20+ Examples of Stylish Business Card Designs (+ Templates)

When it comes to designing a business card, there are so many different design styles, trends, and concepts you can follow. But how do you figure you which one is best for your brand?

To help you find inspiration for your business card design, we’ve put together this collection of professional business card examples.

These examples show business cards crafted by experienced designers and how they use many different styles of designs. They will allow you to get an idea of how to approach your design.

We also handpicked a few business card templates. You can download and use them to create high-quality business cards without effort. Find the template collection right after the business card examples.

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See More Business Cards

Lewa House

Lewa House

The business card design for the travel lodge in Kenya, Lewa House is truly a work of art. The designer Sam Thompson has made two versions of the business card. One with a colorful design and another with a classic letterpress/craft-style design.

Lewa House 2

Both these designs use brilliant use of space and typography to create a professional layout to arrange its content in an elegant way. The subtle gradient used in the design fits perfectly with the brand as well.



This business card design by Audrey Elise is a great example of how to use modern design trends in professional branding designs. It appears to use a Bauhaus-style approach to add stylistic elements to the front side of the business card. And it just works.

We’re not quite sure if this was made for a real brand or a concept design. Either way, it has all the right elements for creating business cards for a modern business or creative agency.



We love the mesmerizing design used in this business card. It’s like staring into an optical illusion. And the vibrant gradient colors make it look even better. The design fits perfectly for the brand as well.

The business card is designed by Andrei Traista for PitchProof, an agency that specializes in writing presentations for startups.

Dunn Lumber

Dunn Lumber

This is one of the most creative business card designs we’ve seen in a while. It offers a creative use for the card itself by turning it into a tiny ruler but it stays on-brand at the same time.

Designer Matt Naylor has crafted this business card for a lumber and hardware store. No one would even consider getting rid of a business card like this when it provides more than one use.

Coric Design

Coric Design

If you’re a fan of old-school and traditional design, this business card by Coric Design will give you an idea of how to craft a classic and timeless business card for your brand.

Everything from the decorative border designs to the letterpress-style logo design turns this business card into a vintage artwork from the 1920s.



How do you create an attractive business card for a company that creates presentation software for financial advisors? Malley Design shows you how.

The simplistic and minimalist approach used in this business card design makes even a boring brand look interesting. The cool neon Pantone colors take a big role in the design as well.



The dark and bold design of this business card seems appropriate for the brand, as it represents a company for location intelligence software.

The designer Lucas Fields has used a creative pattern using the logo and the tech-themed content arrangement fits the brand as well.



Jacket is an insurance company that offers life insurance and debt elimination services. This company uses a more modern approach than most other companies in the industry. Their brand identity is carefully crafted to showcase that.

Designer Andrew Wiseman has done a great job to create a beautiful brand identity and a typography-centric business card for this company. We love the font and the overall minimalist look of the design.



A truly bold business card design for a unique company. It uses two colors only but creates a highly visual look that represents the brand in a classy way. The use of spacing, typography, and the logo is simply perfect.

Designer Natalie Kent and Focus Lab have created an attractive visual identity for LaunchDarkly, a feature management company for SaaS startups.



Another beautiful typography-centric business card design by Focus Lab. This design is for Salesloft, a popular sales management platform with a global target audience.

The font and typography takes a major role in this business card design. It only consists of two colors and with an exceptional arrangement, which creates an aesthetic luxury feel. This style of business card design is perfect for high-end fashion brands, jewelry brands, and even for designers and freelancers.

Craft Kitchen Concepts

Craft Kitchen Concepts

The visual identity design for Craft Kitchen Concepts by Wells Collins is a masterclass on branding design. The classic letterpress-style design mixed with a craft-style layout fits perfectly for this restaurant group.

A stripped-down approach was used for this business card and the visual identity to make the branding match all the sub-brand restaurants under the same company.

Stylish Business Card Templates

Designing a business card from scratch can be a challenging task. You can use pre-made templates to make that process much easier. Try using these business card templates.

Creative Business Card Template

If you’re planning on making a creative business card with decorative elements, this template is the perfect place to start. It features a colorful design with abstract shapes and colors that are ideal for creative agencies and brands. The template comes in PSD and AI formats.

Modern Business Card Template

You can use this template to design a simple yet stylish business card for modern agencies, designers, and freelancers. It has a clean layout where you can include details about your services as well. The template can be customized using Adobe Illustrator.

Classy Business Card Template

With this template, you will be able to craft a highly professional business card for high-end brands. It’s especially suitable for big corporate businesses and agencies. The template is available in AI and EPS file formats.

Vertical Business Card Template

Vertical business card designs are a popular approach used by many designers. You can use this pre-made template to craft such a beautiful business card with a vertical layout. You can edit the Illustrator file to your preference as well.

Elegant Business Card Template

This business card template also uses a vertical layout. It features a simple and minimalist design with plenty of space to include details about your business and contact information. The template comes in PSD format.

Trendy Business Card Template

For designers and creative professionals who prefer more colorful business card designs, this template is a great choice. It features a beautiful design with lots of creative elements and colorful shapes. The template is available in PSD, AI, and EPS formats.

Business Card Template for Designers

This template has a bold and elegant design for crafting business cards for professionals. It’s especially suitable for graphic designers and artists. You can customize this template using either Photoshop or Illustrator.

Business Card Template for Agencies

The clean and professional design of this business card makes it a great choice for modern agencies and brands. It uses empty space quite well to create a beautiful layout to arrange content. It also comes in multiple file formats.

Bold Business Card Template

You can make a more stylish and attractive business card for students, freelancers, and various other professionals using this template. The template uses bright colors and eye-catching typography to create a trendy look. You can edit it using Illustrator and Photoshop.

Professional Business Card Template

This business card template is also ideal for professionals. It features a modern design with a classic layout full of shapes and colors. There’s space for including a QR code as well. You can fully customize this template to your preference using Photoshop.

Business Card Template for Artists

Using a stylish pattern background, this business card offers an elegant way to showcase your business and contact information. This template is perfect for artists, designers, and freelancers. The template comes in Adobe Illustrator format.

Luxury Business Card Template

If you want to design a business card with a high-end and luxury feel, this template is for you. The business card design uses a faded background pattern with beautiful typography. Of course, the colors and fonts can be easily customized using Illustrator.

For more inspiration, you can check out our best business card template collection.

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