How Flowbase leverages the Webflow Affiliate Program to grow their business


We spoke to Tom Bekkers, founder and creative director of Flowbase, about how the Webflow affiliate program helped him build and grow his business.

The Webflow affiliate program lets approved affiliates earn 50% of all payments for 12 months — for every customer they refer. There are no limits on how much you can earn, and the program is open to writers, educators, entrepreneurs, creators, and more. 

Here’s how the program helped Tom Bekkers go from freelance design work to building a successful team of eight at Flowbase. 

Building the foundation of Flowbase with the Webflow affiliate program

I loved Webflow from the get go. Back in 2018, I started creating free content and products for the community simply because I enjoyed it. Once I saw people engaging with and really benefiting from that content, I was motivated to create more products. That’s really where the Flowbase ethos came from — the desire to build and support the community.

“When I joined the affiliate program, something clicked and I learned that I could be meaningfully rewarded and leverage the audience I had worked really hard to build. I could give back to the community while simultaneously growing the Flowbase brand.”

The affiliate program helped me get the time and space I needed to start to step away from freelance design and instead focus on growing my vision. Now, Flowbase has a fantastic team of eight and a growing customer base. 

Creating free resources 

I’m a strong believer that one of the strongest growth channels for a brand is providing quality products and content for free. That’s what got us started at Flowbase, and it’s still a core pillar of our growth strategy today. 

Our methodology has largely centered around creating cloneable content and resources that will help creators build better and faster. The Flowbase site has an entire Freebies category full of cloneable Webflow projects including interface kits, components, and templates created by Flowbase and our community. 

Helping our customers solve problems faster

At Flowbase, we recognize that our customers have different needs and ways of approaching projects. We strive to offer solutions — free and paid — that help people build powerful projects in an efficient way. 

Our paid resources include components, templates, and design assets that were created with Webflow users in mind. Some people just need simple things on the fly, like a singular navigation bar or team section. Others might need complex functionality that would require a lot of time and expertise to build. Our most popular components tend to fall in the latter category — elements like fully responsive mega-navigations. 

Every project has unique needs, so we offer both individual purchases and subscription plans. If someone is building a single website, they can grab a template that suits their needs. For customers who work on a wide range of projects, a Component Club subscription might make more sense. The monthly subscription gives members access to our full component library where they can instantly copy components and paste them directly into a Webflow project. 

Our most popular components are those mega-navigations that are more complex builds. We create these more robust components so that our customers can get a head start and feel confident in the functionality. 

Flowbase mega-navigation components, showing setups for different real estate websites.

Designing what’s interesting to us and our customers

We love to experiment with designs that are more creative as well as designs that would fit a wide range of purposes  — a balance of passion and popularity. 

To decide on what new components and templates to build, we analyze usage data, track sales, and listen to customer feedback. We also dig into the search volume of our templates to determine which categories are in-demand and predict what will gain popularity. Our design and build planning is largely based on all this data, but we’re also not afraid to think outside the box and create things that are a little different.

Lean into what is cool and useful

There’s a lot of potential for Webflow template creators to build strong recurring revenue streams. One thing we love about the Webflow affiliate program is that it really encourages a community of like-minded people to leverage each other’s strengths and knowledge to better engage with Webflow’s product. We’re all here to build cool things in our own way. 

Passion and skills will translate to a quality product — so start with what interests you and where your talents lie. Analyze the gaps in the template marketplace and fill them!

“The program is incredibly generous, well-structured, and rewards partners with varying skill sets. You really get out what you put in.”

Affiliates can be successful if they keep creativity flowing and continuously focus on their professional development and education. You have to take the time to improve your skills so you can maintain high design standards. 

“Without that foundational support that the affiliate program offered Flowbase in our early days, we wouldn’t necessarily be where we are today — providing innovative products to our growing customer base.”

Feeling inspired? Learn more about the Webflow affiliate program

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