37 Unique Christmas Card Designs For 2021


It’s the holiday season! We know this time of year can be memorable, fun, exciting, stressful and time-consuming. So, we thought we’d make one step of the process simpler—with some unique Christmas card designs you can download for free.

There’s something deeply personal about sending and receiving Christmas cards around the holidays, you just need to pick the right card for your message. We asked our global community of designers to create a wide range of one-of-a-kind Christmas card designs for you to choose from below.

Whether you’re giving an update on what you’ve been up to or simply want to show how much the puppy has grown, now is your time to do it. Which card design is your favorite?

Christmas card designs for 2021:

Modern Christmas cards with a traditional spin

Traditional style is a beautiful thing, but so is modern flair. These Christmas card designs take classic holiday themes and infuse them with fresh new energy. It brings a bit more individuality to a classic concept, and it feels a bit more personalized, too.

traditional christmas card
Simple and modern Christmas Card design by ZarMar
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modern christmas card
Modern Christmas Card design by Sucan

Illustrated Christmas cards

Cute illustrations channel the beauty and whimsy of the season. These unique Christmas cards are fun for all ages and audiences, often providing a warm, nostalgic or quirky quality.

illustrated christmas card
Illustrated Christmas Card design by Nastya Sharandina

Minimalistic Christmas cards that say it all

Sending a Christmas card shows that you care, and sometimes that means keeping it simple and not saying much. Minimalist style does just that: it makes a meaningful statement without unnecessary frills.

minimalist christmas card
Minimal Christmas Card design by ole_na

Cool & edgy Christmas cards

Saying “Merry Christmas” doesn’t have to be fancy and formal. It can be fun, laid back and down-right cool. Use quirky cartoons to add a bit of an edge to your holiday greeting. These cool Christmas cards are perfect for friends, siblings, cousins or the cool aunt.

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Edgy and cool Christmas Card design
Cool and edgy Christmas Card design by J_H

Hand-drawn & artsy Christmas card designs

There’s something sentimental about a hand-drawn illustration around the holidays. Illustrations embrace tradition but feel freshened up at the same time. Use these cards to send a little cheer to everyone you love.

artsy christmas card
Hand-drawn Christmas Card design by Rei Rey
artsy christmas card
Artsy Christmas Card design by SU_ZUE

Vintage-inspired and retro Christmas cards

Throwback fonts and clever cartoons offer a great way to bring character to your holiday greetings. From hipster friends to laid-back cousins, many will appreciate a bit of humor and nostalgia around the holidays. The retro Christmas cards below play with ‘50s/’60s-esque vintage styles and a nod to art deco design, with a modern twist.

retro christmas card
Retro Christmas Card design by studiokeck
Art Deco Christmas Card design
Art Deco-inspired Card design by chris alfeus

Playful & cute Christmas cards

Whether you’re sending Christmas cards to your clients and coworkers or family and friends, holiday greetings don’t have to be serious. Whimsical illustrations and playful imagery are a welcome way to send seasonal cheer with a smile.

Playful Christmas Card design
Cute, colorful Christmas Card design by manuk

Funny Christmas cards

With all of the stress that can come from holiday prepping, it’s important to take a break and have a laugh. Cheering up your loved one with a funny Christmas card is a great way to show that you care.

Funny Christmas Card design
Funny Christmas Card design by Artifictial
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Funny Christmas Card design
Funny Christmas Card design by Captain Felicia

Christmas cards with a deeper message

Whether the Christmas card is for a spouse, a close friend or an invitation card for an event, a deeper message can go a long way. This can mean many things, including a card that embraces self-expression or a card that encourages eco-friendly holiday decor. Either way, the card’s meaning will tug at the heart, and it’s a way to show what you stand for, too.

