20+ Best Nautical Fonts (Sea + Sailing Style Fonts)


The nautical style of design is one of the most popular trends used in many different types of designs, including logos, labels, greeting cards, and especially children’s designs.

A key element of a great nautical-themed design is typography. Whether it’s a sailing or pirate-style design, you need the right nautical font to make your overall design look the part.

Well, you don’t have to go anywhere to find the perfect font for your nautical design. We did the work for you. In this post, we feature a collection of fantastic nautical fonts. There are many different styles of sea, sailing, and pirate fonts in this collection to suit all kinds of design projects.

You’ll find both premium and free nautical fonts in this list. Be sure to download them all!

Pirates Rum - Vintage Nautical Font

When talking about nautical-themed designs we can’t ignore pirates. A good pirate-themed font can fit in with almost any type of design from greeting cards to drink labels and even fun event posters. Pirates Rum font has all the right elements to make it suitable for all those designs and more.

The Sailor - Classic Nautical Sailor Font

If you want to craft titles and typography that gives off a vintage sailor vibe, this font is the perfect choice for you. It’s a slab-serif font that comes with a mix of moden-vintage letter design. The font is available in 4 different weights and it features lots of glyphs, alternate characters, and all-caps letters.

Galley - Nautical Sailing Font

Galley is a bold and simple nautical font that comes with hand-drawn serif letters. This font has a very unique look that will fit in nicely with any type of nautical design. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

Black Sail - Nautical Sea Font

Black sail is a creative brush-style font you can use to design typography for nautical and sea-themed designs. Since the font has a hand-crafted feel, it’s ideal for crafting greeting cards, titles for posters, book covers, and more. It features uppercase and lowercase characters.

Ocean - Under The Sea Font

If you’re working on a design project related to children, this nautical font is a great choice for crafting big bold titles for your design. It comes with chunky letters featuring ocean-themed silhouettes, making each letter look more interesting than the next.  The font is available in OpenType, TrueType, and Web Font versions too.

Portside - Free Nautical Serif Font

This is a free nautical-themed font you can use to craft classic vintage titles for your designs. The font includes a set of creative letters with a sailing-themed look and feel. You can use it for free with your personal projects.

Sailor Vito - Free Nautical Font

Sailor Vito is an elegant serif font that has subtle nautical-themed elements. This font is perfect for crafting bold headings for posters, luxury logos, wedding invitations, and much more. The free font is only available for personal use.

Umpruk - Creative Nautical Font

Umpruk is one of the coolest fonts you’ll find on our list. This font features a very unique design with letters half full of seawater. Or at least that’s what it looks like. It’s a decorative font with all-caps letters that has an outline-style design but half of each letter is filled with a creative seawater-like design.

The Face Rope - Nautical Rope Font

Rope-style letter design is a common theme in nautical designs. If you want to follow the same trend, be sure to use this font to craft titles and headings. It comes with two different styles of fonts, regular and detailed. Both these fonts have outline versions as well. All fonts have uppercase and lowercase letters with alternate and ligatures.

White Pearl - Sailor Font for Gaming

You can use this font to design cartoon-style typography for gaming and children’s designs. It has a fun and quirky letter design with sailor-themed elements. The font includes all-caps letters with an alternate character set. You can combine both sets to create cool-looking typography for various design projects.

Wave - Hand-Drawn Nautical Font

Wave is a classic nautical-themed font that features hand-drawn letters. This font also includes a set of all-caps letters inspired by tattoo-style typography. The font is available in both regular and outline versions. In addition, the font has glyphs, accents, and multilingual support as well.

Mermaid - Ocean-Themed Font Duo

Another ocean-themed font with big bold letters. This font is ideal for designing nautical-themed titles for kid’s posters, banners, book covers, and much more. The font includes all-caps letters with an alternate set of characters. It’s available in both OpenType and TrueType formats.

Sailorette - Free Sailor Font

A unique vintage-themed sailor font for all your print and digital designs. This font has a classic look that will make your label and badge designs look much more authentic. It’s especially great for drink labels. The font is also free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Seaport - Free Nautical Font

Seaport is a free nautical font that features brush-style letters. It has a casual and beautiful look that’s most suitable for greeting cards and social media designs. You can use it for free with personal projects.

Ocean - Vintage Nautical Font

This font comes with a beautiful nautical look that will make your designs look magical. It comes in 3 unique styles of designs featuring regular, inline, and grunge letters. This font is perfect for everything from business cards to logo designs, labels, packaging designs, and so much more.

Underwater - Under The Sea Font

The cool wavy letters of this font give it an under the sea look that makes it most suitable for sea, adventure, and exploration-themed designs. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters. And it comes loaded with lots of glyphs and stylistic characters as well.

Ocean Twelve - Nautical Font Duo

This is a bundle of two fonts that comes with a display font and a script font. Both fonts have nautical-themed letter designs with their own unique spin. These are ideal for title and heading designs for print and digital projects. As a bonus, you’ll also get a catchwords version of the font too.

Dark Seas - 5 Nautical Font Styles

Dark Seas is a nautical font family that includes 5 different styles of fonts in one package. It has multiple weights of fonts with different looks that you can use however you like to craft titles with a vintage look and feel. The font is especially ideal for moody designs.

EL PIRATOS - Sailor Tattoo Font

This is a classic tattoo font with a sailor-themed letter design. This font comes in regular, bold, and black weights. It has a different style of pirate-themed letter design that also mixes with tattoo-style lettering. This makes the font one of the most original-looking fonts on our list.

Derpache - Free Sailing Font

Derpache is a vintage font that comes with a letter design that will remind you of the navy and ship battles from old movies. This font has a bold design that will make your typography stand out.  It includes uppercase and lowercase letters. And it’s free for personal use.

Sao Torpes - Free Sailor Font

This font comes with a set of thick letters that are perfect for crafting bold titles for posters, flyers, and even custom T-shirts. It also has a subtle nautical look in each of its letters. This font is completely free to use however you like in personal or commercial projects.

The Phantom Isles - Spooky Sail Font

If you’re looking for a nautical-themed font with a scary vibe, this is the perfect font for you. It comes with a set of spooky-looking characters that are ideal for designing titles and headings for horror and Halloween designs. As a bonus, this pack includes additional illustrations of underlines, shapes, and icons for you to use in your designs.

Salty Ocean - Cute Nautical Brush Font

A cute and adorable-looking brush font with a nautical-themed design. This font will fit in with almost any type of design from custom T-shirts to mug designs, adorable greeting cards, book covers, social media posts, and more. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters.

Ocean - Hand Writing Sea Font

This font features a very modern nautical design with wavy letters that will give your typography an under the sea look and feel. It’s perfect for crafting unique titles for book and magazine covers. As well as other types of designs.

For more fun and creative fonts, you can explore our best cartoon fonts collection.

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