The shift to make No-Code Conf 2021 an online-only event


After consulting with external conference experts and hearing concerns from our sponsors and members of our community, we’ve made the difficult but confident decision to make No-Code Conf an online-only event this year.

I want to first acknowledge that many of us who planned to attend in San Francisco will miss that opportunity for in-person connection. Connecting with each other was one of the biggest reasons we pushed for an in-person option — and we hope to connect in-person as soon as it’s safer to do so.

I’m sure many of you have questions about this decision and what it means for the conference. We will aim to answer all of your questions in the coming weeks, but for now, we hope the information below provides some transparency and reassurance.

Why did we make this decision, and why now?

At this point, the unknowns are far too great and the risks have increased dramatically since earlier this year, when we made the decision to have an in-person component, with possible scenarios including:

  1. San Francisco putting a cap on gathering sizes (which has already happened during the pandemic and has led to day-of cancellations for events all over the world)
  2. Individuals and teams being uncomfortable about the idea of traveling, or even feel pressured to travel
  3. The potential spread of COVID and its variants, since this is an event that would have people flying in from all over the world

Our community and our team members are placing their trust in us to provide an environment where they can safely connect with one another — and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We know it’s on us to do the right thing here.

How will this impact the attendee experience?

Since we expected the vast majority of our conference attendees to attend online anyway, we’ve been planning for a remote-first attendee experience from the very beginning. This also helps us put 100% of our energy behind making this a fun, engaging, and connected virtual event.

If you registered for the online experience, no action is needed. If you purchased in-person tickets, we sincerely regret any inconvenience this decision may cause. Rest assured, all in-person registrants will receive full refunds, automatic registration to the free online event, and free admission to our next major in-person event.

Does this change plans for what’s happening at No-Code Conf?

Not at all.

Will we still be launching and sharing out the future of Webflow at No-Code Conf? Absolutely.

Will there be a packed show with multiple keynotes, over 40 breakout sessions, interactive experiences, and opportunities from people all over the world to connect with each other? Yes.

Will we have a live program that will be streamed between events packed with content from members of the no-code community? Indeed, we will.

While we’re disappointed about not being able to connect with many of you in person this year, our team is more excited than ever (no, really!) about our plans to make the online experience great. Thank you all for your support, your feedback, and your patience.

For questions, feedback, or anything else, reach out to our team at

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