A Christmas card with a deeper message by Darkanty
Christmas card with a deeper message
A Christmas card with a deeper message by dotsdotred

Unique, unusual Christmas card designs

Whether it’s an artsy Santa or a vintage-inspired holiday party gal, you can bring some not-so-ordinary flavor to your seasonal greeting. A unique Christmas card helps remind the recipient of your special connection.

Unique Christmas Card design
Unique Christmas Card design by lulunamostu

Christmas card designs for family and friends:

Photo Christmas cards

Your holiday card is often going to friends or relatives whom you haven’t seen in a while. Throw on those matching sweaters and give the people what they want: a family photo card. Select a photo Christmas card design that enhances the photo without overpowering it, letting the image speak for itself.

family photo christmas card
Family Photo Christmas Card design by Brierly

Heart-warming family Christmas card designs

The holidays are a time to be together, and your card can say just that. Send your relatives a sentimental card that celebrates your connection as a family. It’ll mean a lot to them when they need it the most.

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family christmas card
Family Christmas Card design by chris alfeus

Simple and minimalistic family Christmas cards

Family greetings don’t have to be over the top. Sometimes, the sweetest cards are the ones that keep it simple, saying “I love you” through beautiful, classic design.

family christmas card
Family Christmas Card design by sam2021

Fun family Christmas cards

Your family is fun and your card should be, too. Make your loved ones smile with a funny Christmas card that has a family theme. Clever designs and bold colors will perk up the seasonal greeting that you send to your relatives.

family christmas card
Funny family Christmas Card design by Sofioun

Modern Christmas cards for families

Some families bring out the “fun” in “dysfunctional,” and that’s okay. Embrace it with vivid colors and playful themes for a fun and unique way to send well-wishes to your relatives. These may not be your traditional holiday cards, but they’re certainly on-brand for modern families who appreciate a little something different.

modern christmas card
Modern Christmas Card design by Illia Kolesnyk
modern christmas card
Modern Christmas Card design by Growmount Studio

Charming, kitschy illustrated family Christmas cards

Sweet illustrations blend holiday cheer with nostalgic charm. From nieces and nephews to sentimental grandparents, these cards will send plenty of love their way.

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charming christmas card
Charming Christmas Card design by Tateme

Christmas card designs for small businesses:

Modern & geometric Christmas card designs for businesses

For a small business, think of a custom Christmas card as an extension of your brand. It should speak to your identity. In many cases, that means clean, modern and straight to the point.

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modern christmas card
Modern Christmas Card design by Sucan

Minimal, typographic Christmas cards for businesses

Send seasonal cheer and make a long-lasting statement with bold, colorful typography. Whether you’re keeping in touch with existing clients or looking to build up your following, go with festive colors and a striking serif font on a custom Christmas card.

modern christmas card
Typographic Christmas Card design by Sucan

Fun Christmas cards for businesses

When it comes to seasonal greetings for clients, your business Christmas card can blend lightheartedness with professionalism. If your clients appreciate a casual tone, a funny Christmas card will be the perfect fit. Embrace the holidays as a chance to show that you have a sense of humor.

humorous christmas card
Funny Christmas Card design by Brierly

Christmas cards that show teamwork

When selecting a card for coworkers, celebrate the thing you do best: teamwork. This is your chance to thank your team for launching successful projects, putting in the long hours and—of course—“beer Fridays.” Additionally, a Christmas card that emphasizes teamwork also works as a way for the entire team to send cheer and well-wishes to their clients.

Team work Christmas Card design
Team work Christmas Card design by rafapi

Colorful Christmas card designs for businesses

Holiday greetings should be fun—not boring—and your corporate Christmas is no exception. Look to intricate, colorful illustrations as a way to perk up your clients’ mailboxes.

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colorful christmas card
Colorful Christmas Card design by Sonagi

Time to spread some joy with a unique Christmas card!

Ready to ring in the new year? Sending Christmas cards is a wonderful way to tell your loved ones that you’re thinking of them. Use our unique Christmas card designs and spread holiday cheer!

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