35+ Best Photoshop Text Effects 2022 (Free & Premium)

The title is the most important part of almost every design. Whether it’s a poster, flyer, banner, or even a website header, the title is what attracts the audience’s attention and keep them hooked.

When it comes to designing titles, sometimes you have to get creative and make unique text designs that stand out from the crowd. And this is where Photoshop text effects can be used to go above and beyond with your designs.

Photoshop text effects allow you to completely transform your ordinary text into incredible designs without an effort. They are quite popular among YouTubers and Twitch users for designing channel cover images as well.

We handpicked a collection of the best Photoshop text effects you can use to design all kinds of titles and headings. There are both premium and free text effects in the collection. Have a look.

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EPIC - Cinematic Photoshop Text Effects

Making your headings and titles look more epic will be much easier when using this Photoshop text effect. This effect will make your text titles look like something that’s carved out of ruby stone. And it looks incredible. The text effect is available as a PSD file that you can easily customize to your preference.

Vintage Comics Photoshop Text Effects

This Photoshop text effect allows you to give a vintage comic book look and feel to your titles and headings. It features a very realistic design and it comes fully layered for easily editing the PSD file. There are 10 different comic book-inspired text effects in this bundle to choose from.

Mad Metal - Photoshop Text Effects

Give your text a rad Mad Max-style 3D look using this creative Photoshop text effect. It’s perfect for crafting text for music posters, album covers, as well as for YouTube covers. The effect is available in 9 different styles and you can easily edit each one using Photoshop CC or higher.

80's Retro Text Effects for Photoshop

If you’re a fan of neon retro designs, this text effect is the perfect choice for you. It allows you to give an 80’s retro look and feel to your titles. The text effect comes in 10 different styles. Each as fully editable and high-resolution PSD files. They are also compatible with Photoshop CS2 and higher.

Foil Balloon - Photoshop Text Effects

Design party-themed titles for posters, greeting cards, and flyers using this creative Photoshop text effect. This pack comes with 4 different foil balloon text styles. As an added bonus, it also includes 9 patterns in 3 different colors for customizing the design of the foils. It’s perfect for kids-themed title designs as well.

Underwater - Free Photoshop Text Effect

This is a free Photoshop text effect that allows you to create a unique underwater-themed text effect. It comes as an editable PSD file that’s compatible with Photoshop CS6 and higher. You can use it for free with your personal projects.

3D Text Effects Generator

This is a collection of 8 PSD files that allows you to easily customize and create 3D-like text effects in Photoshop. It includes lots of customization options like dynamic lighting, editable shadows, and more to help you create realistic text effects.

Vintage & Retro Movie Text Effects

If you’re a fan of vintage films and TV shows, this collection of retro text effects is perfect for you. It comes with 10 various styles of vintage and retro text effects, including ones that look similar to the title screen from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Glitch Photoshop Text Effect

You can use this Photoshop text effect to give a futuristic cyberpunk look to your titles. It features a retro-glitching text effect that will make your posters, flyers, and website header look ahead of time.

Magic Movie - Free Photoshop Text Effects

This text effect needs no introduction. It basically makes your text and headings look like the title from the Harry Potter movies. And it’s also free to download and use with your personal and creative projects.

10 Retro Text Effects for Photoshop

With 10 different text effects to choose from, you can use this bundle to create many different styles of retro title designs. It includes all kinds of text designs including ones that make your titles look like a Las Vegas signage lightbox. The text effects are fully customizable and come in 7 colors.

Glitch - Photoshop Text Effects Collection

A creative Photoshop text effect that gives your titles a unique glitch effect. It’s ideal for text and titles for technology-themed designs such as social media posts, website banners, and posters. The bundle includes 10 different glitch text effects in fully layered and editable PSD files.

Memphis Style - Text Effects PSD

The Memphis style of design is quite popular these days. This bright and colorful text effects pack allows you to create your titles and text using that same design style. The pack includes 8 creative Memphis-style text effects. You can easily edit them using either the PSD files or the ASL Photoshop layer styles.

3D Maker - Photoshop Text Effects

Want to give a realistic 3D look to your text? Then this pack of text effects is made for you. This bundle comes with 3 text effects featuring 3 different 3D depth sizes. You can use them to design unique 3D-like titles for your various creations. The colors are easily changeable as well.

