20+ Best Graphic Design Proposal Templates (Branding + Marketing)


When designing a project proposal one thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re going to be competing with many other agencies for the same projects.

Even if you spend days working on the perfect pitch or writing the best copy for the proposal, it will all go to waste if your proposal brochure doesn’t have a design that stands out from the crowd.

Designing a great-looking graphic design proposal is not that difficult, especially when you have the right proposal template to get started with. Today, we want to help you find the perfect design proposal template for your project.

In this collection, you’ll find many different styles of graphic design proposal templates and web design proposal templates. There are templates with modern, minimal, and colorful designs so that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Have a look.

Creative Design Proposal Template

You can use your proposal brochures as a way to show off your creative side. This design proposal template is made with that goal in mind. It has colorful shapes and patterns throughout every page to make your proposal look more attractive. There are 20 unique page layouts in the template. You can easily customize each page using Adobe InDesign.

Modern Design Project Proposal Template

If you have lots of case studies and portfolio examples to showcase in your proposal, this template is for you. It’s designed with a more visual approach, allowing you to use large images and colors to grab the client’s attention. It also has many pages for you to show off your work, portfolio, and examples. There is a total of 28 page layouts included in the template.

Graphic Design Proposal Template

This template is well optimized to take advantage of the right colors to create a very stylish look for each page in your proposal. It uses a black and white-style color scheme with a bright highlight color. This gives the document an interesting look that will surely capture your client’s attention. There are 12 unique page designs to choose from.

Simple Graphic Design Proposal Template

This graphic design proposal template is designed with modern design studios and agencies in mind. It uses a clean and simple design with fewer colors and lots of space for images. You can easily show off your case studies and portfolio with this template to persuade clients of your abilities. The template has 18 unique page layouts and it comes in InDesign format.

Unique Design Proposal Template

Sometimes, using the “less is more” approach in your design proposal is the best way to grab the attention of your clients. This template takes a similar approach with its minimal and colorful design. It uses abstract shapes and colors instead of images to give each page a very attractive look and feel. There are 20 different page layouts with vector graphics, editable colors, fonts, and more.

Free Black & White Design Proposal Template

This is a free proposal template you can use to create a simple and professional-looking design proposal without breaking the bank. This template includes 10 different page layouts with customizable elements. It’s perfect for small business and freelance project proposals.

Free Design Project Proposal Template

This modern design project proposal template is also free to download and use. It has very clean and professional page designs with space for showcasing images and portfolio items. The template has 16 page designs in A4 size.

Minimal Design Project Proposal Template

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to use vibrant designs filled with lots of colors to make attractive design proposals. Sometimes, a completely white design layout with just one color to highlight important parts is much more effective. This template is perfect for creating such project proposals. It has 26 page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes. It also comes with a free invoice template as a bonus.

Exeelo - Stylish Design Proposal Template

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using a proposal design with more colorful pages, as long as it helps you to highlight your core message. You can use this stylish design proposal template to create professional-looking proposal brochures for various types of design projects. There are 36 fully customizable page layouts in this template.

Web Design Proposal Template

When creating proposals for web design projects you have to include information addressing different aspects of the project. What’s more important is highlighting your approach for the design project. This template is designed to help bring your design concepts to the client’s attention. It has colorful page layouts with lots of pages to explain your proposal. The template comes in A5 size.

Elegant Design Proposal Template

This design proposal template looks much more suitable for modern design agencies. And it’s especially great for interior design firms. But you can also use it to create professional-looking proposals for graphic design projects. The template comes with 24 unique page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes. It also includes INDD and IDML file formats.

Website Design Proposal Template

The creative cover page design and the attractive color scheme give this proposal template a very unique look and feel. While it’s designed with web design proposals in mind, you can easily customize it to create proposals for graphic design projects too. There are 24 page layouts in this template that you can edit and customize however you like.

Free Graphic Design Proposal Template INDD

You can download this design proposal template for free to create attractive proposal brochures for small projects. It has clean page layouts with minimal designs to help highlight your content above all else. You can also customize each page to match your branding.

Red Accent - Free Design Proposal Template

Just as the name suggests, this proposal template has a beautiful design featuring a red accent color scheme. It features 10 unique page designs for you to create a basic project proposal for graphic design projects. It’s free to download.

The Iceberg - Modern Graphic Design Proposal Template

If you’re looking to use a creative and modern approach in your proposal, this template is for you. It features a magazine-style page design where you can create a stylish proposal for design projects. It comes with 28 page layouts, including pages for showcasing your services, team, skills, portfolio, and more. The template is available in InDesign, Photoshop, MS Word, and Apple Pages formats.

Design Project Proposal Template

This design proposal template has a very professional design that will allow you to make proposals for various types of design projects. Whether it’s a graphic design project, web design project, or even an interior design project, this template is perfect for making all kinds of proposals. It includes 20 unique page layouts in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

Creative Graphic Design Proposal Template

Another creative design proposal template with colorful page layouts. This template is perfect for graphic and web design project proposals. There are 24 unique page layouts to choose from. And you can customize each page to fit your brand by changing colors, fonts, and more. The template comes in InDesign and MS Word formats.

Design Business Proposal Template

This is a business-themed proposal template you can use to create brochures for persuading corporate and big brand clients. It has a clean page design with beautiful content formatting. The template also includes lots of space for adding images to show off your portfolio. It includes 30 different page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Temply Design Proposal Template for InDesign

Temply is a beautiful design proposal template that uses a minimal layout across all of its pages. This template is perfect for crafting proposals for both web and graphic design projects. You can easily edit each page to change colors and customize them to your preference. There are 24 custom page layouts in the template and it comes in InDesign file formats supporting both old and new versions.

Multipurpose Graphic Design Proposal Template

The beautiful visual design of this template makes it one of the most attractive templates on our list. With this design proposal template, you can create brochures for all kinds of project proposals. It has flexible and customizable page layouts with fully editable elements. It includes 26 page layouts in US Letter and A4 sizes.

Floret - Free Design Proposal Template

Floret is a modern project proposal template you can use to create brochures for web and graphic design projects. The template includes 44 different page layouts with various styles of designs. You can edit and customize it using Adobe InDesign.

Olive - Free Graphic Design Proposal Template

This free design proposal template is ideal for making proposals for various graphic design projects, including branding and marketing projects. It has clean and modern page layouts that allow you to streamline your design process through the proposal brochure.

Don’t forget to check out our best business proposal templates collection to find inspiration for your next project proposal.

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