25+ Cool T-Shirt Designs for Printing Custom T-Shirts


Designing and wearing your own custom-made T-shirts is all the rage these days. It’s a way to stand out from the crowd as well as to show off your personality.

Due to the popularity of the trend, it’s now so easy to print your own T-shirts. There are many platforms you can use to upload a design to print custom T-shirts. All you need is to come up with a cool design. To help you get started, we handpicked a collection of cool custom T-shirt designs.

These T-shirt designs are easy to use. Just download and upload the design to a T-shirt printing service and you’re all set. You can also customize the designs as well. You can edit the text to add your own name or your favorite quote into the design.

Whether you’re a designer working on a T-shirt design for a brand or printing a T-shirt for yourself, these custom T-shirt designs will make the process so much easier. Have a look.

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Punk You! Custom T-Shirt Design

If you want to design a T-shirt that gives off a cool punk rock vibe, look no further. This design is perfect for adding a bold look to your T-shirts. It comes in 5 different colors. You can also edit the text to add your own titles as well. The designs are available in AI and EPS file formats.

Hardtimes - Cool T-Shirt Design

Featuring a funny-looking sunglass-wearing Godzilla, this T-shirt design is perfect for showing your fun and humorous side. You can easily edit and customize the T-shirt design using Adobe Illustrator and it comes in 4 different colors as well.

Skull Drunk - Fun T-Shirt Design

This is one of those T-shirt designs that you could wear ironically. The funny design will surely get more than a few laughs as well. This design comes in 6 different colors to match various T-shirt colors. It’s also fully customizable and you can change colors to your preference as well.

Adventure T-Shirt Badge Template

A beautiful retro-style badge design that’s ideal for a cool T-shirt design. This template comes in both AI and PSD file formats. You can customize it however you like by changing colors and text. It’s perfect for travel and adventure T-shirts.

Quote Typography T-Shirt Designs

This bundle includes 3 unique T-shirt designs featuring quote typography badges. They are ideal for modern-vintage themed T-shirt designs. The text can be easily edited with Photoshop or Illustrator to add your own quotes or text.

Wanted - Free T-Shirt Design

This is a free T-shirt design you can use to print a vintage cowboy-style wanted T-shirt. The creative skull design also gives it a very scary look and feel. Just like a symbol for a biker gang.

Free Adventure T-Shirt Badge Design 2

A free badge template for designing T-shirts. This template is ideal for outdoor and adventuring T-shirts. It comes in AI, EPS, and PNG file formats. You can customize the design to your preference.

Hunter - Cool T-Shirt Design Template

Inspired by street art, this T-shirt design features a trendy look that with a colorful design. The template comes in EPS and AI file formats. You can easily edit the design to change colors and text. The design is available in 4 pre-made color versions as well.

Type of Gamer - Custom T-Shirt Design

This T-shirt design is perfect for gamers to show off their geeky side. It will fit in perfectly with both white and dark color T-shirts. The design also comes in 4 different color versions in AI file format.

Frontman - Retro T-Shirt Design

If you’re a fan of retro and vintage designs, this T-shirt design is perfect for you. It features a classic 70s style artwork and it comes in 4 colors. You can edit the template using Illustrator to change text, colors, and resize as well.

Typography Badge Templates for T-Shirts

Another collection of typography quote badges you can use to design stylish vintage-style T-shirts of your own. This collection includes 6 different templates that can be easily customized with Illustrator to add your own quotes and resize however you like.

Off Road Adventure T Shirt Design

Show off your love for adventure with this off-road T-shirt design. If you a friend who’s a fan of motorsports or off-road adventures, this T-shirt design will make for a great gift as well. You can download and edit this template in both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Retro T-Shirt Designs Bundle

This is a big collection of T-shirt designs and badges. There are 16 different designs in this bundle featuring retro-style artworks. There are designs for adventurers, gamers, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. The templates are available in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats.

Free Gorilla Face T Shirt Design

You can use this free illustration to design a cool T-shirt for casual wear. You can download it in PNG format and it’s free to use with your personal projects.

6 Free Vintage Badge Templates for T-Shirts

A collection of free vintage badge designs that are also suitable for designing cool T-shirts. This bundle includes 6 badges in AI file format. So you can easily customize them to fit your T-shirts.

Camping Retro Hiking T-Shirt Design

This is the perfect T-shirt to wear on an outdoor camping trip. The best part is you’ll be able to customize the design to make it your own. This T-shirt design comes in AI, EPS, and PSD versions. You can edit the text and colors however you like.

Resurgence - Cool Custom T-Shirt Design

If you’re looking for a design to print a T-shirt that looks unique and uncommon, this design is for you. It comes with a stylish design featuring an attractive illustration of a tiger. This design will definitely make you and your T-shirts stand out.

Vacation Mode - Quirky T-Shirt Design

Going on vacation? Then be sure to pack this T-shirt to show off the world how cool you are. The funny illustration of the alien surfing adds a bit of quirkiness to this design. The text and colors are fully customizable as well.

Creative Retro T-Shirt Design Collection

This is a collection of T-shirt designs that feature various outdoor, adventure, and retro-themed designs. They are perfect for printing creative T-shirts for all kinds of occasions. The collection includes 26 different designs. The templates are available in AI, EPS, and PSD formats.

37 Modern T-Shirt Design Templates

Another bundle full of different T-shirt designs. This pack includes 37 different designs for vintage and retro-style T-shirts. The templates are fully customizable. You can change text, colors, fonts, and resize to your preference.

Free Typography T-Shirt Design Bundle

A bundle of free T-shirt designs featuring typographic art. Unfortunately, these designs are available in PNG format so you can’t customize the text. But it’s easier to upload the designs for print.

Free Creative T-Shirt Designs

This set of T-shirt designs comes from the same designer behind the previous bundle. It includes 6 different T-shirt designs featuring funny slogans and quotes. The designs are only available in PNG format.

Feels Good - T-Shirt Design for Gamers

It feels good to be a gamer right now. This T-shirt design will help you show your addiction to gaming in style. The design comes in 4 colors and it’s fully customizable. The template is available in AI and EPS file formats.

Walking Zombie - Spooky T-Shirt Design

This design is perfect for making a T-shirt for Halloween. The spooky zombie design looks great on any style of T-shirt. The template can be resized however you like to fit different sizes of T-shirts as well.

De Sun Rise - Summer T-Shirt Design

This design is perfect for a summer-themed T-shirt. It comes with a retro-themed design and you can choose from 3 different colors. The templates can be customized with Adobe Illustrator.

Pug Life - T-Shirt Design for Dog Lovers

A great T-shirt design to show how much you love dogs. It’s a great way to meet other dog-friendly people too. You can download the design in 4 different colors and it comes in AI and PNG formats.

T-Shirt Design for Baseball Fans

This T-shirt design is made for baseball fans. And it looks so great printed on a black T-shirt. The template is fully customizable and comes in 4 color versions.

Looking for a great mockup to showcase your designs to clients? Then grab one from our best T-shirt mockups collection.

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