20+ Best Adobe XD Email Templates

Email is still the king of direct marketing for promoting products, services, and brands. But designing emails that get more clicks and views is the challenge.

The secret to winning this challenge is to use appropriate and relevant design layouts for your emails with the right colors, visuals, call to actions, and branding. It may sound like a difficult process but we have a very simple solution.

Start with an Adobe XD email template. When using a pre-designed email template, you can avoid having to start your design from scratch, save a ton of time, and make sure your emails look more attractive. And with Adobe XD, you can customize the email template for free.

We’ll help you find an amazing Adobe XD email template for your business emails and newsletters. Have a look and start downloading.

Modern Adobe XD Email Newsletter Template

The dark, bold, and stylish design of this email template will make it fit right in with your technology, startup, and digital marketing brands. It comes with a feature-packed design with multiple sections for promoting your business and services. Every little element on this email template is customizable. You can change colors, fonts, and images however you like.

Adobe XD Email Template for Promos

Be sure to download and save this email template for your future promotional events. It’s ideal for promoting your seasonal sales, special offers, and discounts to email subscribers. The template is especially suitable for fashion and lifestyle businesses as well as online stores. It comes with a cool icon pack too.

Startup Business Adobe XD Email Template

This Adobe XD email template has the perfect design for making emails and newsletters for corporate businesses and startups. It has a clean and professional design with minimal stylistic elements. The template includes several different sections with space to promote your services. It uses free fonts from Google Fonts.

Fashion Promotion Adobe XD Email Template

Highlight the best clothing items from your fashion store to attract more customers to your online shop using this Adobe XD email template. It has a stylish and trendy design to make it relevant to your audience and fit in with your brand. The template comes with an easily editable design system and has an icon pack to add more cool elements to the layout.

Oster - Charity Email Templates for Adobe XD

This is a bundle of email templates for Adobe XD. All of these emails are designed with charities and non-profit organizations in mind. There are 4 different email templates in this pack with beautiful layouts. You can use them to promote your charity fundraisers and special events. Each template can be customized to your preference as well.

Kenes - Adobe XD Email Template for Beauty Brands

Kenes is a modern Adobe XD email template that comes with a beautiful design. The template is made with beauty and lifestyle brands in mind. It’s especially suitable for social media influencers for promoting their own products. The layout is available in both light and dark layouts. As well as in Photoshop and Figma formats.

Luxury Brand Adobe XD Email Templates

Designing an email for a luxury brand is different from other types of newsletters. You need to use a minimal and elegant theme to create that sophisticated look. This Adobe XD email template has all those elements. It’s ideal for promoting high-end products and luxury brands, especially for jewelry brands. The template comes in PSD, Sketch, and Figma formats too.

Simple Adobe XD Email Template

This email template can be used to create a very simple, one-off email for your business promotions. It’s especially suitable for making welcome emails or announcements. The template has a clean layout with a colorful design. Of course, you can customize it however you like using Adobe XD. The template includes organized layers with vector-based elements.

Customizable Adobe XD Email Template

A flexible email template for Adobe XD. This email layout has a fully customizable design that you can use to create emails for various types of brands, businesses, and purposes. It’s great for product promotions, seasonal sales promo emails, portfolios, and much more. You can easily convert it to HTML as well.

Email Starter - Email Builder for Adobe XD

With more than 40 different email layouts and templates to choose from, this Adobe XD starter kit will help you get a headstart in your email designs. It includes various styles of sections, components, and layouts for all modern emails and newsletters. There are both mobile and desktop layouts with variants and auto layouts. It’s a must-have for designers and marketers.

Product Promo Email Template for Adobe XD

This email template may have a simple layout but it offers an excellent design to promote your products and services in an email newsletter. It features a flexible design with blocks to showcase products. The template also comes in light and dark themes. It has free fonts and a customizable multipurpose layout. You can edit it in Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Figma.

Fashion Email Newsletter Adobe XD Template

Promoting your latest fashion products will get much easier when you have a stylish email template like this one. It has a modern design that uses a two-column layout to effectively showcase product images and descriptions. The template is ideal for clothing, shoes, and other fashion accessories. It also comes in multiple file formats.

Personal Portfolio Adobe XD Email Template

This Adobe XD email template is made with freelancers and creative professionals in mind. You can use it to design a portfolio email to showcase the designs, skills, and examples of your work. It’s especially suitable for photographers, graphic designers, artists, and illustrators. The template can be easily converted to HTML.

Minimal Business Adobe XD Email Template

The clean, simple, and minimal design of this email template makes it most suitable for promoting modern startups and businesses. It’s especially perfect for digital agencies to make newsletters and emails to showcase their services. The template includes a fully customizable layout with organized layers.

Paris - Fashion Promo Adobe XD Email Templates

Paris is a big bundle of Adobe XD email templates that are made just for fashion and apparel businesses. It includes 15 different email templates consisting of over 100 different components. Each template has a creative layout to help promote fashion products and brands. You can customize them using Adobe XD, Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch.

Interior Design Email Template for Adobe XD

You can use this Adobe XD email template to design a beautiful and elegant email for an interior design store. It has a stylish layout with plenty of space to add visuals and text to showcase products. You can also edit the template to change colors, fonts, and layouts according to your needs. It comes in multiple file formats too.

Paris - Fashion Promo Adobe XD Email Templates

If you’re working on a promo email design for a hotel or travel business, this Adobe XD email template will come in handy. It features a clean and professional layout where you can highlight special deals and offers to attract the attention of the viewers. The template includes desktop and mobile layouts as well.

Yoga Email Newsletter Template for Adobe XD

While this email template is designed with yoga instructors in mind, you can use it to promote various other businesses as well. It has a beautiful layout that’s especially suitable for businesses related to fitness and meditation. The template is available in light and dark layouts.

Abandoned Cart - Adobe XD Email Template

Customers abandoning carts before checkout is a common problem for all online stores. With this email template, you can send a gentle reminder to those customers to check out their abandoned shopping carts. The beautiful design of this template will definitely help grab the attention of the users.

Discount Offer Adobe XD Email Template

This Adobe XD email template is for sending simple notification emails for promoting your special discounts and offers. The template has a minimal design with a colorful layout. There’s a bold CTA to encourage users to take action. You can also customize the design to your preference.

Podcast Email Template for Adobe XD

With this email template, you can design a smooth newsletter to promote your podcasts. It’s ideal for reminding followers to check out the latest episode from the post. There’s space to showcase an image, button, and links to social media. The template comes in Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, and InVision formats.

Service Promo Adobe XD Email Template

This email template will be most useful to service-based businesses. It’s designed for showcasing your services and pricing plans to your potential customers. The template has a fully customizable layout where you can change colors and typography very easily. The email comes in both desktop and mobile designs.

If you’re new to Adobe XD, start with our list of best Adobe XD tutorials. You can also explore our Adobe XD UI Kits and Adobe XD Plugins collections to find more resources to supercharge your work.

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