20+ Stunning Effects for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is the perfect software for adding amazing effects to your videos. The best part is that you don’t even have to be an expert video editor to create them, thanks to pre-made effects for DaVinci Resolve.

Today we have a collection of mind-blowing special effects you can use in DaVinci Resolve to make your videos come alive and feel like a Hollywood production.

There are many different types of effects in this collection for everything from YouTube vlogs to TV promos, documentaries, music videos, and films. They will help you create mesmerizing effects that make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Check out all the effects below and see if you can find a cool effect for your next project.

Surreal Mirror Effects for DaVinci Resolve

Christopher Nolan used some innovative techniques to create those mind-bending scenes in the 2010 movie Inception. Now, you can create similar effects with just a few clicks using DaVinci Resolve. This effects preset will allow you to create incredible mirror effects to achieve unique results. There are 11 different macros in this bundle with fully customizable effects. It’s a must-have for YouTubers and filmmakers.

Hallucination Effects for DaVinci Resolve

This is a fun effect you can use to add a hallucinating look to scenes and clips in your videos. It’s especially useful for creating flashback scenes in movies and music videos. You can also use it to create a dreamy or pop art-style look for your videos. This effect is also customizable and fully adjustable to your preference.

Locked On Stabilization Effect for DaVinci Resolve

One of the most popular effects used in social media videos is the locked-on effect. This DaVinci Resolve preset allows you to create that same effect without effort. It allows you to lock on to an object or person in the video to create a trendy stabilization effect. This effect is used in movies and films as well, especially in found footage-style movies.

Halftone Retro VHS Effects for DaVinci Resolve

This is a collection of groovy retro halftone effects for DaVinci Resolve. There are 20 different color presets in this bundle. They are nothing special but they are great for instantly adding an old-school retro look to your videos. You can also create custom duo-tone color effects using these presets.

DaVinci Resolve Transition and Effects Package

A collection of useful resources for DaVinci Resolve. This bundle includes a mix of different presets and templates for all kinds of video projects. There are light leaks, particle effects, transitions, a sound library, and much more in this pack. It’s an all-in-one kind of bundle of DaVinci Resolve.

Free RGB Split Effect for DaVinci Resolve

This is a simple effect for DaVinci Resolve that lets you add a unique RGP split filter to your videos. It even works for text and titles too. This effect is free to download. You can find the link in the video description.

Free Anime Speed Lines Effect for DaVinci Resolve

The anime speed lines effect is a popular effect used in social media videos. It’s especially a favorite among meme creators. You can download this effect for free to make your own meme videos with the anime speed lines.

Realistic Sun Rays Effect for DaVinci Resolve

If you want to add a dramatic sun-shining effect to videos shot in low-light conditions, then this DaVinci Resolve effect is made just for you. It features realistic-looking sun rays effect with a fully customizable design. You can adjust the intensity of the sun rays and light leaks to your preference. It also has a built-in tracker too.

Realistic Hits And Rumbles Effects for DaVinci Resolve

A very useful collection of DaVinci Resolve effects for editors working on action movies, films, and videos. This pack has a collection of 12 different hit effects and 6 rumble effects. If you want to make your gun shooting scenes look more intense, these hit effects will make it happen. The rumble effects are also useful for sports and fitness videos.

Gunshot Effects for DaVinci Resolve

This is a collection of cool gunshot effects for DaVinci Resolve. They feature cartoon-like effects but they fit right in with any type of video. You can use them to add gunshot effects to your animated videos, short films, funny YouTube clips, and even gaming videos. There are multiple styles of gunshot effects in this bundle to choose from.

Diode Screen Effect for DaVinci Resolve

This unique diode screen effect completely transforms your video scenes into a screen full of diodes. You can even customize to adjust the size of the diodes as well as their shapes and diode counts. It has many different effects for crafting unique animations as well. This effect is great for making animations for video openers, end credits scenes, and more.

Burn Tape Effects for DaVinci Resolve

You can use this DaVinci Resolve effect to create a cool old-school glitching effect for your videos. It has multiple styles of effects featuring different overlay effects. These are great to use as transitions too. Or you design cool intro scenes and slideshows with this effect.

Free Magnify Effect for DaVinci Resolve

With this free effect for DaVinci Resolve, you’ll be able to make some cool scenes for your videos. It includes a magnifying glass effect where you can magnify specific parts of your videos.

Free Stacked Video Effect for DaVinci Resolve

Another free DaVinci Resolve effect for making a unique stacked video effect. It lets you create a stack of up to five videos in one scene. It’s perfect for creating vertical videos for Instagram and TikTok.

Sparks Effects for DaVinci Resolve

There are some cool effects in this bundle that will make sparks fly from your videos. These effects are made for adding attractive special effects to make your videos look a bit extra. The spark effects in this pack are fully customizable. You can edit them to change colors, adjust placements, and make them fit into various types of videos.

Action VFX Pack for DaVinci Resolve

This bundle of effects for DaVinci Resolve features a mix of both smoke and fire effects. They are ideal for making explosion and fire effects, especially for action-packed scenes for films and YouTube videos. The effects have customizable colors for both the fire and smoke effects. You can also use them to make backdrops.

Dream Effects for DaVinci Resolve

Creating dreamy scenes if your videos will be much easier with the help of this DaVinci Resolve effect. It features a unique effect that makes scenes look quite hypnotizing. The effect is ideal for making wedding videos, photo albums, YouTube videos, social media promos, and so much more.

Dynamic Cartoon Effects for DaVinci Resolve

This is a collection of cartoon-style dynamic effects for DaVinci Resolve. There are more than 30 different special effects in this pack featuring fire, explosion, lightning, energy, and various other effects. They are perfect for crafting cool intros, logo reveals, transitions, and more for your videos.

Real Explosions Effects for DaVinci Resolve

Another collection of explosion effects for DaVinci Resolve. These effects feature realistic-looking designs that will fit in nicely with your short films and movies. You can also choose from lots of different styles of explosion effects.

Free Glitch Text Effect for DaVinci Resolve

With this free effect, you can design attractive titles and text with a retrofuturistic glitching effect. This effect is easily customizable and it’s been designed for making titles and opening scenes for videos.

Free Vertical Split Frame Effect for DaVinci Resolve

Another simple and free effect for DaVinci Resolve. This effect features a vertical split frame effect that divides the screen to create a cool transition. It’s ideal for making transitions, logo reveals, and openers.

Smart Pixel Sorting Effect for DaVinci Resolve

This is one of the weird effects on our list. It features a pixel-sorting effect that creates a stretched-out look in scenes. The macro will fit right in with any type of scene in your videos. And it comes in 14 different styles for you to choose from. It’s perfect for crafting cool intro scenes for movies and YouTube videos.

Realistic Snow Effects for DaVinci Resolve

A simple yet useful effect for DaVinci Resolve. As the name suggests, it allows you to add realistic snow to your videos. Even if you have a video shot in the summer, this effect will instantly transform the look and vibe of that video. There are multiple styles of snow effects in this pack and they are customizable too.

In addition to effects and templates, you can also use plugins to extend the features of DaVinci Resolve and make cool videos. Be sure to read our best DaVinci Resolve plugins guide to learn more.

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