30+ Business & Marketing PowerPoint Templates 2022


Using the default PowerPoint layout to design a business presentation isn’t usually a great idea. You need a business PowerPoint template that’s going to stand out, make an impression, and look professional.

A complete redesign for the heavily outdated default PowerPoint templates is long overdue. But, there’s no need to wait for Microsoft to fix it. Instead, you can easily grab a premium PowerPoint template to give yourself a head start.

Created by professional designers, these business and marketing PowerPoint templates will help you design more professional presentation slideshows that win over your clients and customers.

We’ve hand-picked the best in this collection.

Marketing Powerpoint Template

Paradocs is a clean, and modern PowerPoint template that offers 30 multipurpose, and functional slides, 90 plus color schemes, handmade infographics, free fonts, and more. Although versatile, Paradocs is particularly an excellent choice when it comes to business marketing presentations.

Marketing Powerpoint Template

Marketonic is a powerful PowerPoint template guaranteed to help you deliver a sensational marketing presentation. Painstakingly created to meet the latest design standards, Marketonic has everything you need to draw your target audience in.

Marketing Powerpoint Template

Here we have an incredibly versatile PowerPoint template featuring 35 plus slides, light and dark background choices, free fonts, and a lot more. Everything from the text, fonts, to colors, and graphics can be customized to suit your needs.

Marketing Powerpoint Template -3

One of our most favorite PowerPoint templates on this list, Hillary is a meticulously designed marketing ppt that will surely make an impression on your clients, and investors, and probably seal the deal you have worked extremely hard for.

Marketing Powerpoint Template

Kreasi is a colorful, and vibrant presentation template for creative businesses. It offers 30 slides in HD resolution, fully customizable in Microsoft PowerPoint. A fantastic choice for companies looking to add an element of joy to their marketing pitch.

Digital Marketing Strategy - Powerpoint Template

Using a creative and bold design in your PowerPoint slideshow is a great way to capture attention and make your presentation stand out. This beautifully designed PowerPoint template will help you achieve that goal. It comes with more than 40 slides that feature a unique design made specifically for marketing presentations. It’s also available in 2 different color themes.

Creative Business Powerpoint Presentation

Whether you’re working on a business project presentation, product showcase, or company profile, this PowerPoint template can handle them all. It includes 50 unique slide designs in 10 different color schemes, which you can easily customize however you like to present your ideas in a modern and creative way.

Mega Business - Powerpoint Template

If you’re looking to make a presentation slideshow with less color and a minimalist approach, this PowerPoint template is perfect for you. It features a set of beautiful slides designed with a content-focused layout. The template comes with 30 unique slides with editable vector graphics, icons, shapes, and more.

LIVI - Business Powerpoint Template

Showing off elegance is a part of every modern business, especially for fashion and apparel brands. This PowerPoint template comes with 30 unique slide designs featuring 5 different color variations, a total of 150 slides, that are perfect for crafting modern and elegant presentations for all kinds of businesses.

Influencer Marketing PowerPoint Template

If your marketing agency specializes in influencer marketing, this is a PowerPoint template you must have. It comes with multiple slide designs based on 20 master slide layouts and the template is available in 2 different sizes. All of the slides are designed to create social media and influencer marketing presentations.

Looking for a template that looks great and doesn’t skimp on features? Consider Morphius, a stunning option that comes with 30 unique and multipurpose slide designs, and unlimited color options. It’s one of the most versatile marketing PowerPoint templates on our list.

Next up is a clean and modern presentation design that you will be hard-pressed to not consider. It comes with an aesthetic that you will agree is beautiful and a ton of features that really should be seen to be fully appreciated.

Next in the list of the best business PowerPoint templates is Booralroo, a modern presentation design that offers 30 minimal and eye-catching slides, 5 color themes, picture placeholders, free fonts, and more.

business powerpoint templates

If you are looking for an infographic PowerPoint option for your next presentation, Foorza can help you present your company’s important data in the best way possible. One of the best Business PowerPoint templates both in terms of design and functionality!

Business Box PowerPoint Template

Using a simple and uncluttered design in your slides is another brilliant approach to showing off professionalism in your presentations. This PowerPoint template is just right for that job. It comes with multiple slides filled with diagrams, charts, and vector graphics you can easily customize to your preference.

