20+ Best Cinematic LUTs (For a Film & Cinema Look)

Today, we’re bringing you a collection of beautiful cinematic LUTs for giving a true film look to your videos and photography.

With these LUTs, you can instantly give a professional look that will make your videos look like they were produced by a Hollywood filmmaker. They will also speed up your color-grading process.

In this post, you’ll find lots of different styles of LUTs with cinematic and film looks for all types of content. While most of them are specially optimized for videos, you can use these LUTs to enhance photos as well.

We included both pro and free LUTs in this list. Be sure to download them all.

Film Noir Cinematic LUTs

This bundle of cinematic LUTs features a set of unique film noir color presets that will give your productions a classic cinema look. It includes more than 15 different LUTs with various color looks inspired by popular blockbuster films. These LUTs are sure to give your videos a truly professional feel.

Movie Heroes Cinema LUTs

The LUTs in this pack are designed for enhancing your videos to make them look like Hollywood films. There are 30 unique LUTs in this bundle with different types of color looks. With these LUTs, you will be able to color-grade videos more efficiently and productively.

Indie Film LUTs

If you want to apply a subtle indie film look to your vlogs, documentaries, and movies, this collection of film LUTs is made just for you. It includes several different LUTs with indie-style color grading to suit all types of productions. These LUTs are compatible with footage from all types of cameras as well.

Hollywood Movies Cinematic LUTs

You will surely fall in love with this collection of cinematic LUTs as it includes a set of cool color looks inspired by popular Hollywood movies. It has 30 LUTs inspired by the color looks from many different action, horror, and drama movies like The Joker, Insidious, Blade Runner, Jack Reacher, and many more.

Slog3 Film Wedding & Standard LUTs

With this LUTs bundle, you can give a truly cinematic look to your wedding videos. There are 25 LUTs in this bundle that are suitable for both Sony Slog3 and Rec 709 footage. The LUTs themselves are very easy to use and have adjustable settings. It has different color looks for all popular wedding themes.

70 Free Cinematic LUTs

This is a bundle of high-quality premium LUTs worth $450 (as claimed by the website) and you get to download it for free. It includes 70 unique color LUTs for videos with stylish cinematic designs. They are great for all kinds of videos.

15 Free Cinematic LUTs

This pack is also free to download and it comes with 15 cool cinematic looks. These LUTs are designed with YouTube and social media videos in mind. You can easily adjust the level of intensity for each LUT as well.

70 Unique Cinematic LUTs

Are you searching for a big bundle of LUTs that has all kinds of color looks? Then look no further. This is a massive pack full of 70 different cinematic LUTs you can use to enhance your videos. There are all kinds of film and cinematic LUTs in this pack for movies, YouTube videos, music videos, TV shows, and more.

Urban Cinema & Film LUTs

Give your videos a moody urban feel with this collection of cinema LUTs. It has a huge selection of 100 different LUTs for your to choose from. Each LUT has a unique color look and whether you want to make videos more colorful or dark and gritty, there’s a LUT in this bundle for all your needs.

Horror Film LUTs

You can give your videos and movies a spooky and scary look with the LUTs in this collection. There are 75 scary-looking film LUTs in this pack, all of which has color looks inspired by popular horror movies like Conjuring, IT, and Insidious. They are also perfect for giving a Hollywood look to indie horror films.

Blast - Cinematic Color LUTs

The LUTs in this pack are fully optimized for enhancing Log and Rec 709 footage. They are designed to give gritty cinematic looks like the ones you see in War and drama movies. There are 25 different LUTs in this pack. Just drag and drop them into your timeline to apply the effect.

Action Movies LUTs for Final Cut Pro

If you’re using Final Cut Pro for editing, this LUTs pack is for you. Of course, they will work with other video editing apps as well. There are 21 creative LUTs in this pack inspired by action movies. If you want to apply the same color grading of movies like John Wick or James Bond, then this LUTs pack is a must-have for you.

35 Free LUTs for Color Grading Videos

There are 35 different color LUTs included in this bundle and you can download it for free. It has a mix of color looks featuring cinematic, vintage, and standard LUTs. They are ideal for optimizing Rec 709 footage.

14 Free Creative LUTs for Videos

This is a collection of free LUTs you can use to add a film look to your video footage. The bundle includes 14 different LUTs with creative color looks. You can use them to enhance your YouTube videos more easily.

Scify Color LUTs for Final Cut Pro

Giving your movies and short films a cool sci-fi look will be much easier with this color LUTs bundle. It has 25 unique LUTs that are specially designed for making your videos look out of this world. Additionally, there are 42 Log to Rec 709 LUTs included in this bundle.

Cinema Tones Color LUTs

If you want to create an authentic cinematic look for your videos, the LUTs in this pack are perfect for you. There are multiple styles of color tones for you to choose from to create unique and stylish looks for your videos. The LUTs are compatible with all popular cameras.

Documentary Color LUTs for Film

Your documentary films and shorts will look much more authentic with these color LUTs. They are made just for documentary-style videos to apply the same professional film look. It lets you choose from 20 different LUTs to easily color grade your production with just a few clicks.

Panasonic V-Log Filmic & Standard LUTs

If you shoot videos using Panasonic V-Log format, this LUTs pack will help you save a lot of time. It includes 25 different color-grading LUTs for Panasonic V-Log footage. As well as 25 LUTs for Rec 709 footage. They are suitable for all kinds of videos from wedding videos to short films, movies, and more.

Dark City Color LUTs for Film

These LUTs are designed to give a dark and moody look to your outdoor videos. It has 20 LUTs with gritty color looks for enhancing your videos and making them look more dramatic. They are especially suitable for videos shot in urban, city, street, and other outdoor areas.

10 Cinematic LUTs For Free

A collection of 10 different LUTs with cinematic looks. You can download these LUTs individually and try them out with your video footage. They are all free to download. The LUTs are compatible with all popular video editing software.

13 Free Custom LUTs for Log Footage

There are 13 unique LUTs in this bundle for instantly improving your Log footage. These LUTs will work perfectly with your outdoor video footage to add a realistic film-like feel. You can download the entire LUTs bundle for free.

Cinematic Film LUTs for Videos

These film LUTs will help you add a beautiful cinematic feel to your videos. They are ideal for social media videos as well as for films and music videos. The bundle includes 10 LUTs with cool and colorful looks.

Moody Film LUTs for Travel Videos

This is a collection of film LUTs that are most suitable for travel videos and vlogs. It has 30 different LUTs with moody vibes. You can color-grade your outdoor travel, nature, and drone videos more easily with these LUTs.

1000 Cinematic Color LUTs & Presets

You won’t have to look for more LUTs when you have this giant bundle. It includes 1000 LUTs with different color looks for you to experiment with. The LUTs are available in 12 different categories, including fashion, wedding, Instagram, aerial, and more. They are compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and all other video editing software.

These LUTs will work with all popular video editing software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and more. You can find more great LUTs for photography in our best Lightroom LUTs collection.

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