September Product Updates for Partners and Developers — Shopify News (2022)


Shopify’s monthly update roundup provides you with summaries of the most important product updates you need to keep your work flowing smoothly.

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Unpublished apps will be removed soon – publish yours now.

Compliance cutoff dates are quickly approaching to get your app listed in the Shopify App Store in accordance with our new Partner Program Agreement. Be sure to submit your app as soon as possible to avoid reviewal delays – it usually takes our partners several weeks to complete the review process. Please check your dashboard notifications and email to find your cutoff date.

Submitting Your App: The Complete Guide


Local delivery and pickup for subscriptions – API Update

 Shopify is introducing Local Delivery & Pickup as new delivery methods for merchants to sell Subscriptions.

Partners will be able to use the Admin GraphQL API to retrieve, create and edit subscriptions contracts with Shipping, Local Delivery or Pickup as delivery methods.

Important to note:

  • SubscriptionContract.deliveryMethod  will return null for clients using API versions earlier than 2022-10 when the contract is created with Local Delivery or Pickup. If you have been inferring a subscription has only digital products because the delivery method is null, please adopt our new graphql changes.
  • We also recommend taking a look at general delivery terms your app might be using, such as “delivers” or “ships”. Consider replacing them with broader terminology like “fulfills” or “recurs” that cover all modes of delivery.

If your app provides subscription capabilities, please look out for this change coming this month. Details will be provided on the Developer Changelog and you can also review info on subscriptions apps at

Review Subscriptions API


Fast is a feature, especially at checkout

At Shopify, we’re constantly raising the bar, and checkout performance is no exception. We strive to ensure that shipping rates load at the optimal speed and without perceptible delay.

App performance and reliability are key factors in merchants’ decision to adopt or retain an app. We help merchants make data-informed decisions by providing visibility on app performance. This is already common practice for apps that affect storefront speed and will now be expanded to checkout. Key an eye out for more information on these improvements.


Shopify Collabs is here 

Today, building a business means building relationships with creators and influencers. These partners can promote your products, endorse brands, and ultimately increase sales. However, keeping track of every interaction and sale is tedious without the right tools. Shopify Collabs allows brands to find creators and scale your influencer marketing program.

Learn more about Shopify Collabs, and how you can help your brand clients tap new audiences.

Learn more

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