20+ Best Pinterest Templates for Posts & Banners (Free & Pro)

If you plan on including Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy, we handpicked the best Pinterest pin templates to promote your brand and products.

Even though it hasn’t been making rounds in the news lately, Pinterest is still one of the top social networking platforms available today. With more than 445 million monthly active users, Pinterest has a healthy balance of male and female audiences.

While over 60% of its users are women, men make up around 40% of the platform audience. This makes Pinterest the perfect place to promote your brand to a female audience and men.

The Pinterest templates we gathered for this collection include designs for various types of content from fashion-themed pins to digital product pins as well as for bloggers and influencers as well. Be sure to download them all.

20+ Pinterest Post Templates

This bundle includes 20 beautiful Pinterest post templates with vibrant and diverse designs. There are designs in this pack for promoting your latest blog posts, special promo deals, product promos, sales, and more. Each template can be easily customized using Photoshop. And they use free Google Fonts as well.

Viral Pinterest Pin Templates

The Pinterest pin templates in this pack will help you design more attractive banners that are inspired by popular posts that went viral on the platform. There are 30 different Pinterest banner designs included in this pack. They are ideal for promoting listicles, meal plans, weight loss plans, healthy lifestyle products, and more. The templates are available in PSD format.

Duotone Pinterest Banner Templates

This Pinterest templates kit uses the popular duotone color scheme to create a unique design for the pins. These designs will surely stand out among the other posts on Pinterest. They are ideal for promoting fashion and apparel brands. The bundle includes 9 Pinterest post templates in PSD, AI, and Sketch formats.

Holo Fashion Store Pinterest Post Templates

Similar to the previous Pinterest posts collection, this one also uses a creative design trend to offer a unique look for your Pinterest pins. It features bright and colorful post layouts featuring holographic gradient color schemes. You can use them to promote your latest fashion designs, apparel products, special deals, and much more. They come in PSD format.

Online Shop Pinterest Templates

You can use the templates in this bundle to promote your online store and its products on Pinterest like a pro. It includes 15 different Pinterest post templates with fully customizable and editable designs. You can easily replace the photos to add your own product images using Photoshop as well as change the backgrounds and fonts too.

Free Pinterest Social Media Templates

You can download this Pinterest template kit for free to design modern-looking posts to promote your brand and products. There are 15 templates in PSD format that use many different styles of layouts, especially suitable for fashion and lifestyle businesses.

Free 40 Pinterest Travel Banners

This bundle includes a huge selection of Pinterest banner templates with simple designs. They are made with travel-themed pages in mind and you can use them to promote travel agencies and tour packages as well. The entire bundle is free to download.

Yellow Autumn Pinterest Post Templates

If you’re looking for a set of social media post templates that you can use across multiple platforms, then this bundle is for you. It includes 12 unique Pinterest templates with multipurpose designs. They can be used to create quote posts, product promos, promote blog posts, and more. Each template comes in 3 sizes for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Travel Pinterest Post Templates

Make your travel posts and banners look extra amazing with this set of Pinterest post templates. It comes with 9 unique posts with cool effects and typography designs to make your travel photography look more attractive. The templates are available in Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator formats.

Fashion Pinterest Banner Templates

The Pinterest post templates in this bundle are specially optimized for promoting special offers, deals, and seasonal promos for your online stores. You can use them to showcase your latest fashion trends and product lineups while also including special deals. There are 9 different templates in this pack with various designs.

Pinterest Moodboard Templates

Many Pinterest users use the platform to create mood boards. You can use this template kit to create your own unique mood boards with attractive designs. There are 10 different templates in this pack with various styles of layouts. They come in both Pinterest and Instagram sizes. And you can edit them using Photoshop.

Modern Pinterest Post Templates

This collection of Instagram templates has modern and stylish designs that will instantly grab the attention of your audience. They are ideal for promoting fashion brands, lifestyle products, blog posts, podcasts, and everything in between. The bundle comes with over 20 Instagram templates in PSD format.

Free Quote Posts Pinterest Templates

This is a free Pinterest template kit that includes 8 colorful post layouts with creative paper collage-style designs. You can use these to create minimalist quotes and banners to entertain your audience.

18 Free Pinterest Templates for Bloggers

Another bundle of free templates for Pinterest. These templates are ideal for promoting your blog posts and podcasts on the social networking platform. It features 18 different Pinterest templates in PSD format.

Beauty Pinterest Banner Templates

If you want to make stylish and trendy banners to promote your fashion and beauty brand on Pinterest, these templates are made just for you. They have cool image masking effects that add an extra special look to each design. There are 15 different templates in this collection. And you can fully customize these templates using Photoshop.

Orange Paper Pinterest Post Templates

The Pinterest banners in this bundle feature a unique torn paper effect in combination with a colorful design. They are perfect for promoting creative brands and products on Pinterest, especially stationery, fashion, and apparel products. It has 6 unique templates in PSD and AI file formats.

Minimal Pinterest Banner Templates

Looking for Pinterest banners with a clean and minimal look? Then give this template bundle a try. It comes with 9 minimalist Pinterest banner layouts with beautiful typography designs. These templates will help give a bold and elegant look to your post designs. You can also fully customize them to your preference.

Pinterest Templates for Book & Blog Promos

The beautiful templates in this bundle are designed to help promote your books, blog posts, podcasts, and more to your audience on Pinterest. There are 10 different Pinterest pin designs in this pack. You can easily edit and customize them to change colors, fonts, and images as well. The templates come in PSD format.

Fashion & Clothing Pinterest Templates

With this Pinterest template kit, you’ll be able to create detailed pins with more information. These templates have more space to include text descriptions alongside the pictures. You can use them to describe your products and promotion better to educate the audience. The bundle includes 6 different templates in Photoshop and Illustrator formats.

Free Pinterest Mood Board Templates

You can download this mood board template kit for free to create simple mood boards on Pinterest. There are 3 minimal and beautiful mood board designs included in this pack. They can be customized using Photoshop.

12 Free Pinterest Templates for Business

A collection of professional Pinterest templates created by HubSpot specifically for brands and businesses. This pack includes 12 unique Pinterest post layouts for promoting various types of brands, products, websites, and books. The templates are available in PowerPoint format.

Creative Pinterest Post Templates Pack

This is a big collection of creative and colorful post templates for Pinterest. They are designed with creative brands in mind. It lets you choose from more than 20 different banner designs to promote food, plant, fashion, and lifestyle brands in style. The templates are available in PSD format with organized layers and free fonts.

Dark & Minimal Pinterest Templates

These Pinterest templates are made just for fans of dark and moody designs. It features a set of 6 beautiful banner designs with minimal and dark layouts. You can use them to promote high-end and luxury brands on Pinterest, as well as many other types of content. The templates are available in PSD and AI formats.

School & Education Pinterest Templates

This bundle includes 9 creative Pinterest post layouts that are ideal for promoting educational brands. They are especially great for promoting online courses and training programs. Each template features beautiful image masks that you can edit using smart objects. You can use Photoshop, Sketch, or Illustrator to customize the designs.

For more cool social media post templates, you can explore our best Instagram template collection and the best social media kit template collections.

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