20+ Best Professional Business Report Templates (Word, PPT, InDesign)

A modern and professional design is a must-have for every business report. But what exactly does a professional business report look like?

To help you find inspiration for your business report design, we gathered a collection of the best business report templates. These templates are made by professional designers and they all feature stylish and modern designs.

You can also download and edit them to easily create business reports without having to start from scratch. There are templates in this collection in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint formats. And we divided the list into 3 different sections to make it easier for you to find them.

Use the quick links below to jump to each section:

InDesign Business Report Templates

With Adobe InDesign, you can design more flexible and professional brochures for your business projects. These templates will help you get a head start in your brochure designs.

Annual Business Report Template

This InDesign template comes with a stylish and modern design to help you craft a professional report to showcase the business progress, stats, and data related to your yearly review. It has 16 unique pages with grid-based layouts. And you can fully customize the template to your preference as well.

Professional Business Report Template

You can design an attractive and professional business report or annual report using this InDesign template. It lets you choose from 20 different pages to craft a brochure filled with visuals, charts, and graphs. The template has changeable colors, backgrounds, and free fonts.

Creative Annual Business Report Template

Use this brochure template to design more modern-looking annual and business reports. There are 16 unique pages in this template with stylish designs. You can also fully customize each page to match your business branding. It’s available in both A4 and US Letter sizes too.

Professional Report Brochure Template

This professional report template is most suitable for designing brochures for corporate companies and agencies. It has a clean and traditional page design that has all the necessary layouts for making a complete and fully detailed business report. The template includes 36 page designs.

Colorful Business Report Template

If you prefer to take a more creative and colorful approach to your business report design, this template is perfect for you. It has a beautiful page design with trendy layouts. There are 12 different pages in this template featuring editable colors, fonts, and text. It comes in A4 size.

Elegant Annual Business Report Template

This is one of the most elegant and beautiful business report templates on our list. It features a stylish page design that will surely make your brochures stand out. And it’s especially suitable for high-end brands and businesses. The template comes with 16 pages in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Modern Professional Business Report Template

You can design a bold business report with a dark color theme using this professional InDesign template. It includes 20 unique page layouts with highly visual and modern designs. Of course, you can easily change the colors, fonts, and backgrounds to your preference as well.

Exeelo - Professional Report Template

This InDesign template has 28 different page designs with multipurpose layouts. You can use it to make all kinds of business brochures, including various types of business reports. The template has editable colors, paragraph styles, and easy-to-replace image placeholders.

Company Report Professional Template

This business report template uses a unique metallic color theme that adds a very sophisticated look to the design. It also has modern pages with simple paragraph styles and formatting. There are 24 page layouts included in the template. Use it to design bold business reports for modern brands.

Clean Annual Business Report Template

Looking to make a minimal, clean, and professional business report brochure? Then start with this template. It gives you 20 unique pages with clean and minimal designs to help create attractive business reports for all kinds of projects. It features organized layers and free fonts too.

Minimal Business Report Template PDF

This brochure template comes with a minimalist page design and it’s available in InDesign and PDF formats. The template has 40 page layouts that you can customize to change fonts, colors, and more.

MS Word Business Report Templates

Microsoft Word is easy to use and it’s one of the most accessible software for professionals. Use these templates to create professional-looking business reports using your favorite word processor.

Annual Report Template Word & INDD

This brochure template is ideal for making annual reports for modern brands and businesses. It comes in both MS Word and InDesign formats with fully customizable page layouts. There are 24 different pages to choose from and each page has easily editable text, changeable colors, and image placeholders.

Business Report Template Word

A business report template with a simple and minimal design. This Word template includes 20 unique page designs that have clean layouts to effectively showcase stats and data related to your business. It’s available in A4 and US Letter sizes as well.

Business Annual Report Word Template

With 16 beautifully designed pages, this annual report template allows you to make brochures that will look more attractive and professional. It has color themes and easily customizable design elements to help you create branded brochures for all types of businesses.

Modern Business Report Template Word

Make modern business reports with a classic design using this Word brochure template. It features a traditional page design with a highly customizable layout. There are 48 different pages to choose from. And you can use it to make bold and attractive annual reports as well.

Professional Report Word Template

A clean and minimal business report template for Microsoft Word. This template has a design that’s most suitable for corporate business brochures. It has classic content formatting that gives a professional look to each page. The template comes with 16 unique pages.

Simple Business Report MS Word & Indesign

Another minimalist business report template with a simple page design. This brochure template is ideal for business annual reports. And it has 24 flexible pages that you can customize using Word or InDesign. Everything from the colors to fonts and backgrounds is editable.

Annual Report Word Brochure Template

A professional MS Word brochure template that’s ideal for designing annual reports for modern businesses. This template has 16 page layouts. And it’s compatible with both older and new versions of Microsoft Word. The template is available in InDesign format too.

PowerPoint Business Report Templates

PowerPoint is one of the most versatile software there is. With these templates, you can create business report slideshows for presentations as well as printable documents.

Business Report PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template has everything you need to make all types of business reports. It has charts, graphs, infographics, and more to design modern and colorful slides for your business report presentations. You can also customize the colors, edit the graphics, and change backgrounds to your preference too.

Maua - Aesthetic PowerPoint Business Report Template

Maua is a beautiful PowerPoint template with an aesthetic feel. It includes 30 unique slides that are designed for making business reports with a stylish design. This template is ideal for businesses in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

Planen - Business Report Powerpoint Template

Another modern business report template for PowerPoint. This template comes with a professional slide design to showcase all your data and information in one place. There are 30 fully customizable slides in this template, which feature transition animations, image placeholders, editable graphics, and much more.

Venio - Stylish Business Report PowerPoint Template

The stylish and fresh slide design of this template will surely set your presentations apart from the rest. This template has 30 slides with trendy designs. Each slide is filled with colors and cool content formatting designs. You can also edit them to change the colors and fonts too.

Financial Report Powerpoint Template

Grab this PowerPoint template to design professional presentations to showcase your business financial reports. There are 130 slides in this template that are available in 50 color schemes as well as in light and dark themes. It includes lots of infographics, charts, and graphs as well.

Neocore Annual Report Powerpoint Template

You can use this PowerPoint template to design a professional presentation to showcase your business’s annual reports. It has 40 different slides with clean designs to include all the stats, data, and information related to the yearly review.

Corporate Report PowerPoint Template 500 Slides

This is a massive PowerPoint template that includes 500 unique slides. It’s designed for making business reports for corporate brands and companies. The slides feature minimal layouts with editable charts, text, graphics, and free fonts.

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