40+ Best T-Shirt Mockup Templates 2022 (Free & Premium)


How you present a finished t-shirt design can be a key consideration. And our pick of the best t-shirt mockup templates can be incredibly helpful in creating a stunning end result to impress your client.

Certain types of designs, like t-shirts, require a slight sparkle of presentation to showcase how the end result would appear on the final product. You simply can’t showcase a t-shirt design without a t-shirt mockup.

But, what if you don’t have the time to craft your own mockup for your t-shirt design? Not to worry. These to pre-made t-shirt mockup templates help you easily showcase any type of t-shirt design. Check out our collection and pick a mockup for your project!

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Placeit makes it super-simple to design your own t-shirt mockup. Choose from a range of different photos, models and styles on which to display your t-shirt design, upload your image, and sit back while your t-shirt mockup is built in seconds.

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Modern T-Shirt Mockup with Female Model

This modern T-shirt mockup template comes with a fully customizable design and changeable background. You can easily change the color of the T-Shirt and adjust the separated light and shadows as well. You can customize it using Photoshop CS4 and higher.

Modern T-Shirt Mockup with Male Model

This T-shirt mockup is also fully editable and features a male model. You can change the background, the color of the T-shirt, adjust shadows, and easily place your designs in the mockup using smart objects. It’s perfect for both light and dark color t-shirt designs.

Simple Editable Shirt Mockup PSD

If you want to showcase your T-shirt designs without using models, this template will come in handy. It’s especially suitable when showing off unisex designs. The mockup is fully customizable and comes with smart objects to let you easily place your designs in the T-shirt mockup.

Boy T-Shirt Mockup Set

An adorable T-shirt mockup template featuring a boy. This mockup is great for presenting your T-shirt designs for boys and kids. It includes 5 mockup templates in PSD with different views as well.

Creative T-Shirt Mockup Scene

Using this mockup template, you can create a beautiful scene to show off your T-shirt designs in style. It comes with a unique mockup that’s suitable for both light and dark-colored designs. And includes a transparent background as well.

Free Hanging Half Sleeves T-Shirt Mockup PSD

This free T-shirt mockup is ideal for showcasing simple T-shirt designs in your portfolio and websites. It comes with editable backgrounds and smart objects.

Hoodie Hanger Mockup Template

You can show off your hoodies in a very realistic and creative way using this set of mockup templates. It includes 6 different PSD mockups featuring different views and angles of the hoodie. You can even show a single hoodie or multiple hoodies at the same time.

Undershirt Mockup Templates Pack

This bundle comes with 5 different mockups for showcasing your unique female undershirt designs. Each mockup features the model in a different pose and it creates a very real and stylish look for the overall look for the mockup scene as well.

Ladies T-shirt Mockup Templates

Another collection of T-shirt mockups featuring a female model. This pack is quite special as it lets you even change the color of the T-shirt. The templates are also easily editable with Smart Objects using Photoshop.

Men’s Sports Tshirt Mockup Template

If you’re working on a T-shirt design for a sports team, this mockup will help showcase your design more effectively. The mockup comes in high-resolution with changeable colors, smart objects, and organized layers in PSD format.

Free Changeable T-Shirt Mockup PSD

This is a free T-shirt mockup that you can use to show off a simple t-shirt design. It features a wrinkled t-shirt laid down and it gives a very realistic look for the mockup.

Urban T-Shirt Mockups

This bundle of t-shirt mockups also comes with an urban setting. It includes 6 different mockup templates in PSD format. The mockup files are easily customizable, features fully-organized layers, and the colors can be customized to your preference as well.

Summer Girl T-Shirt Mockups

Summer is the best season for selling t-shirts. Use these summer-themed t-shirt mockups to showcase your t-shirts on your website or store to attract new customers. This pack includes 9 different mockup templates you can easily edit using smart objects.

Fashion Girl - T-Shirt Mockups

A collection of 10 beautiful t-shirt mockups featuring a casual background setting with female models. These mockup templates come with 4 unique effects for customizing the look of the mockups and allows you to easily change the t-shirt color as well.

Free Men’s T-Shirt & Jeans Mockup PSD

This is a free T-shirt mockup that shows a man wearing a T-shirt. It’s most suitable for showcasing your designs on websites and portfolios. The template is available in a fully layered PSD file.

Free Woman Wearing T-Shirt Mockup

A professional free T-shirt mockup featuring a female model. This mockup template also comes in PSD file format with organized layers and smart objects.

Women's Fitted T-Shirt Mockups

A bundle of high-resolution women’s t-shirt mockups that comes in 4K resolution. These mockups are highly customizable and you can replace the backgrounds to your preference as well. The PSD files also feature smart objects that allow you to easily place your designs in the mockup.

Modern T-Shirt Mockup

Another simple and modern t-shirt mockup template featuring an urban background setting. This mockup is available in 3 variations and comes with smart objects and organized layers. You’ll need Photoshop CC 2018 or higher to customize this template.

Male T-Shirt Fashion Mockups

This set of stylish t-shirt mockups are perfect for showcasing your men’s t-shirt designs in various styles. The pack comes with 11 different mockups featuring various poses and backgrounds. The t-shirt color can be easily customized as well.

