20+ Best Photoshop Textures (Free & Pro)

Textures are a key ingredient used in all designs to add depth and realism to digital artworks. And today, we have the perfect collection of Photoshop textures you can use to achieve that goal.

Whether you’re working on a digital painting, a background for a website, or a cool photo manipulation, using the right textures will always bring out the best features of your designs. Textures can instantly transform your ordinary designs into a masterpiece as well.

For this collection, we gathered a variety of textures for you. There are all kinds of textures from weathered vintage wall textures to creative watercolor textures and so much more.

Grab a few of these Photoshop textures and start experimenting with new designs.

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Explore Photoshop Brushes

Black and Gold Marble Seamless Photoshop Textures

This Photoshop texture pack features a very elegant and stylish design that will make your graphics and artwork look luxurious and stand out from the crowd. It includes 10 different marble-themed textures with seamless designs. They are available in high-resolution JPG format.

Watercolory Goodness Bundle - Photoshop Textures & Brushes

This is an entire bundle full of goodies for Photoshop. It includes 50 textures and 42 stamp brushes for Photoshop featuring beautiful watercolor-themed designs. The textures are available in JPG format and the brushes come in PSD format. You can use these to add a hand-crafted look to your designs.

Orange Abstract Ink Textures for Photoshop

With this Photoshop textures pack, you get access to a collection of high-resolution ink textures. Orange color is the theme of this texture pack and with a bit of experimenting, you can turn it into other colors too. There are 30 different abstract ink paper textures included in this bundle.

Natural paper textures for Photoshop

If you’re looking for a texture to add a realistic paper feel to your designs, this bundle is for you. It comes with 6 unique paper textures for Photoshop. They are designed using scans of real papers and they will instantly add a more realistic look to your artwork.

20 Damaged Cardboard Textures for Photoshop

This texture pack comes with 20 different styles of cardboard textures. There are various damaged and torn cardboard texture designs in this bundle. And they are all available in high-resolution JPG format.

120 Free Plastic Wrap Textures for Photoshop

A massive collection of Photoshop textures you can download for free. This pack includes over 100 different textures with plastic wrap designs. These are great for poster and product presentations.

Free Wall Texture Pack for Photoshop

You can also download this texture pack for free. It includes high-resolution wall textures with close-up and clear designs. There are 14 different textures included in this bundle.

Metal Rust, Scratches and Cracks Photoshop Textures

The metal rust design is one of the most popularly used looks in graphic design. With this texture pack, you can create all types of rust looks for your own artwork. It includes 20 textures in one PSD file featuring metal rust, scratches, cracks, and more. As a bonus, it comes with 3 lighting effects and 1 photo effect as well.

10 Stone Floor Textures for Photoshop

This is a collection of realistic stone floor textures that will make your typography designs and photo manipulations look extra amazing. The bundle includes 10 different textures in high-resolution JPG files.

Halftone Background Textures For Photoshop

If you want to give your designs a classic weathered and vintage feel, this Photoshop background texture pack is made just for you. It has 15 textures in both vector format for Adobe Illustrator as well as in transparent PNG format for Photoshop.

10 Paper Textures for Photoshop

With 10 different paper textures to choose from, this pack of Photoshop textures will allow you to add realistic-looking paper looks to various types of designs and projects. They are especially great for logo presentations, greeting cards, and more. Each texture comes in high-resolution JPG format as well.

Handmade Dirty Canvas Photoshop Texture Backgrounds

This collection includes a set of realistic-looking hand-crafted textures for Photoshop. They feature weathered and dirty surface textures that can be used to give a rustic or vintage feel to your designs. The textures come in AI, EPS, and PNG formats.

Paint Brush Free Photoshop Texture

You can use this Photoshop texture to create a simple grunge look for your artworks. It features a rustic grunge design on a white background that will easily blend with your designs. The texture is free to download.

Liquid Marble Paint Free Photoshop Texture

With this free Photoshop texture, you can create cool and modern-looking liquid marble designs. It can be used for backgrounds as well. The texture is free to download and it comes in JPG format.

40 Crumpled Paper Textures for Photoshop

Can’t get enough of paper textures? Here’s another huge bundle to download. It includes 40 different styles of Photoshop paper textures that have clean, crumpled, and all kinds of designs. The textures come in high-resolution PNG format.

Liquid Metal - Iridescent Textures for Photoshop

This collection includes a set of beautiful liquid metal textures with iridescent designs. They are perfect to use as backgrounds. And you can use them to craft cool textures too. The pack has 40 different designs in JPG format. These are perfect for modern design presentations, social media posts, and branding designs.

Black Ink Texture Backgrounds for Photoshop

If you’re looking for authentic and hand-crafted textures, this pack is for you. It comes with a set of black ink textures that have been hand-crafted just for this bundle. There are 10 different textures to be used however you like. They are great for backgrounds as well.

Wooden Block Textures for Photoshop

The textures in this pack feature wooden-themed designs. The bundle has 20 different Photoshop textures in PNG and TIFF formats. And they are available in EPS vector format too. Each texture features realistic-looking wooden designs. You can use them to add depth to your typography designs, poster designs, and more.

Bright Photoshop Background Textures

This is a simple and minimalist background texture for Photoshop. It has a bright design that blends well with other graphics and objects. This texture also has a seamless design, which allows you to use it as a pattern. It’s available in JPG format.

Free Grunge Wall Texture for Photoshop

Download this Photoshop texture for free to add grunge-themed wall textures to your designs. This texture features a rough and weathered texture that’s great for typography and photo manipulation designs.

Faded Wood Free Photoshop Textures

This texture comes with a simple faded wooden design. You can download it for free to use in your personal projects. The texture itself has a design similar to the ones used in wooden flooring.

20 Concrete Photoshop Textures & Backgrounds

You can give your text and images a very concrete feel using this set of Photoshop textures. There are 20 JPG textures in this bundle with concrete designs. You can use them as backgrounds too.

12 Metal Textures for Photoshop

You can use the textures in this pack to add a realistic metallic look to your designs. If you want to craft cool typography designs, these metal textures will definitely come in handy. There are 12 textures in this bundle that come in both vector and transparent PNG formats.

How To Add Texture In Photoshop

Using textures in Photoshop is very easy. Here’s a simple way of using textures.

Step 1: Download a texture pack from the list above. They will come in a ZIP file. Locate this file in your Downloads folder. Right-click on the ZIP file to extract its contents.

Step 2: Inside the extracted folder, find a texture you want to use and open it in Photoshop.

how to use texture photoshop 1

Step 3: Now copy and paste the texture as a new layer on top of the image you want to apply the texture.

how to use texture photoshop 2

Step 3: Change the Blending Mode for the texture layer. Try using Multiply or any other blending mode that you prefer.

how to use texture photoshop 3

Step 4: While selecting the texture layer, go to the Image menu and then to Adjustments >> Black and White. Click OK to turn the texture into black and white.

Step 5: Adjust the opacity to make the texture blend in with the image. You can also use clipping masks to use textures with objects and text.

There are several different ways you can use textures in Photoshop and this is just one of them. It depends on the type of look you want to achieve with it. You can even turn textures into brushes to create scalable textures. It depends on your approach.

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