Mobile Game - Cartoon Photoshop Text Effects

This is a pack of colorful and creative text effects that features cartoon-style designs. These are perfect for designing all kinds of kids-themed posters, flyers, greeting cards, and even headings and titles for gaming-related designs. It includes 10 different text styles with editable smart objects.

Vintage & Retro Text Effects for Photoshop

A collection of Photoshop text effects featuring a mix of retro and vintage styles. This pack includes 10 different text effects with various design styles you can use to craft titles and headings. Each text effect comes as a fully layered PSD file with smart objects as well as ASL Photoshop layer style formats.

Chrome - Free Photoshop Text Effects

This free Photoshop text effect allows you to create a realistic metallic chrome-like design. It actually includes 5 different text styles with various styles of designs. You can use it for free with personal projects.

Cinematic Retro Free PS Text Effects

Inspired by vintage cinema, this free Photoshop text effect features a retro text effect that lets you make text and headings that look like the title screen from classic movies.

Double Light - Photoshop Text Effects

As you can see from the preview image, these text effects not only look modern and creative but they also come in all kinds of colorful designs. This is a very unique text effect you can use to stylize your posters and banners as well as social media posts and covers. It includes 8 different text effect styles.

Graffiti Text Effects - 10 PSDs

You can use the text effects in this bundle to design unique graffiti style titles for your designs. The pack comes with 10 different text styles in separate PSD files. Each file can be customized to change colors to your preference. These text effects are also available in ASL Photoshop layer style format as well.

Game Titles Text Effects for Photoshop

This collection includes several colorful and creative text effects you can use to design titles for video games and for other gaming-related videos, YouTube channels, and more. It includes 10 different text styles in high-resolution PSD files.

Gaming Photoshop Text Effects

A yet another gaming-themed Photoshop text effects bundle. We couldn’t resist but to include this pack because of the creative designs of the text effects. It also includes 10 different styles of text effects in easily editable PSD files.

Holographic Text Effects for Photoshop

The text effects in this bundle feature a very futuristic design with a holographic design. These are perfect for transforming your titles and headings into retro-futuristic designs. It includes 10 different designs to choose from. And you can edit them using Photoshop CS3 or higher.

Horror Movie Free Text Effect for Photoshop

This free Photoshop text effect is perfect for designing titles for horror-themed designs. Whether it’s for a movie or a Halloween flyer, it will definitely make your designs look scarier.

Black Panther - Free Cinematic 3D Text Effect

Featuring almost exactly the same design from the Black Panther poster, this free Photoshop text effect comes with a very cinematic style of design. And you can use it to design all kinds of posters and flyers for free. As long as its a personal project.

Cyberpunk - 80s Retro Text Effects

Inspired by the highly anticipated video game Cyberpunk 2077, this pack features some incredible text effects that allow you to create titles using the same style of design. The bundle includes 10 different styles of designs.

Vintage Text Effects for Photoshop

Create incredible vintage text effects using this pack of Photoshop text effects. It includes 9 different text styles featuring editable design with smart object layers. These effects are ideal for vintage product labels and signage.

Turbo - 80's Retro Photoshop Text Effects

The retro text effects in this bundle are most suitable for designing YouTube channel covers and social media posts. It includes 10 different text styles featuring different retro text designs. You can edit them using Photoshop CS6 or higher.

Christmas Photoshop Text Effects

This Photoshop text effects pack is a must-have for designing greeting cards and seasonal designs. It features 5 different text styles you can use to craft beautiful Christmas-themed text effects.

Cartoon Style Text Effects for Photoshop

A bundle of creative text effects featuring cartoon text styles. These effects will come in handy when designing posters, greeting cards, and various other designs for children. The pack includes 10 different text effects.

Glitter Photoshop Text Effect

Get a glitter text effect generator mockup that makes your message look absolutely stunning with no efforts whatsoever! Just open the smart object layer, change the placeholder to your typography, and watch it renders perfectly looking sparkling glitter text.

Holochrome Text Effects

Holochrome Text Effects The holographic design trend is a huge hit for several years. Be trendy with these mockups in 2019! 10 shiny holographic effects. It’s an easy way to present your text, shape or logo in a cool retro style.

Finding the right font for headings is also crucial for making amazing designs. Check out our best title fonts collection for inspiration.

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