20+ Best Free Poster Mockup Templates 2021

In this collection, we’re bringing you some of the best free poster mockup templates for showcasing your designs like a pro.

Usually, we recommend using premium mockup templates when presenting your design projects to clients. But there are times when you’re out of budget or simply want to show off a design on social media or even on your portfolio. In such cases, nothing beats a free mockup template.

There’s no shortage of free mockups on the web. But, let’s face it, most of them are ugly and outdated. You won’t find any of those terrible mockups on our list.

We handpicked the best of the best free poster mockups for this collection. In fact, they look just as good as a premium mockup. Have a look.

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Free High Fashion Poster Mockup

If you want to showcase your poster design in a realistic environment, this free poster mockup is made just for you. It features an elegant and modern background that will give a certain classy look to your poster design. The template comes in a high-resolution PSD file.

Free Poster Collection Mockup

This poster mockup template is great for showcasing multiple poster designs at the same time. It’s especially great for showing off your designs on a portfolio or even in a social media promotion. The template features smart objects so you can easily copy-paste your designs into the mockup frames.

Free Poster, Flyer & Postcard Mockup Pack

In some projects, clients will ask you to deliver designs in multiple sizes. This mockup is for such occasions. The mockup template includes multiple sizes of poster frames ranging from A3 to A6 as well as US format poster sizes. It’s a must-have bundle of mockups for all designers.

Free Hanging Poster Mockup

There’s nothing too fancy about this poster mockup. It features a simple hanging poster mockup design where you can show off your poster in a minimal environment. The background can be customized to change colors or add an image.

Free Letter Size Poster Mockup

This mockup comes with a very modern-looking design that locks your precious poster design behind a glass frame. It’s designed to fit posters done in US Letter size and comes in a fully layered PSD file.

Free Poster On Shelf PSD Mockup

If you want to present your poster design in a more creative and casual environment, be sure to grab this template. It features a living room environment as the background and lets you show the poster on a mantel.

Free Poster Frame PSD Mockup

Even though this poster frame mockup features a very simple design it has a professional look and feel to it as well. The mockup is ideal for showcasing various types of posters without any distractions. Of course, it includes smart object layers for easily placing your designs in the mockup too.

Free Modern Poster Frame Mockup PSD

Want to show off your poster in an artistic and modern environment? Then this mockup template is for you. It features a very aesthetic real-life background that adds a professional look to your showcase. The template comes in a fully customizable PSD file.

Free Minimal Framed Poster Mockup

This mockup template is most suitable for showcasing posters and flyers on social media. It features a minimal and clean environment where you can replace the background with a color, brick wall, or anything you want. The PSD file comes with organized layers as well.

Free Artwork Frame PSD Mockup

This mockup doubles as a poster and artwork mockup. You can use it to promote your art as well as posters. The brick wall background also gives it a more street-style environment. And it’s ideal for creative poster presentations.

Free Poster on Desk Mockup

This mockup is for designers looking for a mockup with a realistic yet creative look. It has a clean design that allows you to show your poster design on a desk alongside a plant. It doesn’t get any creative than this.

Free Wall Hanging Posters Mockup

Another great mockup you can use to promote your poster designs on a casual living room environment. This mockup is ideal for promoting your artworks on social media and print shops. The template is fully customizable and includes organized layers.

Free Glued Street Poster Mockup

A different style of a poster mockup that lets you showcase poster designs as if they’re freshly glued to a street wall. The addition of people looking at your poster certainly adds a realistic look to this mockup. And it’s great for promoting events, concerts, and exhibition posters.

Wallderful - Free Poster Mockups

This is a bundle of poster mockups that comes with multiple variations of poster frame textures and frame sizes. There are 7 frame textures in 3 sizes with 3 frameless mockups, making a total of 25 mockup variations.

Free Minimal Poster With Plants Mockup

A beautifully minimalist poster mockup template featuring a poster frame surrounded by plants. This mockup is perfect for presenting your high-end and elegant poster designs to clients and audiences. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

Free Wall Artwork PSD Mockup

If you’re working on a horizontal poster design or artwork, this mockup template will come in handy. It allows you to show your landscape posters hanging on a wall. The template comes with smart objects and you can change the background color as well.

Free Film Festival Poster Mockup

This mockup is made just for presenting poster designs related to exhibitions and events like film festivals. The template uses a real-life photo background and includes smart objects for easily placing your design in the mockup.

Free Stylish Interior Poster Mockup

A cool-looking mockup is a must for showing off trendy and fashionable posters. This mockup template will help you show off those trendy poster designs in a creative way. It features a photo-realistic background filled with colors and style.

Free Poster with Cactus Mockup

Looking for a minimal and creative mockup template? Then this one is for you. It features a simple poster frame mockup with a clean environment. Perfect for showcasing designs in portfolios and websites.

Free Modern Poster Mockup

The dark and moody environment of this mockup template creates a unique look for this poster mockup. It’s most suitable for presenting business and branding designs. The template comes in a PSD file with organized layers.

Free White Frame Poster Mockup

A unique poster mockup featuring hands holding a white poster frame. This mockup will definitely give a more realistic look to your poster presentations. It also helps create an aesthetically pleasing look as well.

Free Poster & Desk Mockup PSD

Grab this free poster mockup if you want to showcase your designs in a busy desk environment. The template includes two sizes of poster frames for you to showcase multiple designs in one place. It also features smart objects for easy editing.

Free Print Poster Mockup

If you’re designing a poster or an artwork to sell on a print shop, this mockup is great for promoting your poster design on the shop and social media. It comes as a fully customizable high-resolution PSD file.

If you want to explore more options, you should check out our best poster and photo frame mockups collection.

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