25+ Stylish Chic & Feminine Fonts for 2022

When it comes to designing items for a feminine brand, using the right type of font plays a key role in creating the ideal atmosphere for the entire design.

This is especially true for designing logos, labels, packaging, and other branding designs for businesses in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. With the right feminine font, you can truly create a phenomenal look for the brand and the product itself.

Today, we’ll help you find the best font for your branding design as well as other types of designs. This collection includes all kinds of feminine fonts and chic fonts for you to choose from.

We included both free and pro fonts in the mix. Have a look.

Mukadua Script Sweet Feminine Font

Script fonts are a common theme in feminine designs. They have a way of creating a sweet and warm feeling through the curvy letters. That’s why this beautiful font is a great choice for creating any type of design while conveying a feminine touch. This font includes lots of symbols and multilanguage support as well.

Rottarity Feminine Script Font

Rottarity is an elegant script font with a cursive letter design. This font shares the same qualities you normally see on logo designs, business cards, and branding designs for feminine businesses. It’s ideal for all those design projects and more. It features more than 600 glyphs, alternates, and swashes too.

Sabiana - Beautiful Chic Font

Sabiana is a beautifully girlish font that will instantly give a fun and friendly look to your text and title designs. The font has a set of chic-style curvy letters that will surely look great on everything from product labels to logo designs.

Sweet Shine - Feminine Font

If you’ve been looking for a stylish cursive font to add a hand-crafted look to your designs, you can’t go wrong with this font. Sweet Shine font features a creative handwritten letter design with a ton of stylistic alternates you can use to make your titles look even cuter.

Chic Gal - Modern Script Font

Show the bold and simple side of your business or personality with this feminine script font. Chic Gal has a very modern and minimal look that will add a truly personalized look to your designs.

Roxie Rossa - Free Feminine Font

This is a free ligature serif font that features beautifully crafted letters with a feminine design. This font is completely free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

Brolimo - Free Elegant Feminine Font

A stylish and feminine font you can use to craft bold titles and headings for both print and digital designs. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Vensfolk - Modern Classic Feminine Font

Elegance is key to designing logos and branding for beauty and fashion brands. Vensfolk is a great feminine font you can use to achieve that goal. It features a mixed design of modern and classic elements, giving it a stylish and tasteful look. The font includes accented characters, alternates, and ligatures as well.

Lovely Beige - Feminine Handwritten Font

It may look like there are two fonts used in this preview image but it’s actually just one font with two sets of completely different characters. One set features a bold sans design while the other has a cursive script design. You can switch between the two with Capslock.

Topsy Turvy - Feminine Cursive Font

Topsy Turvy is a unique feminine font that comes with its own style of cursive letters. The font is a modern take on calligraphy fonts and it has a trendy chic-style letter design that makes it one of a kind. This font is perfect for wraiths, signage, greeting cards, and many other designs.

Gale - Feminine Geometric Font

You don’t always have to use script fonts to create feminine typography. Some geometric fonts will also do the trick. This is one of the few geometric fonts that feature feminine letters. It comes in 4 different weights and italics for each version.

Claire - Feminine Font Duo

Claire is a feminine font pair that goes quite well together. There is a script and sans-serif fonts in this set, both featuring elegant and modern letter designs. When put together, these two fonts will do wonders for logo designs, label designs, product packaging, and more.

Dancinglove - Free Feminine Font

Dancinglove is a free feminine font you can use to design custom T-shirts, social media posts, greeting cards, and more. It’s free for personal use.

Priestacy - Free Girly Font

This font is also free to use with your personal projects. It includes a set of beautiful hand-lettered characters for packaging designs, label designs, business card designs, and more.

Kamala - Feminine Signature Font

Kamala is a stylish signature font that features a feminine letter design. This font features a minimalist look that will go great with your business cards, greeting cards, wedding invitations, and various other professional designs. The font includes multilingual support and ligatures too.

So Foxy - Hand Drawn Chic Font

So Foxy is a hand-drawn font with a bold design. This font has a trendy and attractive design that will make your brand pop among others. It’s especially suitable for social media posts as well as T-shirts, mugs, and other custom print design projects.

He Loves Me - Skinny Feminine Font

The tall and narrow letter design gives this font an original identity of its own. It includes a set of skinny letters that are most suitable for designing quote posts, greeting cards, and even posters.

Relationship - Curly Girly Font

If you want to create titles and headings with a mix of fun and feminine design, this font is made just for you. It features a quirky letter design with curvy letters. It’s ideal for all kinds of girly designs, especially for crafting designs for teens and kids.

Lavagne Carlsen - Feminine Font Duo

Lavagne & Carlsen are two unique fonts that feature different styles of letter designs. One has a creative script-style design while the other features a set of stencil-like letters with an elegant look. They work well together for crafting logos, labels, and packaging designs.

Bougerose - Free Feminine Font

Looking for an elegant feminine font for a personal project, well then you can grab this font for free. It features a stylish and creative design that will make your titles and headings look trendy on social media.

Eu Alonira - Free Elegant Chic Font

This beautiful font is also free to use but you can only use it with personal projects. It’s great for designing Instagram posts, business cards, flyers, and even cool logos.

Parfaite Valeu - Classy Feminine Font

This font features an elegant and classy look unlike any other font on our list. It has stylish letters with serifs that take it beyond the norm. The font is ideal for all kinds of elegant branding designs, website headers, logos, and much more.

Gladiolus - Feminne Calligraphy Font

Gladiolus is a hand-lettering script font that looks perfect for your calligraphy-style designs. The font has a set of flowing letters that show off its feminine look with pride. It also includes lots of curly swashes, ligatures, and alternates to help you add a unique touch to your titles.

Rosie Kiley - Feminine Logo Font Duo

Another beautiful font pair that features feminine and stylish letter designs. It includes a bold serif font and a signature-style script cursive font. You can use them as single fonts or together to create amazing designs.

Athina - Modern Feminine Serif Font

Athina is a modern serif font that comes with a trendy feminine design. It features bold letters with curvy serifs to add a bit of character to your titles, headings, and even logo designs. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Dish Domine - Handwritten Chic Font

An elegant signature script font featuring handwritten letters. This font comes with a classy design that makes it perfect for various types of creative and professional designs. It’s especially suitable for feminine signage, logos, and business cards.

Crustin - Modern Calligraphy Font

The beautiful curvy letters and the swishy characters give this font a unique girlish look. You can use it for both business and personal designs, including signature logos, social media posts, custom prints, and more.

For more beautiful fonts, you can explore our best script fonts collection.

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