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Say hello to Workspaces, an upgraded way to work with your team.

Building on the improvements we made to collaboration inside the Designer last summer, today we’re releasing Workspaces.

Workspaces simplify how you create and grow your teams in Webflow and introduce brand new billing and publishing permissions to let you control how work gets done across your team. For all the details, including new roles and permissions and how the transition process will take place, keep reading.

Simplified team creation with Workspaces

To make creating, growing, and modifying your team within Webflow smoother, we’ve consolidated individual and Team account plans into a unified “Workspace” plan that lets you seamlessly grow from a team of one to any size you need. 

This means that everyone new to Webflow starts out in a free Workspace and can upgrade and add teammates as needed. Now, you’ll never need to create a separate Team account and move sites over or deal with time-consuming account setup as you’re scaling adoption of Webflow.

Workspaces plans and pricing

Workspaces come with a new pricing model that closely reflects how our existing account and Team plans are set up — though Workspaces will be much simpler given there’s no longer a divide between individual and Team accounts. 

Like Team plans today, Workspaces are priced per-seat — but unlike current Team plan pricing, Workspaces come in multiple tiers that offer different options for permissions and team sizes.

Workspaces come in a tiered, per-seat pricing model with different options for permissions and team size.
Workspaces come in a tiered, per-seat pricing model with different options for permissions and team size.

New customers will begin with a free Starter Workspace that’s similar to the current free Starter plan. As you create more sites and need to invite more collaborators, you’re able to upgrade to a Core Workspace, which opens up three seats, up to 10 free unhosted sites, and unlocks billing permissions. From there, as your team scales, you can upgrade to a Growth Workspace to remove the free site limit, enable team growth, and gain access to brand new publishing permissions for both teammates and per-site guest editors. Finally, as your team and organization continues to grow, you can work with our Webflow Enterprise team to unlock additional seats, security features, and dedicated support from our customer success team.

Transition timeline

Over the coming months, we’ll be prompting account owners to transition via in-dashboard notifications, banners, and email. Once prompted, we’ll provide a simple guided flow with recommendations based on your account size and usage. Once you transition to Workspaces, you’ll have access to the new roles and permissions detailed above based on your plan, and you can also change your Workspace plan as you see fit. 

For details on the transition process and FAQs, check out our article on Webflow University.

Additional improvements as part of this release

We’ve also made a handful of improvements for all customers that should make your everyday workflows run a bit smoother. 

Here’s what else you can look forward to:

  • Improved teammate management settings. See all of your Workspace teammates and individual site guest editors in one place under your team account settings.
  • Clone showcased sites to your Team or individual Workspace. You no longer need to transfer cloned showcased sites out of your individual account into your Team account — simply choose which Workspace to clone your site into and get back to work.
  • Improved site transfer flow. Whenever you transfer sites to someone, they’ll be more clearly notified and will now be able to choose which Workspace they want the site to end up in.‍ (Note: For now, sites with Site Plans will still need to be disconnected and reconfigured upon transfer.)
  • Purchase templates for any Workspace. Previously unavailable with Team accounts, the switch to Workspaces means you’ll now be able to buy and use templates.

Billing and publishing permissions

Aside from simplicity and scalability, one of the biggest improvements that Workspaces introduces is brand new roles and permissions. These allow you to control who can do what within your account, and even within individual sites. 

Control who can do what within your team with new roles and permissions.
Control who can do what within your team with new roles and permissions.

Some of the new controls available with Workspaces include:

  • Control access to billing. Ensure only designated team admins can manage account-level settings like billing and team member permissions. Available on Core Workspaces and above.
  • Restrict publishing in the Designer. Control which teammates can publish any given site to more tightly regulate who pushes what to production. Available on Growth Workspaces and above.
  • Restrict publishing in the Editor. Control which teammates and clients invited to add content in the Editor are able to publish the entire website. Available on Growth Workspaces and above.
  • Control site transfers and deletions. Control which team members can transfer and delete sites from your Workspace. Available on Growth Workspaces and above.

To learn more about these new roles and permissions — and how to invite and configure teammate permissions in your Workspace — check out our detailed article on Webflow University.

What’s next for teamwork in Webflow

As we previewed at No-Code Conf 2021, today’s release is only one step on our continued journey to improve how teams work in Webflow. Some of the exciting features and improvements we’re tackling next include:

  • Per-site Designer access. Invite clients, contractors, and teammates to work in the Designer on one or several sites without giving them access to everything in your Workspace.
  • Site Activity log. Get a detailed look at important changes being made to your site with a log of who’s publishing the site, editing styles or symbols, adding custom code, restoring backups, and more.
  • Commenting. Invite teammates, clients, and other stakeholders to leave comments on a per-element, per-breakpoint basis for quick iteration and feedback as you progress through a build.

Thanks for being a Webflow customer, and we hope everyone is having a great start to their year. Big things are coming in 2022 — onward and upward!

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