50+ Modern Responsive Email Templates 2022


If you want your next email campaign to stand the best chance of success, using a responsive design that looks good on any screen or device is really important. Responsive email design is notoriously difficult, so starting with a template can be a good bet.

It’s worth taking advantage of pre-made responsive templates that have already been tested on a variety of screen sizes and email clients, then customizing them to your own requirements.

These templates are crafted by highly skilled designers, and many of them include template builders with unique customization options to make tweaking them super simple!

As a bonus, our tips for designing a responsive email will help give you some great design pointers!

Top Pick

Way Mail - Multipurpose 30+ Modules Email Template

Way Mail is a multipurpose email template featuring a modern and minimalist design. It’s ideal for designing emails related to agencies, creative brands, and service-based businesses.

The template comes with more than 30 different modules you can mix and match to create unique email designs of your own. You can use it with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, iContact, and many other services.

Why This Is A Top Pick

In addition to its easily customizable design, this email template is also fully compatible with all popular email clients and mobile devices as well.

Josefine - eCommerce Responsive Email Template

This email template is perfect for designing a modern and elegant email for promoting fashion brands and apparel products. The template includes 23 different modules that you can rearrange to create unique email designs of your own. It’s compatible with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, AWeber, and more.

Emma - Online Shop Promo Responsive Email Template

Emma is another beautiful email template you can use to craft promo emails for online stores and eCommerce brands. This template is fully responsive and looks amazing on all sizes of screens. The template comes with 10 modules with customizable layouts.

Travel - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template

You can use this email template to craft responsive emails to promote travel agencies and tourism-related businesses. The template can be easily customized to your preference using its 20 content modules. And it’s compatible with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.

Nikita - Promotional Email Templates Set

Whether you’re selling clothing items or beauty products, this bundle of email templates will help you create the perfect promo emails to drive more sales. It includes 3 different promo email templates with easily editable layouts. The templates are compatible with all popular email marketing platforms as well.

Kreative - Free Email Newsletter Template

Kreative is a free email template you can use to create simple newsletters for businesses and personalized email campaigns. The free version of the template offers a perfect starting point for creating a professional email.

MyBag - Responsive eCommerce Email Template

This email template is a great choice for designing an email newsletter or promo email to promote products from a boutique store. The clean and modern design allows you to effectively highlight branded products in a more attractive way. The template includes 22 modules and it supports MailChimp, AWeber, Sendgrid, and other popular apps.

Jupiter -Modern Email Template for Online Stores

Another professionally designed email template for eCommerce businesses. This template is designed with online retail stores in mind. It comes with a fully customizable design with 24 modules and it’s compatible with all email marketing software, including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

EventPro - Event & Conference Email Template

Email is one of the most effective platforms for promoting various events and conferences. With this email template, you can craft an effective promo email to invite your followers to upcoming events. It includes 19 modules you can use to create unique emails. And it supports all popular email marketing software.

responsive email templates

Next in our list of the best responsive email templates is Greetings, a collection of modern-looking email designs compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, StampReady, and Mailster. Perfect for birthday wishes, anniversary greetings, and wedding invitation emails!

responsive email templates

Spiritapp is a set of responsive HTML email templates that can be used for virtually any business or industry under the sun. It’s compatible with popular email marketing software including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and MyMail.

responsive email templates

If you are looking for a free thanksgiving email template that’s minimal yet effective, this option has everything you need to make an impression. It’s fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, and very simple to edit.

responsive email templates

Mosher is an elegant, vintage-styled set of 6 responsive email templates perfect for any restaurant, bistro, cafe, or business establishment that offers food and drinks. It is sure to grab the attention of your customers and have them inquire more about your services.

responsive email templates

Take your email marketing campaign up a notch with Evolia, a modern email template that will put your business on the map in no time at all. Whether your motive is to get more website traffic, or boost sales, Evolia will surpass your expectations every time. It’s one of the best responsive HTML email templates out there!

Corp - Responsive Business Email Template

Whether you’re creating an email newsletter for a corporate brand or a small business, this email template is perfect to cover all types of professional emails. The template features a simple design with multiple sections for covering different types of emails. It’s available in HTML and PSD formats. And it compatible with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and other popular email marketing tools.

FireMail - Creative Responsive Email Template

This email template comes with a very creative design. And it’s most suitable for crafting emails for creative agencies, startups, and brands. The template also comes with access to an online template builder that can be used to easily customize the design. It’s compatible with email marketing services as well as all popular email clients.

