30+ Mobile App Wireframe Templates: iPhone + Android


If you want to create a mobile app with a great user experience, you should always start your project with a wireframe. In this post, we share a collection of modern mobile app wireframing templates to help you get started in your design process.

When using a wireframe template, you won’t have to spend hours crafting layouts, buttons, image placeholders, and all the other elements that take hours to create from scratch. All you need to do is edit the templates and rearrange the elements to make your own app wireframe design.

We’ve handpicked some of the best mobile app wireframes you can use to design both iPhone and Android app user interfaces, all in various file formats.

Top Pick

High Fidelity - Android & iOS Wireframe Kit

High Fidelity is a massive collection of wireframing templates that includes layouts for designing Android and iOS app user interfaces.

This bundle features mobile wireframe designs in 7 different categories. You can edit and fully customize the templates using Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

This wireframing kit is quite special. Not just because it has lots of professional layouts. Mainly because it includes layouts for both iOS and Android apps. And it also comes in multiple file formats.

Baseframe - Wireframe UI KIT 200+ Templates

Baseframe is another huge bundle of wireframe templates. This pack comes with more than 200 unique layout templates. It supports both iOS and Android mobile app designs and the templates are available in Sketch file format.

iOS Wireframe Mobile UIT KIT (PSD)

If you’re a fan of Photoshop, you can use this mobile wireframing kit to design unique app wireframes using your favorite app. It includes 150 unique templates you can easily customize using Photoshop. The UI kit is also available in Sketch and Adobe XD format as well.

Letur - Mobile App Wireframe Kit

Don’t let those bright pink colors confuse you. This is not a wireframe kit made just for designing feminine mobile app designs. It’s also suitable for many other app user interface designs. It includes 26 easily editable mobile layouts in Adobe XD and Photoshop formats.

Pride - Minimal Mobile Wireframe Kit

Pride is a collection of minimal mobile wireframing templates featuring various user interface templates for crafting mobile app experiences. The bundle includes more than 30 unique interface designs in Photoshop PSD file format.

Collector - iOS Wireframe UI Kit

Another big collection of wireframe templates. This kit is designed for iOS mobile app layouts. It comes with more than 200 templates with layouts in 22 different categories. You can customize them using Adobe XD.

Free Creative iOS Wireframe Kit

This is a bundle of free wireframe templates. It includes a set of simple mobile screen layouts with beautiful modern designs. The templates are easily customizable as well.

Hellin Mobile Wireframe Kit for PS & XD

This bundle includes 30 different wireframe templates for mobile app screens. There are profile screens, home feed screens, gallery layouts, and much more. There are more than 50 sections in this pack with templates in Photoshop and Adobe XD formats.

SeaWire - iOS Mobile App Wireframe Kit

SeaWire is an iOS app wireframing kit that features over 220 pre-made layouts in 28 different categories. You can use this wireframe kit to design any type of mobile app for the iOS platform. The templates are fully customizable with Figma.

Makeapp - Universal Mobile Wireframe Kit

Makeapp is a multipurpose wireframe bundle that allows you to design app wireframes for both Android and iOS platforms. The bundle features 100 different screen templates in 10 categories. You can use them in Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD.

Concrete - iOS & Android Mobile Wireframe Kit

Another universal mobile wireframing kit for designing Android and iOS app layouts. This template kit includes over 70 pre-made wireframe layouts in 10 different categories. They are available in Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, and Adobe XD file formats.

Blocks - Responsive Wireframe Kit for Mobile & Desktop

This wireframe template bundle features a set of minimal content block templates for crafting any type of mobile app you want. There are more than 100 components and 50 blocks included in this bundle. All available in Sketch file format.

Sketch & Figma Mobile Wireframe Kit

This is a free wireframe kit that includes 7 mini-app experiences, each featuring 7 different screen layouts. You can use the templates in Figma or Sketch to craft complete app wireframes with ease.

Knock - eCommerce Mobile UI Wireframe Kit

Knock is a simple wireframing kit you can use to design mobile user interfaces for eCommerce apps. The bundle features 69 different wireframe screens in fully customizable Photoshop and Sketch file formats.

