25+ Church Bulletin & Newsletter Templates


Every church needs the right templates for creating effective church bulletins and newsletters to spread God’s message. Thankfully, there are many easy-to-use church bulletin templates to quickly design flyers and newsletters for your congregation!

You need to be creative to attract the attention of your churchgoers, with modern and attractive designs. We’ve handpicked a collection of creative and modern church bulletin templates for creating beautiful event flyers, newsletters, and bulletin messages. You can simply download these templates and edit them with either Photoshop or Illustrator to add your own content.

We’re also featuring a set of church newsletter design tips to help point you in the right design direction!

Top Pick

Church Event Flyer Bulletin Template

This is a multipurpose flyer template you can use to design many different types of church bulletins to promote special events, sermons, and meetings.

The template is available as a fully layered PSD file and you can edit using Photoshop CS5 or above. You can also change the colors and text quite easily.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The simple and elegant design of this template makes it a suitable choice for many different types of churches. Since it can also be easily customized to your preference, you’ll be able to use the design for various purposes as well.

Easter Day Church Bulletin Template

This church bulletin template is designed for promoting special Easter day sermons and celebrations. However, it comes with a beautiful design that can be used for other types of events as well. The template is available in both light and dark color themes and it features all vector elements.

Easter Church Bulletin Template

A modern and elegant church bulletin flyer template for easter and also for spreading the word about special sermons. The template is available as a customizable PSD file. You can easily change the background, text, and colors to your preference.

Church Event Bulletin Template

A truly unique church event flyer template that comes with a creative and minimal design. This template is suitable for creating promotional bulletins for all kinds of church events, celebrations, sermons, and much more. It’s available in both PSD and AI file formats.

Baptism Church Bulletin Template

This colorful and creative church bulletin template will allow you to create a flyer or an invitation to spread the word about special events such as a baptism. The template is fully customizable and you can edit it using Adobe Illustrator.

Multipurpose Chruch Newsletter Template

This is a multipurpose newsletter template that you can use to create many different types of newsletters. The minimal and clean design of the template makes it also suitable for creating church newsletters. The template features 12-page designs in A4 size.

Sunday Service Church Flyer Template

This colorful church flyer template is ideal for designing a bulletin to promote your regular Sunday sermons. The template is available in A4 size and it can be easily customized using Illustrator and Photoshop.

Sunday Service Event Flyer Template

This Sunday service and event flyer template is also available in Photoshop and Illustrator file formats. You can edit it to change colors and fonts however you like.

church flyer template

Here we have a beautifully designed flyer template that will help you advertize an upcoming online church conference in the best way possible. It comes in A4 size, and offers easy customization via smart objects.

church newsletter template

Check out this simple, and professional newsletter template that can be easily molded to your specific requirements. It offers 10 carefully-crafted pages, A4 and US Letter sizes, one click color change, automatic numbering, and many more amazing features.

church flyer template

If you’re looking to design a minimal, and elegant bulletin for church, this flyer template is well worth checking out. Take it for a spin, or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

church flyer template

This fresh, and modern flyer template can be used for bible study sessions, and local church events, and workshops. It offers ample space to accommodate a lot of content, and customizable features to integrate the church’s colors, and images.

church newsletter template

Next up we have a versatile newsletter template that can be utilized by local churches to share information regarding the weekly service, and upcoming workshops. The template can be fully edited in Adobe InDesign.

Free Church Flyer Template PSD

A modern church flyer template you can use to promote your special sermons and church events. This template comes in Photoshop file format and it includes a Facebook event page cover template as well.

Free Church Conference Flyer Template PSD

You can use this free flyer template to promote special conferences and events at your church. The template comes as an easily editable PSD file and you can easily edit it to change images and colors.

Modern Church Newsletter Template

Another customizable newsletter template featuring a modern design. This template also includes 12 pages and comes to you in a print-ready format. You can edit the template using InDesign CS4 or above.

Easter Day Flyer Church Bulletin Template

This colorful and creative church flyer template is perfect for promoting Easter sermons and special events. It comes in 2 different designs featuring attractive illustrations. You can easily customize the design however you like using either Photoshop or Illustrator.

Gospel Music Flyer Bulletin Template

If your church host gospel music events or have special events featuring the church choir, this flyer template will help promote those events. The template features a modern and beautiful design that will instantly attract anyone’s attention. It’s available in AI and PSD file formats.