Fast - Responsive Agency Email Template

Fast is an email template made specifically for small businesses and corporate brands. The template features a professional design with different sections for showcasing your services, clients, and more. The template is available in HTML and PSD and it’s easily customizable as well.

Material - Clean Responsive Email Template

Inspired by the material design trend, this email template comes with a clean design that allows you to create emails for all kinds of businesses and startups. The template works well with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and others. And it also lets you customize the design with unlimited variations.

Passion - Free Creative Email Template

This is a free email template you can use to create a simple email newsletter design for your personal email campaigns. The template is available in both HTML and PSD formats. And you can easily edit the template to match your branding.

Classy - Professional Responsive Email Template

Classy is an email template made for professionals. It’s perfect for creating newsletters for marketers, freelancers, and creatives as well as for agencies. The template is easily customizable and compatible with MailChimp, SendGrid, iContact, and more.

Gravity - Modern Business Email Template

Gravity is a professional Litmus-tested email template you can use to promote modern businesses, brands, and startups. It also comes with access to an online builder that allows you to customize the template with ease. It’s available in HTML and PSD.

Unity - Simple & Clean Email Newsletter Template

Just as the name suggests, this email template comes with a clean design without clutter. While it’s ideal for designing promotional emails, it can also be customized to create many other types of emails. It includes HTML and PSD file formats as well as complete documentation on how to customize the template.

Bignote - 24 Email Notification Templates

If you’re working on a notification email design for a SaaS business, app, or even a business, this templates bundle will come in handy. It features 24 different template designs of notification emails. All of them are fully customizable and works with popular email marketing tools including MailChimp and iContact.

Hola - Free Email HTML Template

Another free email template you can use to create business and newsletter email campaigns. This template features a simple and basic design that leaves plenty of room for customization. It also comes in HTML and PSD formats.

Gaice Mail - Responsive E-mail Template

Gaice Mail email template features a stylish and trendy design that allows you to create highly visual emails for modern brands and businesses. The template features an easily editable layout and it works with all popular email clients and email marketing services.

finemail - 60+ Modules E-mail Templates

Another multipurpose email template that comes with over 60 different modules for customizing and creating various types of emails. This template is compatible with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor as well as Gmail, Outlook, and other popular email clients.

Tessella - Modern Responsive Email Template

Tessella is a beautifully minimalist email template you can use to design clean and simple email newsletters for modern agencies and businesses. The template is fully responsive and works great with all popular email clients and email marketing platforms.

Ghazal - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

This elegant and minimalist email template is perfect for crafting a newsletter email or a product promotion email for a creative brand or a business. The template is available in unlimited variations and color options. And it fully supports MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, iContact, and more.

Minato - Fashion Email Template

This email template is designed specifically for fashion and clothing related stores and businesses. You can use it to promote your latest clothing lines, seasonal offers, and more. It’s compatible with Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and MyMail.

Shopilicious - Free HTML Email Template

You can use this free email template to promote eCommerce shops and fashion brands in a creative way. The template features a tested fully responsive layout that’s compatible with popular email clients.

MINImalist - Free HTML Email Template

MINImalist is a simple yet sophisticated email template you can use for free to design modern and creative email newsletters. The template is easily customizable and it’s perfect for agencies and designers.

BlogStory - Responsive Blogger Email Template

BlogStory is a fully-responsive email template designed for bloggers. It comes with a minimalist design for highlighting your latest blog posts in this newsletter email template. You can easily customize this template to change its colors and text as well.

Maixe Mail - Responsive E-mail Template

This email template is ideal for startups and corporate businesses. It comes with a clean and a modern design for capturing the attention of your readers. And it’s fully compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and more.

SHPR E-commerce Email Newsletter

Special offer promotions and a seasonal sales email template are a must-have for an eCommerce business. That’s why you must grab this professionally designed email template to run promotional campaigns like a pro. It features a design made specifically for product promotions.

Idea - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

This template features a design made for sending case studies and reports. It comes with a layout that effectively highlights and summarize case studies or other types of reports in a professional way. The template is compatible with all popular email marketing services.

Emailo - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

Emailo is a minimalist promotional email and newsletter template that comes with a professional design. You can use it to promote products and send updates and welcome emails. You can easily customize it to your preference as well.

Lambda – Free HTML Email Template

Lambda is a clean and minimal email template featuring a black and white design. It’s ideal for promoting modern agencies and services. The template is free to download and use with your promotional campaigns.

