20+ Handwriting Text Templates for After Effects


When it comes to creating typography for elegant, romantic, and luxury videos, a handwriting text effect is the best approach for any project.

The handwriting design simply adds a very personalized look to your videos, especially for wedding, lifestyle, beauty, and even luxury brand videos that can’t be matched with any other typography design.

Adding a title or heading with a handwriting-style font is easy. But the tricky part is creating that handwriting animation to make the text come alive in your videos. This process takes some advanced skills.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With the help of these handwriting animation templates for After Effects, you’ll be able to create stunning handwriting text effects for your videos without effort. Check them all out below.

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Explore After Effects Templates

Handwriting Typography Slideshow for After Effects

This After Effects template comes with a beautiful handwriting animation that allows you to create modern and stylish typography for your videos. It has a creative handwriting effect that flows beautifully with the text. The template is perfect for everything from travel videos to YouTube vlogs, business promos, and more.

Cheer - Animated Handwriting After Effects Template

If you’re looking to create handwriting effects for social media videos or creative YouTube videos, this After Effects template is perfect for you. It features a trendy handwriting animation effect with a beautiful typography design. You can use it to create titles scenes, intro scenes, promo videos, and even lower thirds.

Watercolor Handwriting Effect for After Effects

This After Effects template includes multiple styles of handwriting effects featuring watercolor-themed designs. It allows you to add beautiful text effects that appear with an attractive animation that looks like watercolor brush strokes. The template includes 29 paint elements and textures as well as blots, brushstrokes, and more.

Flirt - Animated Handwriting After Effects Templates

A very simple and smooth handwriting effect to use with your wedding, romantic, and Christmas videos. This template features a beautiful handwriting effect that you can customize easily to add your own text. It’s perfect for various social media and professional video projects. The template works with After Effects CS5 and higher.

After Effects Handwriting Reveal Animation Template

This is a literal version of a handwriting animation. This template has an animation that shows an actual human hand writing your text. While it doesn’t have the type effect, this animation is perfect for adding a cool text or title reveal effect to your videos. The template is easily customizable as well.

Free Animated Font for After Effects

This free template for After Effects features an animated font that has stylish typography reveal effects. It uses the Helvetica Neue font to create its alphabet and includes colorful animations. While it’s not a handwriting animation, it’s definitely worth keeping in your template collection.

Ribbon - Free Animated Font After Effects Template

Another free animated font for After Effects. This template includes a beautiful text reveal design that has a cool drawing-style effect. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters with symbols and numbers. All for free!

Brush-Animated Handwritten After Effects Templates

This After Effects template also features a beautiful handwriting typography animation with a brush-style design. It simply makes your text appear as if they were drawn with a paintbrush. The template is easy to use and it works best for creating attractive titles and headings.

Animated Lettering Font for After Effects

This is an animated font for After Effect that lets you create typography with handwriting effects for all kinds of videos. The font includes letters with modern and stylish designs that will fit in nicely with everything from social media promos to YouTube videos, business videos, and much more.

Playful - Animated Handwriting After Effects Template

Just as the name suggests, this After Effects template comes with a cool handwriting effect featuring a playful design. The font is ideal for many different types of videos, especially for educational and entertainment videos. It’s great for making titles for children’s videos as well.

Scribble - Animated Handwriting Font for After Effects

Scribble is another creative handwriting font for After Effects. It features a cool scribbling animation for its letters that makes the text look more casual and fun. It will simply make your text look like they were drawn by hand. The template is most suitable for various school, educational, and explainer videos.

Hand Crafted - Animated Handwriting Typeface

This handwriting effect template for After Effects features a very unique letter design that looks quite beautiful. It’s perfect for wedding videos, romantic videos, fashion promos, and more. The template includes the full alphabet with numbers and you can use it to craft all kinds of title scenes and intros.

Free Long Shadows Animated Titles for After Effects

While this is not exactly an animated handwriting template, it features a cool typography animation with a long shadow. It’s great for making titles for YouTube vlogs. And the template is free to download.

Free Flipped Animated Titles After Effects Template

Another cool-looking animated title template for After Effects. This template comes with a stylish flipped letter animation that works perfectly for creating title reveals. It works well for lower-thirds as well.

Animated Handwriting Marker Typography for After Effects

If you’re looking for a trendy and cool-looking handwriting typography template, this one is perfect for you. It features a stylish marker font-style typeface with handwriting animations. It includes more than 100 graphic elements and 10 transition effects.

MarkUp - Animated Typeface for After Effects

You can use this animated typeface to design creative titles and text for various video projects. The template has a marker font design that works perfectly for creating educational, social media, explainer, and many different types of videos. It’s very easy to use as well.

Handwritten Animated Font Templates for After Effects

Another simple handwriting effects template for After Effects. This template features trendy animations and creative typography designs for adding a personal touch to your video titles and headings.

Great Vibes - After Effects Animated Handwriting Templates

Great Vibes is a handwriting text template that comes with a very elegant and professional lettering design. It’s ideal for making titles for wedding videos, luxury brand promos, lifestyle videos, and more. The template can be easily customized to your preference.

Anarchy - Animated Typeface for After Effects

With this animated typeface, you can create horror-themed titles and typography for your After Effects projects. It’s especially suitable for movie titles and trailers. As well as Halloween-themed videos and social media promos.

Bang - Animated Font for After Effects

If you want to create big bold titles with stylish animations, this animated typeface for After Effects will come in handy. It features a creative font with unique animation effects. The template works with After Effects CS6 and higher.

Beauty - Handwriting Effects Template for After Effects

This After Effects template features an elegant handwriting effect. You can use it to create beautiful titles for wedding videos, luxury business promos, travel videos, and more.

Latin & Cyrillic Handwriting Animations for After Effects

Another useful handwriting animations template for After Effects. It comes in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets with smooth animations for each letter. The template is ideal for various types of professional video projects.

How to Animate Handwriting in After Effects

Creating a handwriting animation in After Effects takes a lot of work. Because usually, you have to trace each letter to create that hand-drawing style animation to make your text look like they are being drawn by a hand.

So the easiest way to create such a handwriting animation is to use a pre-made template. These templates come with the animation built into the text, so all you have to do is to edit the text block to enter your text.

after effects handwriting animation

Of course, if you’re interested in learning how to create animated handwriting in After Effects, you can follow this short YouTube tutorial to experiment on your own.

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