10 best freelance Youtube banner designers for hire in 2022


When you’re in the market to hire a Youtube banner designer, you want to hire the best designer for your channel. Your channel’s banner is the first thing everybody looking at your page sees, so if they see something that’s less than professional—or nothing at all—you’re missing out on a ton of likes, comments and subscribes.

Up your channel’s popularity with an amazing, perfect-for-your-brand Youtube banner created by a professional who’s got the chops to do just that. We’ve made it super easy for you to find that designer by curating a list of the top 10 freelance Youtube banner designers on 99designs.

How to get the best YouTube banner design

Most people are familiar with the concept of hiring a freelance designer. You can find the perfect designer for your banner design by browsing designer profiles and finding the right designer for your style, budget and brand. You’ll describe what you need and the designer will create your banner based on your requirements. This option is perfect if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Browse designer profiles –>

minimal, elegant and neutral social media and youtube banner design
An elegant, minimalistic social media and Youtube banner design by Yudha

While hiring a freelance Youtube banner designer directly is certainly an option, it’s not your only option. If you need help coming up with design ideas or you want to see a bunch of different designers’ work before committing to work with one, consider hosting a design contest.

Here’s how a design contest works: you write a brief describing what you’re looking for in your design, like your color palette and the type of content you publish on your channel. As a Youtuber, you might describe the demographic that watches your channel most and your overall aesthetic. If you’re an active host (ie, your channel features videos of you, rather than music compilations or clips from movies), talk about your personality. Who are you in your videos? How do your fans know you?

Once your brief’s in, designers from around the world submit concepts based on what you’ve provided. From these concepts, you choose a few finalists and give each one feedback on how they can revise the concepts to be closer to what you had in mind for your banner. Once the revised designs are in, you choose your favorite and work directly with that designer to take it from amazing to perfect. We recommend a design contest for anybody who wants help with ideation and feels it’s important to see a variety of design styles before committing to one.

Learn more about design contests –>

But if you already have a pretty clear vision of what you want your banner to look like, choosing one freelancer and working with them directly is a much faster way to complete your project.

The 10 best freelance YouTube banner designers to hire in 2022

How did we choose these as the top YouTube banner designers?

On a huge platform like Youtube, you need to have a great banner if you want to stand out. When we chose our top 10 Youtube banner designers, we looked at the following three criteria to guarantee that all our picks deliver top-notch banners:

1. Design quality

When a designer joins 99designs, an expert from our team goes through their portfolio to see how they conceive of ideas and apply them to designs, how they technically execute designs and how they apply objective design principles to their work. Based on the designer’s portfolio, the expert then assigns the designer to one of three levels:

  • Top Level
  • Mid Level
  • Entry Level

Our top 10 picks are all top level designers. Any time you look at a designer’s portfolio on 99designs, you can see their level displayed right under their name. This way, you can easily see if you’re working with a design veteran or somebody who’s still up-and-coming.

2. YouTube banner design experience

Modern Youtube banner design
Youtube banner design by Karl M.

Youtube banners aren’t the same as Facebook cover photos. Nor are they the same as banner ads or email headers or website headers, no matter how similar these kinds of graphics can all seem at first glance.

The ideal size for a Youtube banner is 2560 x 1440 pixels. In those 2560 x 1440 pixels, it’s gotta grab viewers’ attention by promising them they’ve come to the right channel for whatever content they’re looking for. If you’ve got a logo, it should be in your banner.

When we chose our top 10 Youtube banner designers, we chose 10 designers who specialize in designing awesome Youtube banners.

3. Professionalism

Even a top level Youtube banner designer with years and years of experience creating channel-boosting banners can’t make our cut if they aren’t also a consummate professional. We know how important it is that you work with a designer who communicates with you throughout the design process, delivers what you asked for by the deadlines you’ve set and generally makes commissioning a Youtube banner design a straightforward, stress-free process. When we made our picks, we took past customer experiences into account and chose only top-performing professional designers.

Are you ready to hire an amazingly talented freelance YouTube banner designer?

Your Youtube banner should leave a great first impression with anyone who visits your Youtube channel. Show the world you’re a Youtube pro by working with a pro banner designer. If you don’t think one of our top 10 is the right match for you, search 99designs for the designer who is.

Want more YouTube banner designer choices?
Search for the perfect freelance designer for your project!

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