SWOT Business PowerPoint Presentation

You can craft any type of business presentation using this PowerPoint template as it comes with a multipurpose design that appeals to all audiences. It includes 111 unique slide layouts in 20 different color schemes. The template also features a custom infographic, icons, and much more.

Check out Neucart, a stunning template that can be put to use for a variety of business purposes. Whether you want to use it for a creative studio sales pitch, or personal portfolio presentation, Neucart will never disappoint you.

Agency Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Every business needs a presentation template for showcasing their portfolio. This PowerPoint template is perfect for that task. It comes with 50 unique slides featuring a minimalist design that effectively highlights your portfolio in every slide. The template also includes editable vector graphics, infographics, and icons.

Technoz - Internet Marketing PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is designed for making digital marketing presentations. The clean and minimal design of its slides makes it ideal for all kinds of business, agency, and corporate slideshows. It includes 33 unique slides featuring editable vectors and image placeholders.

UCorporate Modern Business PowerPoint Template

Corporate business presentations don’t have to look boring. With this PowerPoint template, you can create more attractive and modern slideshows for corporate and business-related presentations. It includes slides in both light and dark color themes with editable colors and image placeholders.

Cytrex Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Featuring more than 200 unique slides, this PowerPoint template will help you design all kinds of business related presentations, especially including project plans, business plans, and more. It also comes with 30 creative business-themed vector graphics, 30 color schemes, and light and dark color themes.

Digital Marketing Agency PowerPoint Presentation

Designing beautiful and modern presentations for promoting your marketing agency will be much easier with this complete digital marketing PowerPoint template. It includes 60 unique slides featuring editable vector graphics. You can also choose from 8 different color schemes to customize the slide designs as well.

UNCO - Simple Business PowerPoint Template

This modern business PowerPointe presentation template comes with more than 60 unique slides filled with editable vector shapes, graphics, icons, and so much more for making attractive presentations for all kinds of businesses. The template also includes lots of charts and graphs you can use to visualize data and make more compelling arguments.

Business Report Colorite PowerPoint Template

With this stylish and clean PowerPoint template, you can create effective presentation slideshows to showcase different types of business and marketing reports. It comes with a set of beautiful slides filled with charts, graphs, icons, infographics and much more.

Bizzi - Modern Business Powerpoint Template

Bizzi is a multipurpose business PowerPoint template featuring 30 unique slides in 3 different color schemes. The template comes filled with flowcharts, graphs, mockups, and much more for making attractive business presentations. It’s also available in light and dark color themes as well.

JOIN - Business Proposal Powerpoint Template

It takes careful planning to create a business proposal that win over clients. But, with this PowerPoint template, you’ll be able to easily create an effective business proposal without having to spend hours designing it. The template comes with 30 professionally designed slides in 3 color schemes to choose from.

Gadis - Modern Powerpoint Presentation

If you’re making a slideshow to promote a fashion-related brand or a business, this modern PowerPoint template will come in handy. It features a stylish and creative slide design that puts more attention on its featured images. The template includes 50 unique slides with image placeholders, 500 icons, world map vector graphic, and more.

Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Looking for a PowerPoint template to make a pitch deck? Well, you’ve found it. This template includes a total of 200 creative slides that allows you to create an effective slideshow to pitch your startup or product to clients and investors. The template is fully animated and comes in light and dark color themes as well.

Venoture - Powerpoint Presentation Template

This beautiful PowerPoint template features a modern and creative slide design that will allow you to make all kinds of business and agency presentations. It includes 50 unique slides filled with image placeholders, editable graphics, and vector icons.

Social Media Trends Powerpoint Template

Social media marketing is a big trend these days. It needs no convincing to prove its effectiveness. But with this modern PowerPoint template, you’ll be able to make a more compelling argument to show the power of social media trends and marketing. The template comes with 100 slides in both light and dark color themes.

Group - Team Presentation PowerPoint Template

Making group presentations will be easier with this creative PowerPoint template that comes with 100 unique slides featuring 4 different color schemes. It also comes with an easily editable design with image placeholders and unlimited color options.

Check out our list of modern and professional PowerPoint templates for more amazing designs.

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