15 Latinx and Hispanic designers to watch


In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month — a US holiday that celebrates how Hispanic heritage has contributed to American culture and society — we’re highlighting a few Latinx and Hispanic designers.

But first, let’s talk about the terms Latinx and Hispanic. 

In US English, Hispanic refers to people and traditions that are linked to Spanish-speaking countries, while Latinx is a gender-neutral term that refers to people and traditions linked to Latin American countries. While there is a lot of overlap, the two terms are not interchangeable. Hispanic does not include Latin Americans from non Spanish speaking countries like Brazil. Latinx does not include people from Spain. 

For this collection, we’ve chosen to include both Latinx and Hispanic designers in order to honor both contributions to US American culture. 

1. Simon Sotelo 

Simon Sotelo's homepage, featuring a colorful illustration of Simon.

If you love design that tells a story, check out Simon Sotelo of Weird Wonderful. Simon is a visual designer who works in Webflow. She embraces narrative-driven design and focuses on the “emotional journey of the user.” Simon offers a variety of design services including branding, storyboarding, web development, illustrated portraits, and more. 

2. Susan Sanchez-Young

The Designing Chica homepage, featuring a colorful drawing of a smiling woman, surrounded by plants.

Visual journalist Susan Sanchez-Young says her art is inspired by her Guatemalan-Nicaraguan-American culture. On her site, The Designing Chica, you’ll find painting kits and coloring books that feature Latinx icons like Cecilia Cruz and Frida Kahlo as well as many designs that show off her love of conchas

3. Antonio Lapa

Photos of Antonio's Bê Ah Ba project.

As a product designer, Antonio Lapa enjoys using design to create better experiences. On his site, Lapa Design, he shares side projects that showcase his background in graphic design, typography, and color. For example, the Bê-Ah-Ba project highlights the history of Samba de Partido Alto — a subgenre of samba music — through images and playful typefaces. 

4. Camilo Bejarano

Camilo's instagram feed, featuring colorful illustrations.

As a self-taught designer, Camilo Bejarano combines design and illustration techniques to create great product experiences with colorful visuals. Camilo works on projects big and small — from playful animation experiments to UI/UX design for an app based on the Pixar short, La Luna

5. Alba Villamil

Independent design researcher Alba Villamil focuses on UX research design and specializes in product design “for underserved populations such as refugees, low-income families, and domestic violence survivors.”  Additionally, Alba gives talks and interviews about research ethics, inclusive UX design, and diversity in design. 

6. Polo Garcia

Polo Garcia's homepage with a Spanish/English intro and line drawing of Polo.

Polo Garcia is a product designer with a background in computer science, which Polo says gives them “a hybrid perspective about designing digital products.” When Polo isn’t working on design systems or UI/UX design, you can catch him on the Spanish-language design podcast, Diseño con Ñ.

7. Matías Pitters

Matías Pitters homepage with text "Very few people can build real scalable & maintainable Webflow sites. Most of these people are taken. I'm not."

If you’re looking for enterprise web design, get to know Matías Pitters of masterflowmaker. Matías is a Webflow Expert that specializes in building powerful sites that are scalable and easy to maintain. Matiias also shares his thoughts about designing in Webflow through the masterflowmaker blog. 

8. Ariana Escobar

Ariana's homepage with text "Hola! I'm Ariana Escobar. I turn my passions into actions to design a more joyful future."

Ariana Escobar is a digital product designer with an educational background in game design and audio-visual communication. Her website includes case studies that showcase her professional work. But one of our favorite parts of her site is the “playground” section. This section features some of her passion projects like a digital cookbook she designed that highlights her mother’s recipes. 

9. Lila Miller Espinosa

Lila's homepage with text "Hola! I'm a senior product & brand designer with over 6+ of experience passionate about design, psychology, problem solving, nature, and social justice.

Lila Miller Espinosa’s portfolio has an editorial feel that shows off her work with online retail experiences, apps, and illustrations. Lila works as a product and brand designer and also runs a blog and newsletter for Hispanic and Latinx women, Bonita Semana.

10. Pablo Ramos

Pablo's homepage with text "Welcome, here you'll find my latest templates made for Webflow. Don't forget to follow me to get my latest templates, news, and updates."o

Webflow template enthusiast Pablo Ramos strives to create templates that are visually appealing and easy to use. Because Pablo focuses on templates, his designs cover a wide range of uses from CMS to ecommerce. 

11. Alejandra Porta

Alejandra's homepage with images of several projects.

Brand experience designer Alejandra Porta specializes in design for startups, including web and UI/UX design, as well as brand identity and strategy. Alejandra is also the co-creator of Shine Bootcamp, a professional speaking academy for women and nonbinary people. 

12. Mauro Sicard

Mauro's homepage with photo of Mauro and text "CEO and Creative Director at BRIX Agency"

With the help of his BRIX Agency team, Mauro Sicard designs and develops websites, creates web and mobile apps, and provides brand design services. And for those who just want a bit of help, Mauro also has a collection of Webflow templates and UI kits

13. Kevin Cadena

Images of two of Kevin's projects — Colo-Mitolo-Gital game design and Latino Center of Art and Culture full-stack web development.

Graphic designer and web developer Kevin Cadena’s portfolio showcases many of his cultural and mission-driven projects. Check out his work on projects such as anti-racist resource collections, digital folklore that aims to connect people with their heritage, and various museum exhibits and websites. 

14. Belén Loez 

Belén's homepage showing recent blog posts in Spanish.


Belén Loez is a designer, podcaster, and writer. Belén writes about UI/UX design in Spanish on her blog. She also hosts the weekly podcast El Diseño Fantastico where she discusses professional development in the design field and chats with other designers. 

15. Pablo Stanley

Image of The Design Team, a comic series that follows the story of Petunia, a Mexican designer.

Pablo Stanley is the co-founder of Blush, a public speaker, podcaster, designer, and Webflow template creator. His project, The Design Team is a fun collection of comics he made featuring a Mexican designer. Pablo also created the site (and accompanying template) for Latinxs Who Design — a directory of Latinx professionals in the industry. 

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

These are just a few Latinx and Hispanic designers. Give your favorite Latinx and Hispanic designers some love by shouting them out in the comments!

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