Theta – Free Responsive HTML Email Template

This free email template comes with a responsive and easily customizable design. The template is most suitable for promoting sales for eCommerce shops and online stores.

Light - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

This beautifully clean and minimalist email template works with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, and many others. It’s perfect for sending attractive auto-responders and promotional email campaigns.

Store Mail - Responsive E-mail Template

Promote your online store and products using this creative email template. It comes with a carefully crafted design that helps promote your sales, special discounts, and seasonal offers. The template is fully compatible with Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and iContact.

BlauMail – Responsive Newsletter


These templates have been specially crafted for marketers that want to create campaigns related to online stores, mobile apps and online services, or to improve brand awareness and conversion rates.

ProductMail – Responsive E-mail Template


This template is a newsletter template that works on every major email client, or service provider – iContact, Benchmark Email, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact.

2 Free Responsive Email Templates

This is a bundle of 2 modern and free email templates that are ideal for bloggers for promoting blog post roundups and sending personalized emails to subscribers.

Free Modern Business Email Template

Another modern free email template made for corporate agencies and businesses for promoting their services. The template is free to download and it’s easily customizable as well.

Koble – Business Email Set


A modular style template that’s easy to realign, edit content, customize color, or even send your campaign directly from the builder.

Saarat – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template


Saarat is a multi-purpose responsive email template suitable for any kind of corporate, office, business and general purpose. It contains one email template and PSD file. It’s compatible with various email clients.

MetroMail – Responsive Email Template


Mister is an elegant and responsive template that works perfectly for carving out effective newsletters.

Notify – Notification Email and Theme builder Access


Notify comes as a package with six notification mails, you can easily drag & drop or hide the ones you don’t like and export this file.
In the theme builder’s left menu you’ll see six tabs numbered from 1/6. Choose your notification email, and style it with this tab.

Clean Mail – Minimal Email Template


Clean Mail is a minimal email template for professional and personal usage. With 5 layouts, 6 color schemes and 2 backgrounds versions, a total of 60 email templates you can be sure you will find perfect solution for your email and newsletter usage.

Falcon – Complete Email Package


Falcon has a clean and modern design, commented HTML code, a fully responsive style and of course it is compatible with all major email clients and email service providers such as StampReady, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

Swan – Responsive Email Template


Swan is a multi-purpose responsive email template designed for all range of different businesses and styles.

Rich Typography Email Template


RichType is a bold, clean, and ultra customizable email template. It’s perfect for a wide variety of uses, from corporate newsletters to product advertisers.

Boof – Fashion – Email Templates


Fashion email templates is responsive email template for creative fashion marketers. These email templates are compatible with MailChimp, Stampready, and CampaignMonitor. PSD files are included as well!

Lema- Responsive Multipurpose Email


Lema Responsive e-mail template is designed for multi-purpose business. Lema is modern and minimalis, and great for gaining new clients or customers.

Batch2 – Complete Set of 20 Business Email Templates


A collection of 20 beautiful business templates that will let you build email newsletters in no time.

Storesletter HTML Template


Storesletter is the ultimate template for email marketing. Designed to sell. Ideal for your products and services.

5 Tips for Designing a Responsive Email

Use these simple tips to make sure your emails look more professional.

1. Simple and Clean Design

Mailee Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

Simplicity is key in email design. In order to highlight the content of your emails and to give more attention to your call to action, use a clean design with minimal colors in your email design.

2. Keep Visuals to a Minimum

eKit Mail 80+ Modules Email Templates

Since most emails get opened on mobile devices, you need to consider mobile internet speeds and bandwidth usage when including images in your emails. Unless you’re an eCommerce store promoting multiple products, try to minimize the use of images or at least compress images to save loading times.

3. Add a Call to Action (CTA)

Mase Mail - Responsive E-mail Template

Whether you’re promoting a product, brand, or service, you should always put a call to action in your emails. CTAs help encourage users to take action and drive clicks to your landing pages. However, don’t overuse CTAs just include one or two CTA buttons or links per email to make it more effective.

4. Readability is Important

newmail - Responsive E-mail Template

All your efforts of making your emails look pretty will go to waste if no one can read the text. Think twice about the fonts and font sizes you use in your emails to make sure they are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices as well as look great on all sizes of screens.

5. Make Sure it’s Responsive

TwentyOne - Creative Portfolio Email Builder

Most modern email designs feature highly visual and creative content layouts. When using such layouts, make sure the design is responsive enough to look the same on mobile devices as well.

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