V-Neck T-Shirt Mockups

V-neck t-shirts are a popular trend these days. This pack of mockups will help you promote your v-neck t-shirt designs in multiple styles. It includes 5 different mockup templates with different poses. The PSD file can be customized to change the t-shirt colors as well.

Free Woman’s T-Shirt Mockup PSD

Another high-quality free T-shirt mockup you can use to showcase creative T-shirt designs. This mockup template also includes smart objects for easily placing your design in the mockup.

Free Long & Short Sleeve T-Shirt Mockups

This is a pack of 2 different T-shirt mockup templates that include both short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirt mockups. Both templates are available in editable PSD files.

Polo T-Shirt Design Mockups

Looking for a mockup to showcase a Polo t-shirt, we’ve got you covered. This collection of mockups feature templates designed specifically for Polo t-shirts and it comes with 6 mockups for showcasing your t-shirt designs in many different ways, either with fit-on or on a hanger.

Blue T-Shirt Mockups

This is a simple and minimalist t-shirt mockup that will allow you to showcase and promote your t-shirt designs on websites and product pages, especially unisex t-shirts. The template features smart objects, organized layers, and editable effects.

T-shirt and Packages Mockups & Scene Generator

This is a complete bundle of t-shirt packaging mockup designs, which allows you to showcase your t-shirt designs in a professional way, including folded t-shirts, packaging, and more. The bundle includes 100 isolated objects, 10 pre-made scenes, and 9 textures and backgrounds.

V-Neck Women's T-Shirt Mockups

A set of stylish mockup templates for showcasing v-neck women’s t-shirt designs. The bundle includes 10 different mockup templates with changeable reflections, shadows, and editable colors.

Free V-Neck T-Shirt & Hanger Mockup

This free T-shirt mockup is ideal for presenting V-neck T-shirt designs. The template comes with organized layers and smart objects for inserting your designs into the mockup with just a few clicks.

Free Floating Isolated T-Shirt Mockup

A unique T-shirt mockup featuring a CGI T-shirt mockup. This mockup will help give your T-shirt designs a stylish 3D-view. It’s available in a high-resolution PSD file.

11 T-Shirt Mockup Templates

This collection of t-shirt mockup templates features a beautiful nature-inspired setting where you can showcase your designs in a professional way. The pack comes with 11 different mockup templates with smart objects, editable t-shirt colors, and organized layers.

Summer T-Shirt Mockup Female Version

Featuring changeable backgrounds and editable t-shirt colors, this bundle of t-shirt mockups are perfect for showcasing different types of women’s t-shirt designs. It includes 8 different mockup templates with various poses and views. It also comes with 4 backgrounds as well.

Crew Neck T-shirt Mockup Templates

A set of 8 stylish and modern t-shirt mockups featuring attractive poses that will effectively highlight your t-shirt designs. This bundle of mockups includes 7 different backgrounds, photo effects, organized layers, smart objects, and much more.

Ultimate Apparel Mockup Bundle

This is a collection of modern t-shirt mockups featuring long-sleeve t-shirts. The templates include 9 different mockups with customizable backgrounds, editable color options, and a set of background textures.

V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup Male Version

A set of 5 t-shirt mockup templates featuring v-neck t-shirt designs. This pack features templates that are easily customizable. You can change their colors, place your designs easily using smart objects, change backgrounds, and more.

Free Creative T-Shirt Mockup PSD

A beautiful and trendy T-shirt mockup you can use to showcase creative T-shirt designs. This mockup template can be easily customized with Photoshop and free to use with personal projects.

Free Female T-shirt Mockups PSD

This free T-shirt mockup features a female model and it’s ideal for showing off long female T-shirt designs. The template is free to use with your personal projects.

Crew Neck T-Shirt Mockup

This is a collection of casual t-shirt mockups featuring fully customizable background settings. The templates can be edited to change t-shirt colors and backgrounds. It includes 6 templates in PSD format.

Toddler Boy Crew Neck T-Shirt Mockup

Making a cute t-shirt design for toddlers? This bundle comes with 7 different mockup templates featuring an adorable boy. Using these mockups, you can showcase your kid’s t-shirt designs with a realistic look.

8 Men's Crew Neck T-Shirt Mockup Templates

A collection of high-quality t-shirt mockup templates featuring changeable backgrounds. The mockups also come with a grunge wall background and a vintage setting, which you can customize to your preference.

Folded Round-Neck T-Shirts Mockups

Showcasing your t-shirt designs with folded mockups are another great way to promote your designs. Try including a folded mockup next to a full t-shirt mockup. This bundle includes 5 different mockups with various views.

T-Shirt Mockup Folded Template

Another set of simple and minimalist folded t-shirt mockup templates. This pack comes with 9 different templates to showcase your t-shirt designs in folded, packaged, and a few other ways. It includes a label mockup as well.

Free Cool Guy T-Shirt MockUp

Showcase your trendy T-shirt designs using this free mockup template. It features a male model and the mockup comes in a customizable PSD file.

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