The 12 best Shopify themes for your ecommerce business


As of 2020, more than one million businesses were using Shopify for their ecommerce needs, with more and more online stores springing up every day. In this guide, we’ve rounded up a few of the best Shopify themes for different types of ecommerce businesses. But first, let’s go over some basics.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a popular “all-in-one commerce platform” that provides an easy way to get online stores up and running. To be more specific, Shopify is a fully hosted platform that helps you design and launch a website that customers can visit. The platform also helps you add all of your products, manage inventory and accept payments from customers.

Although there are other tools such as WooCommerce for setting up online stores, these are usually just plugins and will require you to set up your own site and take care of the technical aspects such as hosting and website security. Shopify is a more beginner-friendly, all-encompassing solution that manages most of the technical details of setting up and maintaining an online store.

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What are Shopify themes?

A theme is a template that comes with a premade layout that determines the way your online store looks. Starting off your website with a theme can significantly simplify the process of setting up a new store. Most Shopify themes come with pre-chosen typography, images, pages, FAQs and other details that make up a fully functioning online store.

There are numerous pre-made themes that make setting up a beautiful Shopify website easy and fast, with little to no coding required. Since templates are all different, it’s important to pick one that will serve your purposes best. Keep in mind things like the size of your catalog, the style that will best suit your brand’s voice, and what kind of features your website will need.

Where can I buy a theme?

There are multiple online marketplaces that sell Shopify templates. The important thing to keep in mind is that templates provided by the official Shopify marketplaces are guaranteed to integrate seamlessly with their platform, and will be the first to receive any necessary updates. These templates also undergo careful evaluation before being released on the marketplace and meet very high-quality standards.

Third-party marketplaces such as ThemeForest are another popular option for purchasing Shopify templates. Although these templates don’t undergo Shopify’s quality control, there are still plenty of excellent options, as long as you do thorough research and keep customer reviews in mind. The upside of third-party themes is that they tend to be significantly cheaper than the Shopify themes, and might be a better choice for a small business on a tight budget.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find a great theme for your new ecommerce business.

Best Shopify themes for Single-Product Stores

Many businesses choose to focus on a single brand or product at a time these days. It allows you to do one thing very well. So if you’re one of those entrepreneurs looking to start selling hand-made bracelets or an innovative new water bottle design, here are a few good Shopify templates.

These templates are optimized for small catalogs, and lean into a more personal tone and design, allowing customers to connect with the unique brand of your particular ecommerce store.


Minimal Shopify Theme
A simple, clean ecommerce theme via Shopify

Minimal is not only one of the best-rated free Shopify themes available right now, but it’s also offered through the official Shopify marketplace. This means that it comes with a guaranteed level of quality and support. Easy to set up and manage, this theme is the perfect choice for the small business owner that wants to kickstart their ecommerce site at a low cost.

Price: FREE


Startup Shopify Theme
A minimalist, innovative theme via Pixel Union

Great for start-ups with an innovative new product, the Startup theme emphasizes a variety of custom modules that allow you to explain why your product is so unique. Eco-conscious? The first wireless product of its type? Simply drag and drop, fill in the text and hit save.

Although it’s definitely on the pricier side when it comes to Shopify themes, the quality of this theme definitely lives up to the price tag. The demo is absolutely beautiful, with fluid transitions between sections, and a creative design that suits startups perfectly.

Price: $180 (one-time purchase).

Best Shopify themes for Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Huge online marketplaces such as Rakutan, Aliexpress, and Amazon are examples of ecommerce sites with multiple vendors. Notice that all of these sites avoid choosing a branding “voice” in their website design. That’s because it would be very hard to match the hundreds of brands featured on your website to a very particular style.

Vintage or feminine is fine for a one-brand website, but when it comes to massive marketplaces, a practical template that can match a variety of products and brands is best. Think black, white and primary color schemes, with easy-to-read typography styles.


Fastor Shopify Theme
A great multi-purpose Shopify theme via roartheme

Fastor has long held its position as one of the best-selling themes on the ThemeForest marketplace. Clocking in a 4.89 rating, with over 1500 reviews, it’s easy to see why this theme is so popular. Aside from offering some of the best support, this template also comes with 104 pre-built skins, making it one of the easiest to set up, and probably the best value on this list.

Price: $56 (one-time purchase).

Electro Electronics

Electro Electronics Shopify Theme
A vibrant Shopify theme via arenacommerce

Bright, friendly, and responsive, Electro Electronics makes browsing an enjoyable experience that doesn’t overwhelm the user. This template is particularly well-suited for multi-vendor electronic or home goods stores.

Price: $59 (one-time purchase).

Best Shopify themes for Digital Products

Digital products such as software, graphic designs, and online courses have become more common in recent years. Since this business model often doesn’t have flashy products to stand on, the website template needs to make up for this with elements such as customer testimonies, videos, and a good “about us” section.

Below are a few reliable templates that would lend credibility to an ecommerce store selling a digital product.


