20+ Coolest Band Logo Templates for Rock, Punk, & Metal Bands

It takes a long time to find inspiration for a logo design. Even the most talented designers take days, weeks, or sometimes even months to design a logo.

Of course, you need time to craft amazing logo designs. One of the best ways to speed up this process is to uselogo templates.

Especially if you’re starting a band, you’ll need a cool band logo made right away to go out and play your gigs. We’ve got the solution.

Today, we bring you a collection of the coolest band logos you can download and use to create a rad logo for your own band. These templates are easily customizable and you can edit them using Photoshop with just a few clicks. Have a look.

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Punk You! - Punk Rock Band Logo

The rude yet cool expression of this mascot makes this a great template for crafting an awesome logo for a punk or rock band. This template is actually made for T-shirts but you can easily turn it into a logo design. Plus, it will make it much easier for you to print some merchandise for the band. The template comes in 5 different colors and in multiple file formats.

Funky Skull - Punk Band logo Template

If you want to design a logo that looks both punk and scary, this logo template is the right choice for your band. It comes with a cool punk-style character wearing a gas mask. The template is available in Adobe Illustrator and EPS formats. You’ll be able to easily edit the design to change the text and colors.

Skull Biker - Metal Band Logo Template

This logo design is inspired by biker gang badges and logos. It has a very fun-looking design that will definitely make your band appearance more memorable than others. Of course, it will look amazing for designing T-shirts too. The template comes in AI and EPS formats.

Punk Band Logo Template PSD

This logo template features a scary-looking character that looks as if he came from the Mad Max universe. It has the perfect look for designing a cool logo for a punk band. You can also customize it using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Hard Metal Band Logo Template

If you want to design a logo for a metal band that both looks cool and strikes fear in the audience, then this bundle of logo templates will help get that job done. It includes 6 horror-themed logo designs that are ideal for hard metal and rock bands. Each template can be customized to your preference using Photoshop.

Free Vintage 80s Band Logo Templates

This is a collection of free band logo templates. It has 4 different logos that feature vintage 80s-themed designs. You can use these for badge designs as well. They are only available for personal use.

Free Minimal Rock Band Logos

Download this rock band logo templates kit for free. These logos use clean, simple, and minimal designs. They will make your look great no matter where you put them. The free versions of the templates are only available for personal projects.

Guitar Hells - Metal Band Logo Template

If your band rock as hard as the devil playing the guitar, then this logo template is made just for you. Some would say it’s a controversial design but for a hard metal band, this logo design will fit right in. The template is available in AI and EPS format. And it’s fully customizable.

Gas Mask - Rock Band Logo Template

Another cool logo template featuring a character wearing a gas mask. This logo design is most suitable for a punk band. It has a very creative mechanical-themed design that will give an urban look to your band logo. It comes in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats.

Devil Logo Template for Metal Bands

With this logo template, you can make the devil your mascot for the band. All jokes aside, this logo will be perfect for a hard metal band. If you want to make it less scary, you can change the colors. The template can be customized using Sketch or Adobe Illustrator.

Punks - Punk Band Logo Template

This logo template features a simple punk-style character in classic punk clothing and a full mohawk. It’s the perfect design for a punk band logo. You can easily change the text and colors to match your band as well. It comes in AI and EPS formats.

Reaper Nightmare - Metal Band Logo Template

Nothing looks scarier than the grim reaper. Use this logo template to craft a scary logo for your metal band. It has a fully customizable design and it’s available in multiple file formats. You can use it to craft badges, T-shirts, and merchandise too.

Free Retro Rock Band Logo Designs

These minimal retro logo templates are ideal for both music bands and businesses in the music industry. They are great for festivals, instrument shops, and events too. The templates are free to use for personal projects.

Free 80s Band Logo Templates

This collection of band logo templates features classic designs. They are most suitable for 80s-style rock bands and indie bands. The logos are available in AI and EPS formats. They are free for personal use.

Drumhell - Metal Band Logo Template

A skeleton from hell playing drums with a flaming background. What more do you need for a rad metal band logo design. Grab this template to craft a cool band logo that stands out from the crowd. You can even edit the template to change the colors and text. It comes in AI, PSD, and EPS formats.

Retro Pig - Cool Punk Band Logo Template

You can use this template to design a cool cyberpunk-style logo for a punk rock band. It features a retro-style pig character with a punk vibe. This template is also available in AI and EPS formats. You can scale and customize the design to match your band as well.

Galaxy - 80s Retro Rock Band Logo

With this logo template, you can design a cool and creative logo for an indie, rock, or alt-rock band. It has an 80s-style retro design featuring an astronaut. The colors and text can be customized using Photoshop or Illustrator. You can also scale it to use the logo on big banners, billboards, and more.

Skull Music Band Logo Template

This logo design comes with a simple and minimalist design. There are no flames or flashy design elements. It’s just a cool skull that’s wearing headphones. This logo is perfect for a rock band or even any rock music-themed business. It’s suitable for T-shirt designs too. The template is easily customizable and comes in AI and EPS formats.

Stone Golem - Rock Band Logo Template

A stone golem made out of rock to represent a rock music band? It’s like a match made in heaven. It’s a fun approach to making a cool logo for a rock band. This logo template features editable text and colors as well.

Free Rock Band Logo Template

This is one of the coolest band logo templates on our list. And it’s free! It features a classic rock and roll-style design featuring a skeleton hand with a vintage microphone. It’s free to download and use with your personal projects.

Free Classic Rock Band Logo Template

This is a two-in-one type of bundle that comes with a cool rock band logo and a business card template as a bonus. You can grab both of these templates for free. They are free for personal use but with attribution.

Evil Skull - Metal Band Logo Template

Another evil skull logo design for a metal or rock music band. Grab this template if you want to design a bold and frightening logo for your band. The template is available in vector EPS and AI formats.

Rock & Roll - Rock Band Logo Template

This logo design has a very simple and minimal design. It shows the sign of the horns, the well-known symbol for rock. You can use it for a rock band logo design. It comes in vector format, allowing you to customize and scale the design however you like.

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