20+ Best Fonts for Contracts & Legal Documents

Choosing a font for a legal document is not an easy task. Because the typography of each document has a direct impact on the legibility and tone of the legal documents you create.

If you were to use a font like comic sans to create a legal contract, your clients will never take you seriously. It will also affect your authority as a professional.

We’ll help you avoid making that mistake. In this post, we showcase some of the best fonts for legal documents. There are various styles of fonts in this list for lawyers, business owners, freelancers, and more.

These fonts will help you maintain professionalism across all your legal documents. Have a look. We also included a few free fonts to experiment with.

Braveold - Serif Font Family for Legal Documents

Braveold is a beautiful serif font family that comes with a set of professional-looking fonts that are suitable for all types of legal documents. This serif font has a clean letter design that’s much easier to read than most other serif fonts. There are 5 different fonts in this pack with weights ranging from light to black.

JUST Sans - Modern Geometric Font for Contracts

Just Sans is one of the most popular sans serif fonts in the Envato Elements marketplace. It features a very flexible and versatile letter design that can be used for all kinds of purposes. It’s also perfect for designing contracts, licensing documents, and various other legal documents. It comes in 7 different font styles as well.

Nordhead Business & Corporate Legal Fonts

Nordhead is a unique font that has a corporate-looking design. It has stylish characters with blocky shapes that will add a classic professional look to your typography. This font is ideal for legal documents related to corporate agencies, brands, and businesses.

Addington CF - Serif Fonts for Legal Documents

Even though this font follows a very traditional serif lettering design, it also has an elegant and professional look to it. The font is available in 7 different weights and each font has a classic letter design that’s perfectly suitable for various types of legal documents. It includes roman and italic character sets with lots of OpenType features.

Visby CF - Sans Serif Fonts for Legal Documents

Visby CF is another great font you can use for legal documents. It features a smooth sans-serif letter design that will definitely improve the readability of your documents. It’s especially suitable for legal contracts, business agreements, settlements, and more. The font features 8 different weights with obliques.

Actay - Free Geometric Fonts for Legal Documents

This is a free font family you can use to create various types of legal documents. The premium version of this font includes 60 different fonts. This free version comes with 6 different font weights. And it’s completely free to use with commercial projects.

Spartan MB - Free Modern Legal Fonts

This font family is also free to use with your commercial projects. Which makes it safe to use for legal documents. The font includes 7 different weights. And it has a very clean and professional letter design.

CA Texteron - Serif Font Family for Legal Documents

This serif font has the perfect look for designing all kinds of professional legal documents. It’s suitable for both lawyers and businesses for creating important documents, contracts, and agreements. The font includes 6 different weights. Each font has highly-detailed letter designs to give an authentic look to your document typography.

LiteON - Modern Sans Font for Contracts

LiteON is a clean, modern, and minimal font you can use to craft contract documents. This font is especially great for creating various written contracts such as business agreements and settlement documents. The font features 6 weights ranging from light to bold. And it has lots of ligatures and glyphs too.

Artifex CF - Classic Serif Font for Legal Documents

Artifex CF is a creative serif font that features a classic letter design. This font will remind you of old-school documents typed with typewriters. This makes it a great choice for various types of legal documents and contracts. The font comes with 8 different weights with italics. There’s also multilingual support and glyphs too.

Roxborough CF - Bold Serif Legal Font

This font features a very bold and beautiful letter design that will set your documents apart from the rest. While the font may not be suitable for the supreme court, it’s ideal for various other contracts and legal documents. The font also has 8 weights to choose from.

Black Pro - Sans Serif Font for Contracts

A professional sans serif font with clean-cut letter designs. This font is ideal for modern business sales agreements, employment contracts, and many other types of documents. It includes both uppercase and lowercase characters.

Understock - Free Fonts for Legal Documents

Understock is another great free font you can use for designing legal documents. The font has a vintage-style letter design with rough edges. This font is ideal for title designs for contracts and other documents. However, it’s only free for personal use.

Canava Grotesk - Free Font for Legal Documents

This free font comes with a clean design that makes it much more suitable for paragraphs in legal documents. The font is ideal for business agreements and contracts. You can use it for free with commercial projects.

Denish Sans & Serif Duo Legal Fonts

This font features a very classy and elegant letter design that will fit in nicely with your business and corporate legal documents. It will especially make your contracts look much more attractive. The font includes two fonts with sans serif and serif styles. You can mix them both for titles and paragraphs.

Sherika - Geometric Font Family for Contracts

Sherika is a beautiful sans-serif font with geometric letter designs. This font is perfect for crafting contracts for your business projects. It includes fonts in 17 different styles, featuring regular and italics. It also has more than 200 glyphs.

Meutas - Sans-Serif Font Family for Legal Documents

The creative and chunky letter design gives this font a very attractive look and feel. You can use it to design stylish titles for your contracts and agreements. The font comes in 10 different styles ranging from thin to black along with oblique versions for each style. The font includes stylistic sets and ligatures too.

Gerard Sans Serif Legal Fonts Family

This font features a clean and classic letter design that’s ideal for legal documents. It has 6 different weights and has both uppercase and lowercase characters. This font is suitable for all types of corporate businesses.

Fidgerona - Modern Font for Legal Document

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish font to craft bold typography for your legal documents, this font is for you. It has big and bold characters to give your titles and headings extra attention. It includes 9 weights with stylistic alternates.

Soft Aura - Minimalist Sans Legal Fonts Family

Soft Aura is a minimalist sans-serif font with a clean and stylish design. You can use it to craft legal documents with a more casual vibe. It’s especially suitable for business documents. The font includes italic and bold weights.

Cattigan - Free Fonts for Legal Documents

Cattigan is a simple free font you can use to design various types of legal documents. This font has a classic letter design with minimal layouts. It’s completely free to use with commercial projects.

Neuve Grotesque - Free Font for Contracts

This font has a creative sans-serif letter design with grotesque-style characters. It’s most suitable for your business-related legal documents. The font is free for commercial use.

5 FAQs About Legal Fonts Usage

These frequently asked questions will help you design better typography for legal documents.

What Font Is Used for Legal Documents?

When it comes to choosing a font for a legal document, you can go with either a serif or sans-serif font. It’s best to use a serif font for titles and a sans-serif font for paragraphs as it will improve readability. Of course, it will also depend on the type of document you’re creating.

What Is The Right Font Size for Legal Documents

The ideal font size for a legal is 12pt. Anything below that size will severely affect the readability of the document. Using a 14pt font size will greatly enhance the readability as well.

What Fonts Do Lawyers Use?

Lawyers will always stick with the most professional-looking and widely accepted fonts for creating legal documents like Century fonts, Helvetica, and Arial. But when it comes to other legal documents like contracts, lawyers will use custom fonts.

Are You Allowed To Use Custom Fonts In Legal Documents?

Different legal systems in different jurisdictions will have specific rules about using fonts in legal documents. Always make sure to check the rules related to your jurisdiction before using custom fonts. For example, the US Supreme Court only allows you to use fonts in the Century font family for creating legal documents.

Can You Use Free Fonts For Legal Documents?

Depending on the licensing, you can use a free font to create legal documents. But we strongly advise against it. If you care about professionalism and your authority, you should invest in a good font to create important documents such as contracts.

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