Launch Shopify Theme
A clean, professional-looking Shopify theme via PixelUnion

The Launch theme is one of the only themes on the Shopify store that has incorporated features for crowdfunding campaigns. This theme allows you to track and display the progress of your campaign, engaging users with your brand. The theme also comes with a “Blog” and “About” page that allows you to easily display all of your team members and introduce them to users visiting the website.

Although far from the cheapest option, Launch comes with a guaranteed level of support and quality, meaning no unexpected downtime and fewer complications for your business.

Price: $180 (one-time purchase).


California Shopify Them
An elegant, fluid Shopify theme via PixelUnion

Designed for an “elegant user experience”, this fluid Shopify theme allows you to create a professional-looking website for your business in a matter of hours. Most importantly, the California theme comes with overwhelmingly positive reviews and praise for the amount of support the developers offer.

Additionally, all Shopify themes are speed tested, and any future updates made to the theme are completely free after your one-time payment.

Price: $180 (one-time purchase).

Best Shopify themes for Subscriptions

Subscriptions have become a fun way for consumers to interact with brands. Who doesn’t love the feeling of receiving a gift in the mail? Below are a few creative, fun templates that are great at featuring just one or two products, and create an exciting shopping experience for our fellow subscription-loving customers.

Please note, these are best for simple subscription models where the user just has to click to add the subscription to the cart.


Fresh Shopify Theme
A colorfully vibrant Shopify theme via Eight

Hands down the most vibrant and fun ecommerce template on this list, Fresh is likely to be a fan-favorite for businesses going for a young vibe. Great for anything from food to stationery, this template is a fantastic pick. Although $180 might seem pricey, trying to imitate a design like this from scratch would be a long and difficult task, making the price tag well worth it.

Price: $180 (one-time purchase).


Highlight Shopify Theme
An artistic Shopify theme via Krown Themes

Highlight is specially designed to introduce customers to a product in a “creative and engaging way”, by incorporating a narrative experience. The landing page scrolls down via a parallax vertical slider, presenting the content in an artistic way.

Trying to start a coffee subscription box? This is the template for you. Highlight will allow you to lead the customers through a journey, from coffee bean farmers in Peru, to roasting and packaging each and every box.

Price: $180 (one-time purchase).

Best Shopify themes for Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way to start your own ecommerce business without dishing out a lot of start-up capital. Even better though, is using a Shopify template that’s designed to fit a variety of brands and products, with integrated SEO and Oberlo support.


Avone Shopify Theme
A sleek, multi-purpose Shopify theme via adornthemes

Avone comes with tons of free features such as product countdowns, Ajax popups, 360° degree product viewing, and lookbook shopping. Most importantly, this Shopify theme is very compatible with Oberlo, one of the most popular drop-shipping tools on the market. All this isn’t bad for its modest price tag.

Price: $79 (one-time purchase).

Elessi 3

Elessi 3 Shopify Theme
A modern, beautiful Shopify theme via adornthemes

Elissi 3 is one of the best rated themes on the Theme Forest marketplace. Clocking in at a 5.00 rating, with 154 reviews, this theme is considered to have some of the best support.

Furthermore, it also comes with 360° degree quick view, a wishlist function, Oberlo compatibility, promo popups, back in stock notifications, and much more. The overall theme is modern and stylish, a great pick for dropshipping clothing websites.

Price: $99 (one time purchase).

Best Shopify themes for Mobile-Friendly

According to Google Analytics, over 50% of website visits now come from mobile devices. This makes it all the more important that your ecommerce site is mobile friendly and just as easy to use on a small screen.

Gecko 5.0

Gecko 5.0 Shopify Theme
A responsive, easy-to-use Shopify theme via The4

The Gecko theme is a long-standing staple of Shopify themes. Describing itself as a “clean, responsive Shopify theme”, it does indeed live up to its motto.

All 30+ homepage layouts that this theme offers are absolutely stunning. No cluttered looking interfaces or badly designed pages to be found here. Optimized for fast loading and mobile screens, this Shopify theme appears great on any kind of device. Gecko also comes with retina screen support, and a large variety of layouts and hover/tap actions that create a great user experience.

Price: $99 (one time purchase).


Maker Shopify Theme
A beautiful, responsive Shopify theme via Troop Themes

Maker is carefully designed with readability and user experience in mind. Products are artfully featured, with plenty of spacing between images and text, ensuring great readability on any mobile or desktop device. Combined with a gorgeous use of pastel colors, this theme is sure to be a hit with younger users.

A great choice for a makeup or skincare company targeting a younger demographic that frequently shops from their phone.

Price: $180 (one time purchase).

Begin your Shopify adventure today!

We know that starting a new ecommerce store can be a lot of pressure, but hopefully we helped you out a bit today. All of these themes are great options. The most important thing is to simply do your research and continue improving your online store as best you can. There’s plenty of great resources out there on the internet and with a little bit of elbow grease, almost anything is possible. Good luck!

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