Minimal Church Newsletter Template

A minimalist newsletter template that’s perfect for creating a modern and minimal newsletter to discuss all the news and important matters related to your church and community. The template features 12 unique pages in A4 size. It can be customized with InDesign.

Creative Church Newsletter Template

Another modern church newsletter template. This template features lots of image placeholders for creating a more visual newsletter for your church. It comes with 14 unique page designs with free fonts. You can edit the template using InDesign CS4 or above.

Weekend Church Event – Free Flyer Template

This beautiful free flyer template will allow you to create more attractive bulletins to promote special church events and sermons. The template is fully customizable.

Church Event - Free Flyer PSD Template

Another elegant free church event flyer template featuring a beautiful design. This template is also available in PSD format and features smart objects for easier editing as well.

Youth Ministry Flyer Church Template

This beautiful and colorful bulletin flyer template is perfect for spreading the word about youth church communities and events. It’s available in PSD format and can be easily customized using Photoshop.

Christmas Flyer Church Bulletin Template

Promote your church’s special Christmas celebrations and sermons with this flyer template. It comes in Photoshop and Illustrator formats and in A4 size.

Youth Camp Church Flyer Template

Youth camps are quite common in most churches. This creative template will help promote those events in style to attract the attention of the youth. It’s available as a fully layered PSD file.

Risen Church Flyer Bulletin Template

This beautiful flyer template is ideal for creating a bulletin to promote Easter events and celebrations. It comes in print ready format and in A4 size. You can edit it using either Photoshop or Illustrator as well.

Free Bible Study Flyer Template

This creative free flyer template is perfect for attracting younger audiences to bible study sessions. The template comes in print-ready format with easily editable colors and fonts.

Church – Free Flyer PSD Template

This free church flyer also comes in PSD format, allowing you to easily edit and customize it to your preference. Images and fonts in the template are customizable as well.

Colorful Multipurpose Church Newsletter Template

A colorful and a multipurpose newsletter template you can use to create an effective newsletter to promote your church events and stories. It includes 12 unique pages in A4 size and in InDesign file format.

Youth Church Newsletter Template

Another modern newsletter template for creating church newsletters. This template is most suitable for creating newsletter targeting the youth. It includes 8 unique and customizable page designs.

Happy Passover Church Bulletin Template

Celebrate Passover with this creative church bulletin template. It comes in both Illustrator and Photoshop formats and with fully editable vector elements.

Gospel Glory Church Flyer Template

This flyer template is perfect for promoting special church choir and gospel music events. It comes with a minimal and an effective design and in A4 size.

Elegant Church Newsletter Template

An elegant church newsletter template you can easily customize with Adobe InDesign. This template features 10 unique pages in A4 size and you can also choose from 2 different color designs as well.

Church NewsPaper & Newsletter Template

This newsletter template comes with a professional newspaper-like design. It features 14 unique pages with 3 different front-page layouts. It’s best for creating a church newsletter for bigger communities.

5 Tips for Church Newsletter Design

Designing a church newsletter or a bulletin is a sensitive matter that takes a lot of careful work. Follow these tips to stay on the right lane.

1. Use Modern Templates

Unlike many other types of newsletter design, when designing a newsletter or a bulletin for a church you need to be extra careful about how you approach the design. Because with one simple mistake you could end up offending an entire group of people.

Church Poster

So, when in doubt, it’s always best to use a pre-made template that’s been already crafted to perfection by professional designers. This will allow you to stick to industry standards and easily create an effective newsletter without much effort.

2. Create a Minimalist Content Layout

Using a minimalist content layout is usually the best approach for designing a bulletin or a newsletter, especially since it allows you to effectively plan and format text and images more clearly without cluttering the overall design.

3. Add Attractive Images

Also, make sure that you leave plenty of space on your newsletter pages to add lots of visuals, photos, and illustrations to make the newsletter more attractive to younger audiences.

Church Gospel Flyer

If you’re using a template, you’ll be able to easily place your own images using image placeholders as well.

4. Use Bold Fonts

All Saints' Day Flyer Set

Especially when it comes to designing church bulletins, consider using big bold fonts to attract the attention of your audience. Craft the titles and subheadings of the bulletins using such fonts to make them clearly visible from a distance.

5. Add a Call to Action (CTA)

Whether you want to attract more people to a sermon, promote a special church event, or raise funds and donations, be sure to include a call to action on your bulletin design that gives clear instructions on how to take action.

Take a look at our collection of the best event flyer templates for various other event flyer designs.

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