20+ Best InDesign Portfolio Templates + Examples 2022


One of the few occasions you’re expected to show off is when presenting your portfolio. In fact, landing your next client will depend on how well you can showcase your skills with your portfolio.

Today, we want to help you show off bigger than ever with an amazing portfolio brochure. We handpicked a collection of InDesign portfolio templates to help you find that perfect layout to highlight your skills and experience through your best work.

Whether you’re a freelancer, graphic designer, photographer, architect, or agency this list has all types of portfolio examples and templates to find inspiration to make your own portfolio layout. Have a look.

Graphic Design Portfolio InDesign Template

This InDesign portfolio template comes with a beautiful cover design and stylish inner-page layouts to help showcase your graphic design portfolio in a professional way. It has 72 pages for you to choose from to create a page-turner of portfolio brochure that will wow your potential clients. The template is available in 3 different color versions as well.

Creative Design InDesign Portfolio Template

This portfolio template is also made with graphic designers in mind. If you’re a freelance designer looking to win over clients with your portfolio, this template will help you craft the perfect brochure to showcase your work. It includes clean and modern page layouts with lots of space to include big images and descriptions of your projects.

InDesign Portfolio Booklet for Designers

This brochure template has some professionally crafted page designs to help you make portfolios for various types of designers. The pages in this InDesign template are great for showcasing logo designs, badges, and various other graphic designs. It includes 24 unique page layouts with fully customizable designs.

Elegant InDesign Portfolio Template

If you’re working on a portfolio design for an architect or interior designer, this InDesign template will help you craft an elegant brochure for showcasing your work in style. It has 14 unique page layouts with minimal designs. This will allow you to highlight your work with large images accompanied by short descriptions. The template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Photography Portfolio InDesign Template

You can use this InDesign template to make a professional portfolio brochure for showing off your photography portfolio. It uses a classy black and white color scheme across 20 unique page designs. Even if you want to show color photography, this template will make your images pop with its minimalist design approach.

Free Photography Portfolio InDesign Template

This is a free portfolio template for InDesign. You can use it to make a classy and simple portfolio for photographers. The template includes 16 unique page layouts that you can easily customize using Adobe InDesign.

Free Fashion Portfolio InDesign Template

Even though this is a free InDesign portfolio template it comes with a premium-quality design. It’s great for making portfolios for fashion designers as well as for agencies. The template has 18 page layouts to choose from.

Minimal Architecture Portfolio Template for InDesign

This InDesign portfolio template is suitable for both interior designers and architects for showing off their design work. There are 32 beautiful pages in this template with minimal and clean designs that give you more attention to your gallery showcase. You can also customize the template to change colors, fonts, and add your own images.

Graphic Design Portfolio Layout for InDesign

Another creative portfolio layout for InDesign with colorful and beautiful pages. This brochure template is great for designers for showcasing their design work in style. There are 40 different page layouts to choose from in the template with easily editable design elements. It comes in A5 size.

Contemporary InDesign Portfolio Template for InDesign

A must-have InDesign portfolio template for photographers. It’s especially suitable for photographers specializing in outdoor and landscape photography. Since the template comes in landscape view, it’ll be easier to showcase your photos in a much wider space. The template includes 12 unique page layouts and it comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Clean Portfolio Layout for InDesign

This is a multipurpose InDesign portfolio template that you can use to make portfolio booklets for various types of professionals. It includes 24 page designs with fully customizable designs. It’s great for designers, photographers, artists, and more. The template is available in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop formats as well.

Square Portfolio Book InDesign Template

With this InDesign template, you can craft a stylish square-shaped portfolio book to showcase your work and designs in a different way. It features a set of highly visual page layouts that are most suitable for fashion designers and photographers. The template has 24 pages and it comes in 200 x 200 mm size.

Lora Free Portfolio Lookbook Brochure

Lora is a beautiful free InDesign portfolio template that you can also use to make lookbook brochures. The template has colorful and attractive page designs. It includes 16 pages with lots of space to show off your designs.

Free InDesign Portfolio Brochure Template

Another free InDesign portfolio brochure that’s most suitable for making portfolios for architecture design firms and agencies. It comes with 20 unique page layouts in A4 size. You can customize the page designs to your preference as well.

Multipurpose InDesign Portfolio Template

This InDesign template comes with a very modern and professional-looking page design that allows you to show off your work in a unique way. It’s ideal for graphic designers, artists, and photographers. There are 28 page designs in this template and you can choose from many different styles of layouts. The template is available in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Creative Agency Portfolio InDesign Template

You can design the perfect portfolio brochure for a creative agency or design firm using this beautiful InDesign template. It features a modern and simple design that you can easily customize to change colors and fonts according to your branding. It has 32 different page layouts and you can print it in A4 or US Letter size.

Interior Design Portfolio & Catalog Template

A minimal and clean portfolio brochure template that’s the perfect choice for interior designers and agencies. It comes with a landscape design that prioritizes visuals. Each page provides you with lots of space to show off your designs with big images. There are 32 unique page layouts in the template. You can customize it with InDesign and Photoshop.

Design Agency InDesign Portfolio Template

Making the perfect design portfolio for your agency won’t be difficult when you have this InDesign template with you. It has a stylish landscape page design where you can show off your portfolio, promote your services, include client testimonials, and much more. The template comes with 16 page layouts in A4 size.

A4 Landscape InDesign Portfolio Template

Another simple and beautiful InDesign portfolio template with a landscape view. This template is made with photographers and studios in mind. The template allows you to showcase large images across its 24 page layouts. It’s perfect for both black and white and color photography portfolios.

Free Fashion Portfolio Template for InDesign

This free portfolio template will allow you to create a simple yet stylish brochure to showcase your design portfolio like a pro. It has 18 pages with creative content designs. You can edit and customize it however you like.

Free InDesign Portfolio Templates

This InDesign portfolio template is also free to use. It comes with 18 page layouts in A4 size. This template is ideal for graphic designers and artists for showcasing their work using a clean and minimal portfolio layout.

Bold Photography Portfolio InDesign Template

Looking for a bold and stylish portfolio design to make your brochure stand out from the crowd? Well, you’ve found one. This template has a bold design that will give your portfolio a unique look and feel. There are 20 page layouts in this template and it’s ideal for photographers.

Simple Portfolio & Lookbook InDesign Template

You can create a simple portfolio or a minimalist lookbook to show off your designs using this InDesign template. It lets you choose from 36 page layouts with clean layouts to promote your work, skills, and services. Even though it has a black and white design, you can choose to add colors if you want.

Modern Portfolio Booklet Template for InDesign

Another stylish landscape portfolio template for InDesign. This one is great for photographers and graphic designers. It has wide page layouts with lots of space for your images. The template includes 14 unique pages in A4 size. You can also customize it however you like.

Check out our best PowerPoint portfolio templates collection to find great slideshow templates for your portfolio presentations.

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