portfolio websites for business professionals, you have to take a more decent approach in terms of design.

This Wix portfolio template follows the same concept with its modern and business-oriented design. It has a simple layout with sophisticated elements to give the website a more professional look and feel. There are also separate pages for your resume and projects too.

Wix Graphic Design Portfolio Template

As a graphic designer, your biggest selling point when it comes to finding new clients is showing off your designs.

With this Wix portfolio template, you can create the perfect website to showcase your design work. It has a homepage with a large gallery to present your best designs. Each item on the gallery also gets its own case study page as well.

Wix Art Portfolio Template for Illustrators

For illustrators and artists, the approach to making a portfolio website is different. You’ll need a minimal design that puts more focus on your artwork. That’s exactly what this Wix template does.

It has a basic portfolio website design with an image gallery on the homepage. There are also page layouts to create an about page and a contact page. You can also choose from other color schemes as well.

Modern Wix Online Portfolio Template

If you want to make a portfolio website with a modern and visual-centric design, this Wix template is perfect for you.

This template has a multipurpose design that you can easily customize to make portfolio websites for various types of professionals. It also has a stylish split-screen layout with space to include external links to your work.

Speaker Portfolio Website Template for Wix

Having a website where your potential clients can learn more about you is important, especially if you’re a speaker or coach.

With this Wix template, you can create a complete website to showcase all your work and experience in one place. It has space to promote your books, videos of speaking gigs you’ve done in the past, and more.

Copywriter Wix Writing Portfolio Template

It doesn’t matter if you’re an author, freelance writer, or blogger, you should use your portfolio website to promote your work whenever you’re contacting clients.

It will only take a few clicks to make a professional-looking portfolio site when using this Wix writing portfolio template. It has a modern design with lots of space to showcase your books, blogs, and copywriting skills.

Stylish Wix UX Portfolio Template

This is one of the coolest Wix portfolio templates on our list. It has a modern and stylish design with lots of unique elements to show off your skills and experience.

One of the best features of this template is its visual-centric design where you can show your experience using a timeline. It also has a section to include your skills and a gallery for your portfolio items.

Family Photographer Wix Portfolio Template

If you’re a photographer, the best way to show off your skills is with lots of big photos and images. You can use this Wix portfolio template to do just that.

This template has a homepage with a gallery where you can show off lots of photos. It’s especially ideal for family and lifestyle photographers. Of course, other types of photographers can use it to make portfolio websites as well.

Wix Photographer Portfolio Template

This portfolio template takes a more artistic approach to its design. This makes it a great choice for more creative photographers as well as designers.

The template has a big image gallery on the homepage with pages to mention your previous clients, case studies, and galleries for each project you’ve worked on.

Academic CV Wix Portfolio Template

Students and academics can use this Wix template to build stylish portfolio websites that promote their skills more effectively.

It features a beautiful and colorful design with lots of modern elements. As well as sections to share your story, skills, and experience.

Professional Portfolio Wix Template

This Wix template is made with journalists in mind but you can use it to make portfolio websites for writers, bloggers, and other professionals as well.

The template uses a very clean and simple design with sections to describe your experience in written format. The template can be customized to add more sections too.

Minimal Photographer Portfolio Wix Template

Are you a photographer trying to promote your services online? Then start by creating a bold portfolio website.

You can use this Wix template to create an elegant portfolio website with a different style of a homepage. This site lets you showcase big images on the homepage in a very elegant way. It’s ideal for photographers specializing in real estate, architecture, and interior design.

Freelancer Portfolio Wix Template

One of the best ways to be discoverable as a freelancer is to have a great website with detailed information about your services.

This Wix portfolio template will help you setup a great website to promote your freelance services. It has a modern and stylish design with plenty of sections to show off your skills.

Marketer Portfolio Wix Template

If you want to create a classic resume-like website to make an online CV, this Wix template is the perfect choice for you.

It comes with a CV-style layout with sections to include detailed info about your education, experience, and skills. It’s most suitable for academics and students.

Art Director Wix Portfolio Template

A colorful and stylish design is a must for making an attractive portfolio website for an art director. That’s why we recommend this Wix template.

It’s filled with different colors, stylish visual elements, and a large gallery to promote your work. It’s the perfect choice for art directors, artists, and designers.

Simple Wix Graphic Designer Portfolio Template

If you’re a graphic designer wanting to create a simple portfolio website to show off your designs, then this Wix template is for you.

You won’t find any fancy animations or design elements on this site. It only has a simple layout with an image gallery to show your designs using images. And that’s simply perfect.

Actor Resume Wix Portfolio Template

The highly visual approach, ability to embed videos, and large photo gallery makes this a great template for building portfolios for actors.

This template has a modern layout with lots of space to show off your headshot photos, showreel, and contact information.

Minimal Architect Portfolio Wix Template

Looking for the perfect template design to show your authority and industry experience as an architect? Then use this Wix template.

It comes with a simple and minimalist design that will allow you to show your authority and professionalism. Of course, it has space to showcase your work and projects too.

Lifestyle Photographer Wix Portfolio Template

Whether you’re a fashion or lifestyle photographer, this Wix template will allow you to create a more effective portfolio website to show all your best photography in one place.

The template features a clean layout with a big image gallery on the homepage. You can also create albums and setup an online booking system within the website as well.


The dark and bold design of this template makes it a great choice for artists and illustrators. You can use it to showcase your work in a mysterious and elegant way.

How to Use Wix to Make a Portfolio Website

Making a portfolio website using Wix is easy. And there are two simple ways you can do it.

First, make sure that you signup for a Wix account. It has a free plan. Then browse our portfolio templates collection above to find a design you like. And click on the “Edit this Site” button to use the template to build your portfolio website.

From there, you can setup your website in just a few steps. The other method involves the same steps but in a different way.

Step 1: Go to Wix dashboard

Login to your Wix account and go to your account dashboard. Here you can manage all your Wix sites and create new ones.

wix create site 1

Select Portfolio as the type of website you’re making and give your website a name.

wix create site 2

On the next page, you can select to add more features to your website, like a blog, online store, or Instagram feed.

wix create site 6

Step 2: Choose a Template

This next step is important. Here you get to choose a design for your portfolio website. Make sure to select the “Begin with a Template” option.

wix create site 3

Now you can choose a template design for your site. Browse the library or search for a template to find the one you like.

wix create site 4

Click on the “Use this Template” button to get started.

Step 3: Publish Your Site

Using the Wix site builder, you can fully customize the template design according to your needs. You can add more pages, change images, use a different color scheme, and more.

wix create site 7

Once you’re ready, click the Publish button to go live with your website. That’s it!

You can make as many websites as you want on Wix for free and publish them on subdomain names. You can switch to a premium plan if you want to add a custom domain name to your website and remove ads.

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