VeganBurg shakes up their packaging with a fresh new design


Since 2010, VeganBurg has been winning loyal fans in Singapore and San Francisco. Being the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint, VeganBurg was a pioneer in the ethical fast-food industry. They set out to make the most amazing burgers and to inspire and excite the world to choose a plant-based diet. When they approached 99designs Studio for help, we had the pleasure to redesign their packaging to carry the brand into the next decade.

At 99designs Studio, our Creative Director took the lead on the project and worked closely with VeganBurg through each step of the creative process. With our global network of designers, we were able to find the best talent and fit for each element of VeganBurg’s packaging and design needs.

VeganBurg’s creative challenge


In 2010, when VeganBurg first opened its restaurant in Singapore, veganism was a niche diet and lifestyle choice. They were the first in the market to serve up healthy, sustainable, plant-based fast food. By 2015, they opened a location in San Francisco. And now, veganism is a diet and lifestyle choice that nearly 80 million people worldwide embrace.

VeganBurg recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and its growth and success in Singapore and San Francisco. They are looking ahead for a fresh new twist to bring them into the next decade. Starting in 2021, they plan to expand across the US and beyond.

The creative challenge had three key requirements:

  • The new packaging would be simple, confident and easy to scale
  • The designs would align with their vision: to make sustainable food available to your neighborhood, to break stereotypes and to make the word “Vegan” more fun
  • To celebrate the new era of mainstream Veganism and plant-based diets

VeganBurg wanted to retain its brand persona and mandate. The name and tagline couldn’t change, but designers were encouraged to play with VeganBurg’s brand style guidelines and experiment with new colors, textures and patterns.

The solution: 99designs Studio

99d studio

99d Studio is a comprehensive start-to-finish service that leverages the top talent from our community, proven and agile creative platform, and adds a strategic layer in the form of Creative Direction. We own the creative challenge and deliver branding, packaging and campaigns in a simple, stress-free process—no matter the complexity.

My experience with 99d Studio was terrific. Working with a Creative Director helped us removed unnecessary back and forth, and I will not hesitate to recommend it.

Once we understood VeganBurg’s creative challenges and goals, we assigned a dedicated Creative Director to the project to collaborate and work closely with the VeganBurg team, to find the right creative talent and skills in our designer community, and to lead the strategy and creative direction through each step of the process.

The strategy

The first step was to run a scoping session, led by the Creative Director, to achieve two key things: to understand the product, operational process and goals of the packaging redesign and to review current marketing materials. Once we understood the vision, direction and situation, we wrote the creative brief.

From here, our Creative Director presented a range of conceptual designs and themes. And with our expertise and experience, we ideated and discussed with VeganBurg’s team to select the overall visual identity and style of the packaging system.

Once the visual identity was set, the Creative Director found, through our global network of designers, the best talent and fit for each element of VeganBurg’s packaging. We were able to work with designers that specialized in pattern designs to develop a unique pattern, with seasonal variations for the burger wrap.

We worked with a packaging design specialist to finalize the packaging and roll out VeganBurg’s new visual identity. Being able to work with a packaging design specialist allowed us to deliver beautiful designs as well as functional. We also created stickers for the packaging to mark flavors and checkboxes for staff to indicate special order requirements.

The outcome

Our team at 99designs Studio delivered exactly what VeganBurg was looking for: sustainable and eco-friendly packaging that has a fresh and natural look and feel with a fun pop of color.

Veganburg collage
Designs by setrone

Working with a Creative Director at 99designs Studio allowed a unique and remote design team to be selected specifically for VeganBurg’s needs. We were there each step of the way to lend our expertise and delivered creative solutions that look great and are functional. We put VeganBurg in touch with their special team of designers for any future work together, whether that’s a new design or even small updates.

If you’re scaling up your business, 99d Studio can provide full-service, remote creative direction and delivery to help you take your brand design and marketing collateral to the next level.

Got a big idea for your brand?
99d Studio can deliver your next creative challenge with ease.

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