UX Workflow - Mobile Wireframe and Sitemap Creator

This bundle is a must-have for mobile app designers and UX designers. It features a collection of 105 app screens, screen formats, and grid formats you can use to create and streamline your app experiences. All of the templates come in AI and EPS file formats.

Wirey - Mobile App Wireframe Kit

Wirey is a wireframe kit you can use to design apps for iOS and Android platforms. It includes 200 app screen layouts in 11 categories featuring over 1000 different elements.

Bolt - Mobile Wireframe Templates 40 Screens

This bundle is ideal for crafting various mobile app screens for both iOS and Android platforms. It includes 40 different screen templates with fully customizable layouts. And they are available in 3 different color schemes.

Free Mobile Wireframe Kit For Adobe XD

This free wireframing kit includes minimal and clean mobile user interface designs. You can easily customize the designs using Adobe XD to make them your own.

Minimal Mobile Wireframe Kit Templates

If you’re looking for a mobile wireframing kit with a simple design, this bundle of UI templates is for you. It includes more than 90 unique mobile app wireframe templates featuring simple and clean designs. The templates are also available in both Sketch and Illustrator file formats.

Sketchy - Creative iOS Wireframe Kit

Sketchy is a bundle of creative wireframing templates for designing iOS app interfaces. It comes with 218 app interface templates that are made up of over 500 elements. The templates are available in 29 different categories.

Dashboards & Charts - iOS 13 Wireframe Kit

This collection of mobile wireframing templates are fully optimized for crafting iOS 13 app interfaces. In addition to dashboard and chart wireframes, this series also includes templates for walkthroughs, settings pages, and more. Be sure to download them all.

UIXO - iOS 12 Wireframe UI & UX Kit

A unique wireframing kit for designing iOS apps with dark color themes. This bundle comes with more than 100 unique app screens in 16 categories. You can download the lite version of this wireframing kit here.

Liberty - Mobile Wireframe Kit Sketch & PSD

Liberty is a modern wireframing kit you can use to craft trendy and stylish app designs. The bundle includes 125 app screen layouts in 9 categories. The templates are also available in Sketch and Photoshop file formats.

Free Sketch Mobile Wireframe Kit

Another free wireframing kit for designing various mobile app interfaces. This kit includes over 20 unique wireframe templates with easily editable layouts. The templates come in Sketch file format.

Free Music App Wireframe UX Kit

This free wireframe kit features a complete design of a music app. It includes wireframes for all screens you’ll need to design an app, especially ones for streaming music.

Skeletal - Mobile Wireframe Kit PSD

Craft the perfect mobile app skeleton using this unique wireframing kit. It includes 22 unique screen layouts featuring easily customizable designs. You can edit the wireframes using Photoshop.

Mobnet - Mobile Wireframe Kit

Another wireframe kit for designing modern mobile user interfaces. This kit comes packed with 23 different app layouts with organized layers and free fonts. The templates are available in PSD file format.

iPhone - iOS Wireframe Kit

This kit if iOS app wireframes it most suitable for designing blogging and magazine app interfaces. It includes 90 screen designs that are compatible with iPhone X and iPhone 11. You can edit them using Sketch.

Turbo - iOS App Wireframe Kit

Turbo is a bundle of iOS wireframe templates that comes with layouts in 9 different categories. It includes a total of 100 mobile UI templates. You can easily edit and customize them to your preference using either Sketch, Illustrator, or Photoshop.

Printable Wireframe Templates

Being able to print your wireframe designs can be quite beneficial. It will allow you to show off your wireframe designs in meetings and to clients. This bundle includes 55 templates for both desktop and mobile interfaces with printable designs.

eBlocks - Free eCommerce Wireframe Kit

This free wireframing kit features multiple mobile screen layouts for designing eCommerce apps and stores. The templates are available in an easily editable Sketch file format.

Free Mobile Wireframe Ui Kit (Sketch)

Another free mobile wireframing kit featuring simple user interface layouts. This kit comes with multiple screen designs you can use to craft unique apps for both iOS and Android.

Working on a website design? Then check out our best website wireframe templates collection.

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